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Updated on December 11, 2007
C.B. asks from Midland, TX
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I just bought a kidco food mill to make baby food for my 7 month old. He has been eating cereal for a couple of weeks and i'm starting him on baby food. And, like i did with my first, i'm making all of his food myself. I bought the food mill in hopes that it would save me from having to blend and strain the food myself. But i cooked some squash and put it in the food mill and it is still really chunky. More like a stage 3 food if not older. What have some of you done to prepare baby food and make it the consistency needed for an infant?

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So What Happened?

Thanks! I was hoping that i didn't just get something that doesn't work! I guess i will just blend his food for now. Thanks for all the help!

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I also just used my blender to puree. The food mill is awesome for when they are done with the purees....just grind up whatever you're having for dinner for him...he'll love it!



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I only used the food mill for certain things like Peas. Otherwise, just toss it in the blender to get the results you want.



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I use one of those mini-food processors which seems to work great.

Here are some other tips:

Good luck!



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I use my blender and puree it up!! I have never had it come out chunky. Good Luck.

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