Kid Activities for Annual Local Community BBQ

Updated on May 26, 2008
S.S. asks from Jackson, WY
8 answers

I live in a rural area that has an annual community BBQ that has been a tradition for decades. We have about 4 surrounding communities that also come, anyone is welcome. It is a great community event with great food and music. Our head count numbers have declined over the years due to peoples busy summers and competing events. We are trying to get our numbers back up and thought focusing on families with kids would be a great way to get more people involved. I am looking for fun safe ideas to entertain kids of all ages. A few things we have thought of were a hay maze, face painting, large blow up jumper (which I question the safety?) and the fire department will also have their firetruck there for the kids to explore. Any ideas are very appreciated! Thanks!

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answers from Fort Collins on

When I worked at head start we held end of the year parties and we ordered a cotton candy machine for one that was great. Also you can rent a helium tank and do balloons. Or if you can find someone who makes the balloon animals. Pie walk, hula hoop contest, hmmm.... that's all I can think of for now.
Good Luck,
S. :0)

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answers from Denver on

theres the egg toss ( we prefer using bean bags, or water balloons), musical chairs, tug-o-war, fill up cups with color water and have a time race to see who can run with a table spoon and fill the empty cup up, have a hula-hoop contest. Have a soccer ball or baseball for the older kids to play. Maybe a volleyball for the option if theres a could even have a limbo dance off. I hope this helps and gl.



answers from Pocatello on

You should be able to find a company that will rent out a few of the big blow up toys, and pony rides, almost like a mini carnival. You could have a t-ball tournament, and talk to the fire department about spraying the kids with their hose. (they do this at our kids D.A.R.E. graduation party, spraying the hose up in the air so it showers down on the kids, they love it!) Also, a clown could make balloon animals for the kids. We always have the big orange round coolers full of water and lemonade to quench their thirst, and you are going to be feeding them too! They should be falling asleep on the rides home! Good luck to you! And have fun!



answers from Provo on

Blow up jumpers are a lot safer than any trampoline or anything else. Someone has to be in charge of only letting a certain number of kids in at once, and only certain ages at once.

You could get a little plastic swimming pool and rubber ducks. Mark some on the bottom and kids get to pick up one. If theirs has a mark they get a prize. For the prize go to a dollar store or something and get multi item packages like pencils or erasers. They have fun party favors too.




answers from Salt Lake City on

Get a volleyball net and a huge tub of water balloons, and a big bunch of towels-you set up in two teams and get two people to each hold the end of a towel, then toss someone a water balloon and they play water balloon volleyball. It is hilarious and so much fun-and fun for "kids" of all ages-the jumper is a great idea, and kids love it-just have an adult in charge of how many/ages of kids in at a time. Also, a cake-walk with cupcakes as the prizes. There a lot of great suggestions up here-you should have a great day. My kids would love to come to something like this. Our neighborhood has an annual party and we do all these things, and there has always been a great turnout.



answers from Boise on

I live in a rural community also and I love the more old fashioned/traditional games and events. Like three legged races, watermelon eating contest, I love the hay maze and face painting etc,... the jumper is also great and very safe I've used them at my kids parties and never had an accident, not even when the teenagers where in it thinking it was a wrestling ring! They also have some geared towards the older kids, don't leave them out, many times I have gone to things like that and there are plenty of things for the little kids but nothing for the older kids, Maybe have an area with music playing where they can dance and listen to the music, just a thought. Good luck I hope you guys have a great time!



answers from Denver on

Musical chairs, duck duck goose, 2 square...



answers from Casper on

With those blow up jumpers, people usually watch their kids, leave it up to them to determine if little Sally can go in there. You are just responsible for providing a fun time. Little people also love bubble machines, wading pools filled with rubber ducks, obstacle courses, a bike safety course, tug of wars, 3 legged races, gunny sack races, water fights (perhaps with the fire dept?) Our fire department here had their hose spray straight up into the air making a large shower for kids of all ages to walk through. My son thought that was just great. Also look at local businesses to see what they have to offer, or ask them directly. They may come up with things you never thought of before, and then they will have a reason to come. ;D

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