Keeping the 15Mo Old Out of the Toilet

Updated on January 08, 2010
M.M. asks from Green Bay, WI
9 answers

the baby has just started getting really interested in playing in the toilet water... any suggestions on how to keep hime out? i've tried just closing the door tightly but then the 4yo has a hard time getting in time, i've seen the toilet safety thingys but not sure if the 4yo can work those fast enough same with putting up a gate. so whats worked for you? thank you

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answers from Cedar Rapids on

we were in that situation and the worst part for us was that not only would the baby play in the toilet, but if she could find any kind of vessel in which to hold the toilet water she would drink it! I just had to keep a super close eye on her, or have the older one tell me when she needed me to open the bathroom door. She grew out of it rather quickly though. Oh and we got her a water table to play with - I think this helped with the situation too. But it was summer then...

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answers from Rapid City on

lol that video laural put up to watch was so funny. Only a father would grab a video camera like that. A mom would be grossed out, grabbing him up to santatize him and he would have that shirt off so fast and into the wash, he wouldn't have time to let out a sound.



answers from St. Cloud on

We found that shutting the door was one of the easiest ways. BUT then when we would open the door for our older child to go, the younger one would bolt in too. So then we just put a gate in the doorway with a small kids chair on the inside. That way our daughter could step into the bathroom by herself! She would grab the wall and lift her leg over and onto the chair. Worked great and the baby couldn't follow her!



answers from Des Moines on

we had a pressure gate on the bathroom to keep my son out and all the other kids 4-11 climbed over the gate to go potty. i have never tried the toilet lock but good luck



answers from Milwaukee on

We have the safety lock on our toilet and our 4 year old grandson can open it with no problem. Keeps the 1 year old out but is easy enough for the older ones to open.



answers from Cleveland on

I have a lock on mine for my 14mo old. My 3yr old can sorta open it, and my 6yr old can no problem. It requires you to push a button forward while lifting the lock at the same time. I have the "Safety 1st ProGrade Home Safety Lock, Push-Button, Toilet". I doesn't lock it completely, opens about 2" still. But it discouraged him enough he doesn't pull it up much. This brand won't keep things from occasionally being thrown in there (my headband!) but at least keeps him from accidental drowning (he seriously would try and get in there if he could!!)



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi M.,

We are having the same problem with our baby. We also have a 5 year old who needs access to the bathroom and a 2 year old we are starting to potty train. The only solution for us was a gate on the bathroom entrance with a built in swing door. The older kids can get the gate door open, especially if it has a foot pedal, but the baby can't open it. Anything's better than a baby playing in toilet water. YUCK! Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

It's a real challenge isn't it? Try putting a doorknob safety cover on the bathroom door, so the baby couldn't get in the bathroom. The older children can sometimes open the door with these, but if not, they'll just have to come and get you when they need to go.

Put a link of what the doorknob cover looks like. You can find these in any store where baby safety supplies are sold.

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