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Updated on April 11, 2008
K.B. asks from Upland, CA
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Hey moms just curious on the thoughts of yours for karo syrup. I have been considering using this for my son to possibly help stop our 3:30 am feeding...what do you all think of it. my son is 4 and 1/2 months about 20 lbs and we've started table food :).. dont mind the wake up but if this will help him sleep might try it...thanks for the help

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answers from Las Vegas on

I wouldn't do it. Even though he doesn't have teeth yet, the sugars can cause later tooth decay. Your son may just have a big appetite and can't go the night without eating. I note you say he is 20 lbs at 4.5 months; that is a big baby, as mine was also. My son didn't start sleeping through the night until he was 8 months old and no longer needed a mid night meal. Just be patient, he'll get there.



answers from Los Angeles on

oh my gosh nooooo! it is like giving them honey and thats dangerous! i have heard mixing it with some warm water can help constipation but i dont see how it would help to full him up so she doesnt wake up. i assume that your table foods you feed him are cereals? what i did with my daughter to help her not wake up at night was cluster feed her before bed... i would giver her rice cereal (just a little more then i thought she would eat and made it a little thicker then usual) at night about an hour before bed then give her a regular bottle with some rice cereal in it. if she did wake up i would only give her a few ounces just to get her back to sleep. if hes on a paci (mine wasnt at that age) try to offer him that instead of a bottle. give it time though some babies will wake up to eat at night up to a year.



answers from Honolulu on

No, no, no. Karo syrup should not be given to a baby to make them sleep and skip a feeding. Your baby is only 4.5 months old. Also, at 4.5 months old, why table food already? It isn't recommended a baby start on "baby food" until 6 months of age. This is per their physical and physiological internal development of their organs... their kidneys/digestive system is STILL developing and if they get too much concentrated proteins (such as in eggs at this age), it can overload their kidneys etc., for example.

Karo syrup is SOMETIMES used for constipation. Not as a food.
It is NORMAL for a baby that age to wake up at night... and at 3:30, if he is waking up, that is pretty darn good. You are lucky. At certain ages, they go through "growth spurts" and need to feed more as they get more hungry. If your baby is sleeping through the night at this young age, and only wake up at 3:30a.m., that is darn great. Remember, "sleeping through the night" means, FOR A BABY, sleeping at least 6 hours straight.

Perhaps research proper foods that a baby can have, for each month of age. There are clearly delineated guidelines about this. And consult your Pediatrician. If your main concern is making him sleep through the night without waking up... well, good luck. A baby is a baby, and this is their normal behavior. They will wake up.

To be honest, I am alarmed that he is eating "table food" already, and is 20 lbs. at his age. What has your Pediatrician said about this?

Take care, I don't advise Karo. Ask your Pediatrician.



answers from Los Angeles on

Do not do it- my med student friend told me that karo syrup can have the same affect as honey, and while I don't think she was right, think about it. Would you give your baby soda? Even caff free soda? Sugar is a habit, and I wouldn't want to start it this early. Some babies just aren't ready to sleep through the night yet, and 99.9 of the things our parents did to try to get us to sleep through the night were bad for whatever reason. Just be patient!



answers from Los Angeles on

NO! Karo is corn sugar. Try plain water.



answers from San Diego on

Don't! Babies aren't suupposed to have sugars. Plus, I was doing research on infant constipation and that is an old wives tale to solve so it might give your son the runs. Try putting him down later if you want to wake up later.



answers from Los Angeles on

Do not give Karo syrup at all, it causes bochalism (sp) in babies, the same as honey does. Bochalism can be very serious, babies are hospitalized for months at a time for it. Be careful with some of those old wives tales!

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