Keurig Coffee Machine (For Single Cups)

Updated on December 03, 2009
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
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Does anyone have the Keurig coffee machine? My mom wants one for Christmas and i plan on buying the "special edition":. What is your favorite cofee or tea? Where are the best prices.
Are there any coffee/teas that you are less than impressed with?


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answers from Springfield on

My mom is getting it for xmas this year. I just happened to notice the other day that gloria jeans also sells coffees/coco's that the machine can use. Hope this helps!

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answers from Chicago on

My aunt has one, and she (and everyone else!!) loves it so much! Everyone makes their little special coffees whenever we visit her. The little cups to make the coffee come in a variety pack, so maybe that would be the way to go until your mom decides what she likes the best.

My husband loves my aunt's so much that I bought him one for Christmas--I will let you know how much he likes it! Also, Bed Bath and Beyond's usually sells for $129 (as does Target) but Kohl's had the same one on sale for $99 last week, plus I had the 30% off coupon, so if you get those, I would wait for that!

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I just got the latest Bed Bath and Beyond ad, and there are three models to choose from: Personal Edition $89.99, Platinum Edition $169.99 and Special Edition $129.99. If your aunt is the only one drinking coffee, I'd just go with the personal edition (and don't forget the 20% off coupon). I tried a cup of Keurig coffee at my salon, and while it was yummy, I can't help thinking that this is really nothing more than instant coffee or instant cocoa.

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answers from Chicago on

I've been through a number of single pot machines. The Home Cafe with the pods were really poor quality. The Keurig is a great machine. The larger the cup, the weaker the coffee. So, if you want a large, flavorful cup buy the stronger brews. Also, something I learned the hard way. If you don't clean the machine with vinegar monthly it will burn out the motor. I live in Chicago and have really excellent water and didn't know I needed to clean it that often. So, I only did it about twice a year. When my machine was just over a year old it just suddenly died. When I called the company they said that it was because I hadn't cleaned it monthly. They gave me a pretty good deal on a replacement machine. I buy all my product from Green Mountain online. They have a great selection and good prices. I wouldn't recommend the hot chocolate pods. They are okay, but you need to add extra chocolate or they taste like water.



answers from Chicago on

The smallest machine only brews an 8 ounce cup. The Platinum ones will brew an 8 or 10 oz. cup (the 10 oz. size is not as strong). I love ours. I don't have to wash a coffee pot every day and if I want a cup at 2pm I don't have to make a whole pot. We like the Caribou coffee or the half caf (from green mountain maybe?). You can buy sample packs so she can try different ones and then decide what she likes.


answers from Chicago on

I love my Keurig. I got one for my mom last year and she LOVES it. I don't like any of the teas but we go for the medium coffees. The holiday pack Green Mountain put out seemed really weak. I wouldn't recommend it. I wrote the company and they sent me a box of any kind of coffee free of cost. I thought that was really nice.



answers from Chicago on

My husband bought me the Breville single cup machine which uses the Keurig system and I also love it. I preferred the Green Mountain coffee as far as the K-cups went, but I bought a make your own k-cup insert from Target so I can use any coffee I want. However, the sizing of the cups is on the skimpy side and they do make a bit of noise for about 15 secs when they are drawing water from the tank. If you do go with your own coffee you might want to choose a bold brew as it is weaker than coffee from a pot. But the convenience is very nice of having a hot cup of coffee or tea whenever you want in about 4 minutes.


answers from Bloomington on

Just FYI, we got my parents this for Christmas last year and they still love it. The grandkids love doing the hot chocolate and when they guests over, some people prefer decafe and everyone is happy. I honestly thought this gift would be rarely used or used for a couple of months and then forgotten. However, like I said, just this Thanksgiving weekend my mom was telling me how much they still enjoyed it. We got it at Bed Bath and Beyond and used a 20% coupon!



answers from Chicago on

I got my Keurig in September and I love it. We just ordered some new flavors from They had a great selection and great prices. I like stong coffee and I really like the Newman's Own Extra Bold. I brew my morning cup into a travel mug and I use the large size, so the extra bold still gives me a good cup of coffee.

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