Justice Clothing Sizing???

Updated on September 24, 2011
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
6 answers

My duaghter is finally old enough for clothing from justice. I was in the store this week and I thought the pants looked small for the size. The "slim" sized jeans and cords did seem to run very slim.

What are your thoughts on justice clothing??? does it run tru to size??? or a bit small???

How does it hold up??

My daughter wears slims and it is hard to find slim pants for her. Justice seemed to have a lot of slim clothing.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Their sizes run small. I would always try them on before buying. My daughter sometimes fits in a Justice size 14, which is typically her size, but in some of their items, we've had to go up to a size 18. My daughter is not "slim" however, so you may have a different experience.

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answers from San Francisco on

I think they run a little small. But of course I think Target and Old Navy run big, so I'm not sure what "normal" is!
The quality is all right, but I find the stuff is usually so trendy my girls stopped wearing the items before they outgrew them. That alone made me avoid shopping there.

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answers from Phoenix on

My DD is thin & I think their clothes run small, mainly the skirts.

One thing that disappoints me about their clothes, also, is that NONE of the pants/shorts/capris/etc. have adjustable waists. I mistakenly assumed that their smaller sizes would have them, and I was wrong, and now have pants I bought in an ebay lot that she can't wear.

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answers from Boston on

I purchased some super clearance clothes from their brothers company for my oldest and found the sizes at least for boys true to size.



answers from Miami on

Justice clothes run small. My daughter wears a bigger size at Justice.



answers from Chicago on

Justice has "slim" sizes, but they also have 1/2 sizes - which is their "plus" size. The thing is... they aren't all the same so a 12 1/2 is NOT the next size up from a 12. a 12 1/2 is equivalent to like an 8 if you are heavy. It's kinda complicated, but they have a size chart in their fitting rooms.

I think their clothes hold up really well. My daughter has outgrown things before she wears them out.

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