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Updated on June 20, 2012
L.L. asks from Topeka, KS
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What do you keep out of your diets to help maintain weight loss.s,lose weight.After having my 4th I lost alot of weight but it is creeping back up since i'm a human milk machine i'm starving all the time after feedings and pumping I try to drink more than eat but those cravings I need to ignore them but can't,I really want and need to maintain the weight loss.Eating good veggies and fruit is in my diet but so is sweets.

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So What Happened?

It's not easy to lose or keep it off i'm determined to keep it off go back to my ideal weight if not 5-10 lbs under.I have been told many times that I don't look like I have had 4 children I didn't gain that weight with any of my pregnancies it either stayed without increasing or dropped off during pregnancy & afterwards off this last time I lost 35 lbs the first week kept it off 2 months later but creeping back on & I refuse to be the chunky uncomfortable mom again.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Protein and more protein. And "good" fats - nuts, avocado, and olive oil. Fruit and veggies won't keep you full for long.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I found that pairing my sweet craving with protein helps, because when you eat something sugary you get a blast of energy, but as that clears your system, you get an even bigger low (and crave a higher dose of sugar, to "fix" the low). I still eat a few dark chocolate chips, but I pair them with almonds. The sugar craving is met, but the slow digesting protein prevents the fast burning sugar lows.

Apple slices gently smeared with natural peanut butter or eaten with string cheese are other examples.

Good luck!

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answers from Redding on

lose the sweets girlfriend, they are not part of a healthy diet conducive for weight loss.

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answers from St. Louis on

I can so relate to you! Just had my 3rd and the weight fell off--I was at my pre-pregnancy weight within two weeks. That's when my appetite jumped off the scale and I started eating constantly. With my first two it didn't matter, but this time the weight is creeping back on. For me, I think the difference is I'm not taking the early morning walks like I did for the other two because I don't have a three-person stroller and #2 isn't quite ready to keep up at the pace I need (baby isn't ready for the sit'n stand either). I'm just rolling with it and once baby gets better at sitting up, will start with my walking routine and hopefully get the results I want.

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answers from Sacramento on

I don't drink any coffee, soda, juice, lemonade, iced tea, etc. Just milk and water.

I don't eat fast food, and try to limit processed foods.

For the positives:

I choose seafood over chicken, and chicken over red meat.

I always have fruit washed and ready to eat.

I eat small frequent meals.

I don't want to give up desserts. I just eat them in moderation.

This isn't a diet, it is just healthy eating. Hope that helps.


answers from Kansas City on

sugar sugar sugar. sugar is the devil lol.

when i cut out sugar (and some carbs) i did so much better.

carrots always fill me up like crazy. carrots and ranch, carrots and peanut butter...i had some yesterday around mid-morning and was full till dinnertime. (it was wierd actually, i think i ate too many because it was not a good full feeling lol)

- you don't have to get rid of salt, but if you replace your home salt with sea salt (right next to it at the store, only costs a little more, and lasts just as long) you'll be doing yourself a favor. there is so much salt in everything we eat, we don't need regular iodized salt. buy sea salt.



answers from Kansas City on

You know sugar isn't good for you, but I wouldn't worry about the sugar in fruits. Fruit is excellent for you and high in fiber, but definitely eat more veggies than fruit. My philosophy is just eat real food. If your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize it, don't eat it! If it doesn't go bad, don't eat it! Avoid all those "diet foods" that say "only 90 calories" or "low fat" or whatever, they are full of sugar and preservatives. So eat real food, and don't starve yourself! That will make your body cling to any fat it gets becasue it's not sure when you'll eat again.



answers from Los Angeles on

I've been trying to keep the weight off since my daughter weaned last year. I've been working REALLY HARD, and I have to say diet is 90% of the battle. So I'm trying to eat REAL FOOD, where every ingredient is something I can pronounce. Even better if it has fewer than 5 ingredients, and doesn't come out of a package. An apple and a piece of cheese. A bunch of veggies & hummus, and whole wheat bread. 1/2 of a turkey sandwich. A salad with protein every day for lunch. Soup. It's not easy, and sometimes I just want to binge on chocolate, but if I start, I can't stop, so I'm learning only to buy those treats once/month - something I can manage.
For sweets, try plain 0% greek yogurt with just a tablespoon of sweet yogurt. It's my go-to for a sweet, creamy fix instead of ice cream. And it's loaded with protein, so it sticks with you a little longer.
I guess what I'm cutting out is: SUGAR. Start counting your grams of sugar on the label, and translate it to teaspoons. It's pretty tough to realize that even just a flavored yogurt has the equivalent of 4 teaspoons of sugar. Some of it's milk sugar, but still. When you look at that cookie box... it's just pretty gross to think about ingesting that....



answers from Kansas City on

Get rid of the salt!! If you are craving sweets i'm sure you are getting way too much salt. Make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water also. An easy way to do that is to change over to Morton's Lite Salt. You won't even notice.



answers from New York on

Drink a lot of water, and then drink more. Also you might be eating too much fruit. Fruit and juice have a lot of sugar in them, so your calorie intake may be higher than you think it is.

Last though is more fiber, using a high fiber bread will help a lot. It fills you up, and takes time to digest so you stay feeling full longer.

Good luck!



answers from Joplin on

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answers from Philadelphia on

I've given up all junk food. No chips, cake, ice cream etc. I also do not eat bread or pasta. I lost 19 lbs and now weigh 121 lbs at 5'7". I eat a lot of fruit and bacon. I eat higher fat salad dressing but not sugary. I also eat nuts. I drink a protein shake made with whey and a banana every morning. I am rarely hungry since I eat quite a bit of fat. I drink nothing but water and milk. I eat steak or chicken for dinner. Sorry to say but you probably need to give up the sweets.

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