Kid Friendly All Inclusive Resorts in the United States or Mexico

Updated on August 05, 2010
J.D. asks from Albion, NE
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So for a little in-laws want to take all their kids, kids' spouses, and grandchildren to an all inclusive resort. They are thinking Mexico, but they are asking for input We will be going next summer and staying for 6 days. Our kids will be 4 1/2 and 1 1/2. My nieces and nephews' ages will range from 5 1/2 to 8 1/2. So here are my questions...

1. Have you brought small chidlren to Mexico recently?
2. If so did you feel like they were safe at all times?
3. Were there plenty of things for your kids to do for a 6 day stay?
4. In general did you like your resort or not?
5. What was the name of your resort?

Thanks in advance for all the help and advice!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Disney cruise line is sailing to the Mexican Rivera and has a kids sail free promotion going on now. They are the best kids all inclusive cruise out there. I am going on my 3rd cruise with them in 2011. Otherwise I would go to Walt Disney World. There is free dining and many value resorts to choose from if you are trying to save money. When my sister in law went on a cruise to Mexico she told me of this town where there were armed guards standing on houses. I am sure the resorts are well guarded but to me I want to explore a culture when I go somewhere.



answers from Los Angeles on

We went to an all inclusive resort, but it was for adults only (not XXX ! !). Mexico was safe and the natives told me the unsafe places are within 100 miles of the border. We were greated very warmly and the mexicans treated us very well because they make their living off us. With out us, they wouldn't have a job or would be doing meanial jobs.

To find inexpensive, all inclusive, kid friendly resorts I searched They have a section for all inclusive, kid friendly resorts.

We had a wonderful time. For 6 days you can go on a Disney Cruise. Or you can find an all inclusive kid-friendly resort. Either way the kids will have plenty to do. We took our kids on a princess cruise. They went to the kids program in the morning and we picked them up in the evening just before dinner. My kids had a blast. They could hardly wait to finish breakfast so they could go to the kids program, and didn't want to leave with us to go to dinner. The adults managing the kids program were all educated in teaching kids. Some were teachers, some had child psychology majors working towards their degrees. The four cruise lines that are the most kid friendly are Disney, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival.

I just looked on one of my internet sites. Royal Caribbean leaves out of Port Canaveral, Florida for a 7 day cruise for $519 per person for the first two in the cabin. The 3rd and 4th person were $200 each. Taxes and port charges are extra.

Good luck to you and yours. (If you want more sites e-mail me.)



answers from Minneapolis on

We recently stayed at the Dreams Riviera Cancun resort. We did not bring our children, but many of the people there (it was a wedding) did. This place is awesome for bigger kids (ages 5 and up) because they have a full day of kids activities that you can put your kids in, and it does seem really cool. I think you can pick and choose the activities too, so if you and your husband want a nice lunch together, you could sign them up for a lunchtime thing, etc. The food was pretty good and the resort was nice. The beach left a little to be desired. I get the feeling that these "kid friendly" resorts line the beaches in this area, so if it were me, I would probably look for a different resort that is a little nicer with a better beach. Beaches are hit or miss around there, so consult a travel guide. Our favorite place in that area is Las Palapas, in Playa del Carmen. The beach is beautiful there, and Playa del Carmen is fun. This resort, however, is not all inclusive and has none of the "kid friendly" amenities I described above.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I've taken my kids to both Jamaica and Mexico all-inclusives. I didn't care for Jamaica as much, but the resort we went to (FDR Pebbles) provided a free nanny with the room, which was really nice. I much prefer Mexico and have traveled there over a dozen times in the past few years, with and without kids. I have NEVER felt like I was unsafe at any time. The last trip with the kids was to Gran Caribe in Cancun. Mid-sized resort (not so big anyone is going to get lost), both buffet and ala-carte restaurants, and a kids club should your kids want to go. Budget-wise, it is considered a "middle of the road" all-inclusive. You could also check out the Palace Resorts chain - I have stayed at several Palace properties, although never with kids, and have always been very pleased. I know people swear by Club Med in Cancun, but I've not been so I cannot speak to it personally.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

My husband and I went to Barcelo Maya resort in the Mexican Riveria ( about 2 hours south of Cancun, 15 mins from Playa Del Carmen and Playa Adventurous) We didn't kids but it was a family resort and really nice. If your interested I can try and find some pics.



answers from Atlanta on

I haven't been to Mexico with kids, but Beaches resort (part of Sandals resorts) in Turks and Caicos is FANTASTIC for families!



answers from Des Moines on

We stared at a resort in mexico with my then 4 yo daughter and they had day camp and felt safe leaving her there .... it wan not all inclusive but you just need to check out camp & staff at resorts. We stayed in Cabo San Lucas Pueblo Bonita Rose.



answers from San Francisco on

If you are interested in heading to California, there are some great all inclusive family retreats that are focused on wellness and fitness at some great resorts such as La Costa in San Diego.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would recommend Cozumel. It's an island so it's a little more isolated than some of the other resort towns like Cancun and Playa but has a big enough airport for flights. We like the Occidental resorts (Grand and Allegro). Allegro is especially family friendly with a playground, kids' club, lots of activities, family entertainment and the boat can pick you up on the dock for snorkeling/diving (we are scuba divers so we appreciate the short boat ride to the coral reefs). Both hotels are on the south side of the island so you have amazing beaches(vs other parts of the island). Personally I get a little tired of food at any all-inclusive, but the resort has numerous restaurants so I felt like we were able to get a variety of options.



answers from Minneapolis on

A year and half ago, when we had a 4 & 7 year old, we went to the Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret in Playa Del Carmen. It was wonderful. Their website doesn't do it justice. It is very family friendly. Kid's shows/entertainment each night. A kid's club that you can "drop in" at any time. 4 swimming pools and a beach that is great for snorkling. It is attached to Xcaret - an "ecological park". Part zoo, part cultural experience. You can watch all sorts of traditional shows, swim with dolphins and snorkel. It is all inclusive. We hope to go back this winter.
BTW, the resort itself is very safe. You really don't need to leave at all, unless you want to. We did not.



answers from Minneapolis on

I took older kids (10 and 13) to Puerto Vallarta in January. I never felt unsafe, and I am generally pretty paranoid about safety issues. I think all of the touristy resort areas are fine--it is the border towns and drug areas that have been affected by violence. That said, I am always cautious when traveling and in an unfamiliar city, including in the U.S. I would feel especially secure at an all-inclusive resort. Although I had opportunities, I did not take my kids to Mexico when they were little because of concerns over food, water, medical care and car seats. Having been there twice in the last 4 years, I can say that the food and water safety has significantly improved and I no longer have concerns. We also used medical care on our recent trip because my older son developed strep. It wasn't like American medical care, but we got what we needed. If you stay at an all-inclusive, the car seats shouldn't really be an issue. Now, I probably wouldn't hesitate to bring younger kids. My biggest concern from the things you listed is that you are going during the summer. You will find some good deals because it is their off season, but it is VERY hot in Mexico and it is their rainy season. Yes, there are plenty of things to do. In addition to playing in the sand and swimming, most nice resorts have activities and children's programs. We were in a timeshare condo, but since my kids were older we didn't need children's programs and were able to keep them very busy. We also took our boys on a cruise when they were 8 and 5, and they had more fun than my husband did! (Turns out he's not a cruiser.) Have fun wherever you go.



answers from Dallas on

I would choose Cozumel if you were to go to Mexico. We have been taking my son there since he was five.

We have stayed at Melia, it was okay, and I love that it was the northern most hotel. El Cozumelia, is a little more of a party scene, but suposed to hve good kids program, and they have a kick butt snorkeling, again on the norhtern end. The beach area is small. But well worth it for the water. I feel Cozumel to be very safe, and I have heard it still is. I would check hotels and make sure their kids programs are up and running for the time you plan on going.
Cozumel does not have the nicest sand, it is more coarde due to the coral reefs. But Snorling excursion are awesome. And you can not beat flying into the island and avoided the mainland. If you go take them to Chakunaba park. If you go in summer you will most likely want to go earlier in since it will be starting to approach hurricane and rainy season.

I have not been to state side resorts. We have thought about going else where, but we have enjoyed coz so much. I suggest a travel agent, they can answer many question you have. I did that for our first trip and do not regrett, now we just book ourselves. Keep you expecatations a little low, food is usually so so. It is the tropics, critters galore, humid, musty. As long as you know what to expect it will not be a disapointment.

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