Keeping an Active 4 Year Busy on a Plane! - Omaha,NE

Updated on May 12, 2009
J.G. asks from Omaha, NE
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I am going to be flying with my very over active 4 year old tomorrow. I am in desperate need of some tips and tricks to keep him busy during our flight. Does anyone have any great ideas? I'm going to take a little dvd player, but I don't think that will last very long, so any other ideas besides that? Anything would be a help!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Colorforms or window clings! They stick to windows (and some seat trays). Or even a big, thin hard-cover book with shiny covers (so they stick). Something where they can create or "build" with them would be great. I'd check out Michaels in their arts and crafts section.


answers from Milwaukee on

My daughter and I just went on a 3 hr flight a month ago (she is almost 3 also very very active too).

We did not have a DVD player but that would have been nice, even if it only last for 30 mins.

The seats that I found to be the BEST are the window and middle seat, this way you can sit in the middle & son by window and looking out the window can keep their interest for awhile. Also easier to keep everything contained.

* Etch-A-Sketch (mini/travel size)
* Old deck of cards (can play with & color on), you want it to be a deck you don't mind losing a few cards, I am sure we lost a few on our last trip
* Crayons in a zip lock bag
* paper/coloring book
* cheap stickers/band-aids that he can stick to himself, coloring book or small note pad
* little NEW books
* some cheap but new toys (I went to the dollar store, got some little dinosaurs and other little toys that I actually tossed when we got home, or packed away for a future trip)
* If you are by the window (and he/you are ok with looking out the window) you can point out different things you see (clouds, farms, green land, brown land, rivers and such)
* We also looked through the magazines that are in the front pocket and played a game (can you find a shoe, a man with blond/yellow hair and so on)
*I also had bought tons of little snacks to help break the time up (ever 30 mins some different little snack like a sucker, cookie, gummy bears, goldfish crackers and so on)

You did not mention how long the flight is but at those are the ideas I have and used on our flight. Lastly even if things get crazy try to stay positive, I found that when I started to get frustrated/tired my daughter would start to get cranky making everything worse but as soon as a took a deep breath (also told my daughter to take one with me) we both felt better. Go with the follow and allow enough time to get through everything.



answers from Minneapolis on

Get a couple of those Preschool type workbooks. They have matching, mazes, dot to dots, coloring, counting, and letters. My 4 yr old loves them for plane rides and she feels so smart when she does them. Like a big kid!! :) They have them at Target and Walmart. That way you are interacting with him too... what many kids need when they are excited on the plane.



answers from Minneapolis on

You need a bag of tricks. Go to Creative Kidstuff or Target and load up on little toys/games/puzzles/art that will keep him busy. Maybe even wrap one and make it a big deal to give it to him halfway through the flight.

Bring markers and paper, books (paperback!), a kid magazine, playdough, etc.

Good luck!

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