Keeping a 2 Year Old Busy

Updated on July 25, 2008
J.B. asks from Shawnee, KS
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OK, the heck do I keep an active boy who will be 2 in a week busy all day? I am 9 mos pregnant (due any day) and it being so hot, going outside is not really an option for very long and won't be with a newborn. We try to hit the pool, but can't every day, and he just doesn't seem to have an attention span for the typical "activities" like crafts, coloring, etc. I feel badly about how many videos he's been watching, but I'm not sure what else to do with him! Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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i know you said you try to hit the pool, but even that can be a pain - my sitter has the kids play in a sprinkler or small kiddie pool (the cheapo kind!) in the morning when it's not as hot. my son is SOOO into cars, he has several kinds, and those keep him busy. also i know it's not a lot better than tv, but if you have the patience for it (and the lap!) there are games online for toddlers where all they have to do is hit a button and things happen...try and good luck!



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Depending on how much space you have, consider bringing those outdoor toys INSIDE. A little house or slide are good choices. We used to have a slide inside when it was too cold to go outside and play. A little house inside with maybe a kitchen so he can "cook" for you and the new baby! If you don't have any toys like this, TOYRS R US has a big sale right now, go online if you can't get out, shipping is reasonable enough. I'm sure you'll find something he can keep busy with. Also, if you haven't tried the baby einstein videos yet, the shapes and numbers one is educational and fun, at least he is learning while he watches! Good luck with your toddler and the new baby!
Take care,



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Here are some things we did to keep our little boy (little devil) busy and keep him on the move too.

ball pit

small trampoline - one step ahead has a one person low to ground tramp with a handle - VERY COOL for boys

blocks big and little - melissa and doug have card board blocks shaped like bricks - my son loved them.

ride on toy - like one they scoot with their feet

Card board boxes - like big tv boxes or appliance boxes (I would let mine paint the outside of the box (in the garage of course) and that was really fun.

fingerpainting in the bathtub - it's washable paint so we painted the entire tub area and then I just washed it away. Mine painted each other which was funny.

Playdough is always a hit

Story and craft time at the Plaza Library (or any library) is free and fun.

hope these ideas help you keep the tv off.



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I hear your pain. I have the same problem with my now 3 year old son. He is just 'too busy' to watch TV. We bought him a bike that he can ride inside (we have wood floors) and that will keep him pretty busy. We play dress up alot and he loves pretending he is going to work. We do flashcards too that keeps him pretty busy. One thing that we discovered was that he loves play figures like spiderman, superman, and GI Joes. But when he was two, he was much harder to keep busy. How about a bug farm he can watch and add too? Or a sand box in the garage? Messy but might do the trick. We also put our son to work, we bought him a play mop, iron, broom and vacuum. He loved helping me clean and tidy the house. You could get him an inside play tent and let him eat his lunch in it.
Good luck, I was in your shoes and I know it can drive you nuts.

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