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Updated on April 28, 2008
S.B. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
6 answers

I was wondering if anybody knows of any restaurants in Broward County that are kid friendly. I went to Beef O Brady's in Sunrise and the owners and staff were very kind when my 1 1/2 year old wouldn't sit in her high chair the whole time. It is a challenge to eat out sometimes but we enjoy eating out on the weekends.

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answers from Miami on

Hi S....I too live in Sunrise and am a mother to twins. We go to Beef O'Brady's all the time because they do understand "family". The girls always have a good time and nobody cares if they make noise. The food is good and the service is great!

We also enjoy going down the street to Sze-Chuan Panda with our girls. We like to sit away from everyone here and they understand this. LoL-I think we eat there too much as they already know us. The food is so yummy and the prices are great.

If you enjoy BBQ I recommend Woody's. This is another place where you don't have to be all hush-hush with your child. The girls always make a mess, but have a nice time.

If you are in the mood for Italian, then I suggest Little Italy. Its a family run business and there are always kids from little league teams in again, noise is not a problem. The food is "okay" and the prices are decent.

We also enjoy Quarter-Decks off of Sunrise Blvd & Flamingo. They've got swing-benches where you can eat outside and they have a great inside staff not to mention a beautiful fish tank to entertain any kid. The safe is good, the food is good and again...nobody cares about the noise.

Hope this has helped somewhat.



answers from Washington DC on

we have toddler twins...we go to a small place (although there are several locations) called Ricky's Restuarant. The place is overall loud, but they've always loads of kids, as the restuarant is a big sponsor of kids baseball, soccer, etc. We've never had any complaints about the food and service. The prices are relatively's rather like a sports bar, thus sports bar food, but not like the mainstream sports bars.
Basically for having twins...we were always told, go someplace loud so no one can really hear if your kids are screaming also. Plus we always order their food as soon as we sit down and skip the appetizers. We try to get the check right after we get our food just in case one of the two seems to have a "meltdown." When they are done, they are done(!!) and then we can leave rather quickly. But hey we went out!! :)



answers from Miami on

Good Morning S.,
We love Beef O'Brady's too! Also try JB's Blue Water Grill: they have booths with TV's. Bru's Room has a game room and great kids' menu. They are both located near 441 and Hillsboro. We've also had great experiences at Carrabas (go early), Toojays, and Chilis. Bon Apetit!



answers from Miami on

Please pass your repsones on. This is a great question!



answers from Miami on

A few people told me about a pizza place on University called Peace a Pizza. I think it is in the Super Target plaza (Stirling Rd.) They let the kids make their own little pizzas and have tvs. Supposed to be very kid friendly- I haven't gone yet but have been meaning too.



answers from Miami on

Smokey Bones in Fort Lauderdale on Federal Highway. It is a big place with a lot of televisions and each table has their own speaker for the tv at the booth. They give crayons and an activity page to the kids too. It is a bbq place, but they have a big menu, my son is 5 and he loves it.

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