Kid to Kid or Places That Buy Use Items in Great Condition

Updated on June 07, 2013
C.B. asks from Keller, TX
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Hey Ladies, do you know of any stores like Kid to Kid that buys used toys clothes shoes ect? I have tried posting items on Clist but haven't gotten any thing from it. I have alot of kids stuff that looks brand new and something's that are still brand new and were never worn. Just looking to get rid of it and possibly make some cash on it!

Any advice or where to take it too would be great :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks Ladies for all your great advice! I will just donate it, it's easier and I rather help a family out then make a few bucks!! :) thanks again :)

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answers from Dallas on

It would be nice to make a few bucks on good children's wear and toys but the sad news is.... the consignment stores want to make $$ and they give you very little for what you bring in. New, great condition, whatever...

For Instance, I had a $500 crib that I used almost 2 yrs in great condition and I was offered $45 at Once Upon a Child. I I took my crib and never set foot in that store again.

I tried another consignment place with a laundry basket full of mostly new and little used toys and I was offered $10. Again, I walked out.

I opted from then on to have my things do something good for someone who would truly appreciate them vs consign with someone who was looking out for the almighty profit.

ALL of our things go to the Womens' Shelter because I know the clothes are appreciated and I have sent new Abercrombie jeans with tags still on them to the shelter. Over the years, I have realized that the tax benefit I get far outweighs any amount of $$ I would get with consignment, yard sales, etc. Just today, a mom was glad to get my 10 yr old washer and dryer. She said to me... "thank you so much, this will save me SO much time now."

It was one less thing for her and me to worry about. Win - Win Situation.

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answers from Seattle on

I have found shop n swap on facebook!! It's so great! I go to the search area and put in "shop and swap (and then my city)" and have found various sites. people take pictures, put them up on the site, put a price, and then people say "sold!" if they want it.
Love it. Much better than Craigslist.

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answers from Tampa on

Frankly, I just donate everything and be done with it. Once Upon a Child is a great store to buy from, but they are horrible to sell to... They are extremely picky and only want name-brand stuff. It is enough of a hassle to try to sell to them that I just don't.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Most stores that buy toys and clothing give you very little money or credit back, even if the items ARE new, their hope is you'll just turn around and use it in their store, they'll sometimes give you a bit more if you accept credit over cash. Look under children's resale (I did a search) and see what you find.

I have always had tons of near new or sometimes new clothing and toys, and have never sold any of it on Craigslist, unless it was boxed the way it came from the store. People just don't want to pay. I've given much of it away to young moms on their own. The two places I've had the most success selling were yard sales or eBay, but I pretty much like to give it away for free now, I take pictures, list the items as free on Craigslist, put them outside and delete the listing once they're gone. No dealing with people or emails. What goes around comes around, I'm always blessed in return :)

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answers from Chicago on

You can look up a shelter for batter women or teens that had kids. They would be grateful for the stuff.

If you want you can try and have a garage sale?

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answers from Dallas on

I agree that consignment stores pay very little. I have been doing Just Between Friends Sales for about two years and consistently do very well there. It is a fair amount of work because you have to wash, check for damage, hang and pin everything, enter a description and price into a database and print price tags, bring them in and place them on set up day, pick up leftovers at the end. But the great part is you get 60 -70% of the sale price, which YOU set. And you can do all that way ahead of time. You can also code the tags so that they go to half price on the last day of the sale and/or that they are donated at the end. If some of your good stuff doesn't sell, you can take it to another sale in the area without retagging. If it still doesn't sell, you can just bring it back home and stick it in a closet and bring it out the next year without retagging anything. I did that last year and most of it sold the next year. I find the whole thing to be very well organized and you get your check about two weeks after the sale. They even take toys, equipment, DVDs, books, and home decor. The fall/winter sales happen in the late summer. Here's a link:



answers from Dallas on

If your items are higher-end brands, Ebay is an option. The less-expensive brands might sell too, but not for enough to make it worth it on there.

I sell at consignment sales twice a year, and do pretty well. You will get more than you would at a consignment store, since you set the prices and keep most of the selling price. There are several in the area - Just Between Friends, Divine Consign, Sweet Pea, etc. I think they are all franchised by area, so you can go to their sites, and search for the ones nearest you. They generally have 2 sales per year - Spring and Fall - so the next round of sales would be in the Fall. They take clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, kids' room decor, furniture, etc.

Both Ebay and the consignment sales can be a lot of work, and neither is good for selling things that have any wear at all to them. For the stuff that is not new, donation is probably the best thing.

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