Just Wondering What I May Need Too Do????

Updated on October 25, 2010
C.W. asks from Clinton, NC
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My question is does anyone's child have? Or has terror nightmares?? My daughter is two years old,& for the past couple of mos. She has been having these and she will wake up and be screamng crying, at like two oclock in the morning, then i will talk to her and tell her it will be okay. But if she has these that earily in the morning how does she still tell me the same story the next morning??? And these are really bad dreams i just dont understand, if anyone has the same problem plz type me back and let me know what i may need to do thank you, C.

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answers from Boston on

these aren't night terrors. When they have a night terror they have no recollection of it, they don't wake up, they scream uncontrollably, and you cannot comfort them no matter what you do. She must be having nightmares.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Rachel K said it right-those aren't night terrors. You cannot "talk" to a child when they are having a night terror. Anything you do only makes it worse. VERY hard on a mom-you just want to hug them and make them stop and snap out of it-but they won't. You just have to be very close by and let it ride out. Your daughter is probably having nightmares.

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answers from Chicago on

My son has them every now and then. When he do, he screams my name out very loudly asking me to help him. What I do now before he goes to sleep is to pray. I tell him to have sweet dreams. I make sure that he try to relax a little before he goes to sleep and no t.v. He's been doing better, but I noticed when I don't give him the reassurance before he goes to bed, he is having a bad dream.

God Bless

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answers from Nashville on

My daughter has experienced night terrors...this has only happened 3-4 times (she is now 4 1/2). When she had them it would be as if she wasn't even awake...I would try to get her to look at me and she would just cry and cry...I would hold and rock her until she went back to sleep. She never mentioned anything about them in the morning. I'm not sure if her dreams are night terrors, sounds more like a bad dream...but my daughter has never complained about bad dreams, so no help there. But, it doesn't sound like night terrors to me.

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answers from Phoenix on

My first child had these difficult 'night terrors.' And it was exhausting and scary I think more for me at the time. It was 20 years ago before this kind of wonderful resource was around. Other moms knew nothing of which I spoke. I started to think my daughter was posessed or something. I had no family around to observe....yada, yada. I finally talked to her pediatrician about them b/c I felt like I had been trying everything and nothing seemed to interrupt them.

The only thing that worked for us, is, when she awoke and started to scream or yell for me, but then didn't want me, and cry, I turned on ALL the lights in her room/hallway and within moments she would see where she was and settle down. No amount of soothing, talking, calming technique worked to bring her out of this deep interrupted sleep cycle. Only turning on ALL the lights worked. Remind her you are there and where she is and she is OK, etc.

Hope this helps some. Hang in there, it should pass by age of 4. I know it's a long time. I wonder if ours lasted so long b/c of me trying so many things before I discovered the lights. After she responded to this little 'reality' check, her sleep cycle resumed to normal.

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answers from Augusta on

Those aren't night terrors. Night terrors are when you go in there and you can't calm them , they scream and cry and fight, look like they are awake but don't recognize where they are , who your are.
For the most part I notice that night terrors happen with my daughter when she is overtired. Make sure you are putting her to bed before she's exhausted and overtired. Also keep track of her diet see if the days she's having them and see if there's a food they have in common.



answers from New York on

For my son, sugar is a culprit, too.

Birthday parties always lead to waking up crying in the middle of the night.

Pay attention to what she's done on the days she has nightmares and see if you can find something that may be causing it.

Good luck!



answers from Fayetteville on

I have answered several of these the last couple of day. Must be something going around. My son and nephew had these and what we found that worked is lavender linen spray which you can usually find sometimes at Bath and Body works! You just litely spray it on the bed. Lavender helps your body relax!



answers from Charlotte on


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