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Updated on July 17, 2011
S.C. asks from Okatie, SC
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In your opinion, what makes a kid friendly neighborhood?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the information ladies! I'm working on an article about the subject and wanted to see if the factors I thought were important resonated with others. Oddly enough, I'm on a cul-de-sac in a small quiet neighborhood with no traffic to speak of, but all but one of my neighbors within several doors of me don't have kids. Without playmates, I don't feel our subdivision is as kid friendly as I'd like. I asked an expert panel of 5-9 year olds and the best answer I got was..."where there are always rainbows after it rains". How sweet!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Sidewalks, people that live there drive safely because they are aware that kids can run out after a ball, other kids, parents that watch over their own kids and keep the ones that play at their house safe................

ADD ON: After I posted this I noticed where you live!! We just moved from Beaufort back in Oct to Jax, FL so my hubby could take a new job! Small world!!

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answers from Washington DC on

the end of a cul-de-sac - where my kids are free to play...there are other kids for them to play with...they are safe...

I specifically chose to live at the end of a cul-de-sac that I would NOT have to worry about cars driving by....my husband now sees the logic behind my thinking...when we purchased, I ruled out several homes that were what we were looking for all because they were not on a cul-de-sac...

a park near by if not in my backyard...

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Not much traffic other than neighbors. Lots of clear area for kids to play, like lots of grassy areas. Some concrete for bike riding and skating. Perhaps an area that has some play equipment. Neighbors that have children of a similar age.

Maybe not a community that has a lot of older people in it. I am an "older people" and before I started raising some of my grand-kids I enjoyed going outside and relaxing to the quiet sounds of nature...now I go outside to hear squealing and splashing and arguing and kids running amok...LOL. I love life so much with my grand-kids here.

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answers from Harrisburg on

Slow moving traffic (LOL)
Lots of families with children.
Playgrounds nearby.
Community activities, often.



answers from Tulsa on

AVOID COUNTRY CLUBS which cater to the elderly who are not kidfriendly.

Sidewalks would be awesome and a cul-de-sac really helps. Lots of kids of all ages.



answers from Philadelphia on

Grass, parks, sidewalks... just like the others said. Also, clean, low to almost no crime town, caring neighbors...



answers from Washington DC on

I believe there has been some reputable transportation/urban planing research that shows cul-de-sacs are actually more dangerous traffic-wise for kids than almost any other planning design. It isn't yet clear why - more backing up or perhaps because they give the illusion of safety and as a result people - kids and grown-ups alike - are less vigilant leading to more accidents.


answers from Richmond on

My neighborhood doesn't have a whole lot of other kids, but plenty of neighbors with eyes and ears ;) We're a very involved community and look out for each other. I have no problem sending my 6 and 7 year old to the neighbors for a cup of sugar or a roll of toilet paper by themselves. We have little traffic, and lots of trees and cool nature stuff to get into. We're 2 blocks from the river, and a few blocks from the kids school, so there's a playground, sledding hill, softball field, etc. Everyone is pretty quiet, keeps to themselves, and always smiles, says hi, and waves (minus the nut job on the next block and the psycho who lives 5 doors down)... no place is perfect! But overall, the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide, and we have a very kid friendly neighborhood :)



answers from Kansas City on

Lots of other kids and families. It should have easy to maneuver sidewalks and at least one park and hopefully a pool within walking distance.



answers from Washington DC on

Playgrounds near by, low crime, very good schools, no high-speed traffic or a lot of traffic. Neighbors that are tolerant of minor kid antics..

We live in a cul-de-sac on the same road as a judge, former police officer, two state troopers and families with kids. We also have all of the above I listed. I consider our neighborhood- road specifically- very kid friendly.



answers from Atlanta on

swim and tennis areas...sidewalks, backyards with playground sets, good school district, etc.

when i bought our current house, the family before had a scrapbook showing all of the kid-friendly items that the neighborhood did year round - 4th of july parade and picnic, back to school party, end of school party, easter egg hunt, cookies with santa, "boo"etc.

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