Keeping a Healthy Digestive Tract:

Updated on October 19, 2011
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I'm aware of Aloe Vera Juice, Prune Juice or (Prunes) & Magnesium Tablets to help ensure a healthy digestive tract. Are there any other NATURAL routes for keeping a person "regular"?

NOTE: The only thing I don't want to see for a response is fiber mix, tablets, foods or drinks containing fiber. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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So What Happened?

Mimi H. Any form of fiber to me is a no brainer. I do appreciate the benefits of fiber. I requested no input on the subject because I am looking for a less refined item. Something that is more natural to incorporate into my diet. However that being said, I still very much appreciate your input. I'm just looking for something different than the usual.

Update: I appreciate everyone's comments on this topic. I would say that I am not actually suffering from constipation. I work out five days a week and drink plenty of water. My concern is that I can feel the bowel move through my intestines (slight cramps to go with it). I'm to the point that I WOULD prefer a liquid diet LOL. I'm beginning to think I am looking for something with soothing qualities or something that helps to overall protect my intestines. Of course, anything that helps with the overall digestive process would benefit my concerns I'm sure.

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I have heard to drink tons of water, eat lots of greens (kale yum!), exercise 5x a week, and don't eat as much meat (more beans).

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My daughter and I drink the probiotic DanActive daily. I can tell a difference if I don't drink it.

I get it at Costco, 2 cases at a time about $12/case of 24 bottles. It's a lot more economical to purchase that way vs $2.99/4 bottles at grocer.

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answers from Chicago on

Exercise! Nothing improves digestion and promotes regularity like those abdominal crunches!

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answers from Norfolk on

For the most part, I think a healthy digestive tract is self regulating.
All the probiotic stuff that is in vogue right now is ok, but you can accomplish the same thing by eating a little yogurt every now and then.
If someone is prone to constipation they need to think about what they are eating that compacts down to rock hard poop and then alter their diet so that it doesn't happen as much.
I think fiber (in any or all of it's forms) has to be part of the equation as well drinking enough fluids and exercise.
How natural is natural if it is uncommon, hard to find, rare (or expensive)?
Try steel cut oatmeal and eating a few apples and prunes every day.
Cole slaw (and cabbage) is very good for a digestive tract (and cabbage juice has been used to help heal up certain kinds of ulcers).
Beans! Celery! Corn!
That is as natural as it gets.
If Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast help to firm up diarrhea, then avoid those things if constipation is a problem.

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answers from Denver on

A healthy digestive tract is easy to maintain with just the right diet. Low meat, low dairy, high veggies, fruit, grains, water, etc. (believe it or not a lot of veggies are considered a form of fiber).

You can also consider a cleanse every so often. A good one to look at is "The Master Cleanse". This one can be done for a day or two up to 40 days and you do not buy any special pills, you just mix some natural ingredients. I just do it for a few days every couple of months or if I feel I need it.

Good luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

I'm curious why you don't want to hear about fiber, or is it just the fiber drinks or tablets you're talking about? Fiber heals. As a kid who was taken off fiber because of my Ulcerative Colitis, I KNOW fiber is necessary.Your digestive tract can't stay healthy without it. You really can't get too much fiber but you can get too much prune juice or magnesium.

Other than that, probiotics are essential. You can get them in many forms. Avoiding the overuse of things that "clog" like cheese, bananas, white starches...will help. Dodging dairy and other things that leave residues...


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answers from Dallas on

I use Shaklee's Optiflora. It is the only one I know of that can really guarantee delivery of enough microflora. You have to read labels carefully. The amount of microflora at time of manufacture means nothing.

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answers from Fayetteville on

Not sure that you have provided enough information. Exactly what are you calling a healthy digestive tract? If you don't mind if I ask ---What is your history as far as age, bowel movements.. both in consistency and frequency. And how long have you experienced difficulty? Have you recently or do you frequently require antibiotics that knock down your natural flora? Have you ever been diagnosed with H.pylori? Broccoli is wonderful in helping people diagnosed with H. pylori. Especially Broccoli sprouts.


answers from Redding on

I drink a yokult every day in my smoothies, I just pour it in. And magnesium tablet at night.

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