Keeping a 15 Year Old Busy

Updated on June 16, 2010
S.A. asks from Saugerties, NY
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I have a 15 year old son, who is very mature for his age. he is also very large 6ft3in. The problem is I also have three young boys
ages 10,8 and 5. The little ones are all best buds and play together. The older one is a great baby sitter and loves his brothers, but,
he's not interested in parks anymore, going for ice cream is not exciting etc...The things I do with the little kids is not fun for him. I am looking for ideas of things we can do together with all of them. I sometimes take just the older one out to eat or to the mall, he is also on swim team, which is where he gets his exercise. But at home he tends to be drawn to what else but the computer and x-box. He has always hated to read although I make him anyway, I give him jobs to do, he is very handy around the house! But I'm looking fo fun stuff, he seems bored and a little depressed. All ideas are appreciated. I've asked him what he'd like to do and he dosent even have any ideas he just wants to go somewhere, anywhere is usually the answer.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I did forget to mention that all his friends are older, 17. and dont live very close to us. when they do get together they have a blast. it just dosen't happen that often. I think we are going to have him take the red cross life guard class and work at the pool if he passes. hope this keeps him happy and out of trouble.

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I asked my husband about this because I have no clue about boys. WE HAVE 2 GIRLS. He said if he likes to have a group of friends over once a wk or go to see movie night,football game, or even basketball one on one games. If he likes the X-Box see if any of his school buddies are on line and play matches with them. Does he have a GF? Take him shopping for her and have her over for dinner( this is my advice.) well we wish we could help more. Hope this helps

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answers from Albany on

Can you take him and a friend of his plus the rest to various places like the local pool or lake, an amusement park, camping, hiking, etc. The reason to bring the friend is so that they can be more independent and check in once in a while. You and the other 3 can do your thing while the oldest is nearby, yet growing independent.

Also, consider the possibility of his getting a part time job outside the house.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What about bowling? All of the boys would probably like that!
Do you have/belong to a pool?
Do you have a local baseball team, etc. so you could go to a game?

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answers from Dallas on

invite friends his own age over. It's great to all be together, but he does need to socialize with his peers at this age. Get a basketball hoop and let him bring a friend along when you go to the pool.

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answers from New York on

From what I gather from your post is that you want to do something WITH him, not send him away. I say kudos to you. Staying involved in a teenagers life is SO important. Do you have a Wii or an Xbox game that can involve everyone? Maybe make it competitive and keep score...get involved in the game with him, at the end who ever scores the highest score gets to choose what's for dinner, or chooses the next game to play together, or something new for his computer.....this would allow you time with him and get to know his interests.
Like I said, kudos to you for identifiying time needed for him...keep up the good work!

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answers from Buffalo on

what about dave and busters. it is an arcade and restaurant. the kids can all play video games and then you can all go eat together. its just an idea.



answers from New York on

How about a job. He can get working papers at 15. He might be able
to stock shelves, bagger at a grocery store etc. This would give him a
little spending money and get him out. He will be out on his own and
you will know where he is. He can also volunteer at many organizations
or hospitals. All of my kids worked at 15 and they all have an incredible
work ethic.



answers from New York on

sounds like a real teen my just turned 18 it dont get any better so get use to it keep him intersted in sports and school good luck



answers from San Francisco on

Bored maybe, but don't assume he's depressed. It's probably just the normal teenage demeanor.

Any camps in your area? We have volunteer camp counselor jobs in our town, and I've made sure all of my teens have done it. I can't stand them hanging around at home.

There is very little a 15 year old can do with little ones that he will enjoy at this point. I'm always happy when school starts again.

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