Just Found Out I'm PREGNANT After Being Exposed!!!

Updated on April 22, 2011
M.L. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Ok ladies, heres the rundown...

My last menstrual cycle was March 18-21. I went to the ER April 10 for right lower quadrant pain (I work in a hospital so it made sense and the pain was pretty bad). They screened my urine for pregnancy, it came back negative. I had a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound checking for ruptured ovaries or cysts---found nothing except for a few fibroids in my uterus which they said was normal. I was then given morphine and contrast to drink for a CAT scan to rule out my appendix rupturing. I also received IV contrast---everything was normal. They treated me for bacterial vaginosis and put me on three antibiotics to rule out and rid any infection they might have missed.
So my hubby and I were intimate before all this and also on the 12 and 14 of April. I continued my antibiotics. The pain in my right side has never fully gone away, comes and goes. Three days ago my breasts became a little tender, along with some mild cramping. I thought it was my period coming since I was due to start. My husband swore up and down I was pregnant. Took three tests over three days and they all have been positive! So my concern is of course all the exposure to the CAT scan, antibiotics, and contrast. Do you think I concieved after the night in the hospital or before and it was too early to tell? I had my blood drawn this morning and am waiting for the call and I will of course speak to the doctor when I get an appointment. Anyone have this happen? Was everything ok?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for the support. I am starting to get excited! I go in tomorrow to set up my profile (I'm military) and then I can schedule my first appointment with my OB. I just can't believe it hapeened so quickly, though I am grateful. It's funny how at 27 years old I am more nervous about being pregnant now than I was at 18 with my daughter. I am feeling very relieved with all yalls responses...it was out of my control and whatever the Lord blesses me with I will be happy to have!

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Had this happen several years ago , in and out of hospital ended up being a tubercle.. NOT FUN! All test came back positive. I told them I was in pain. -rule this out ASAP!

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I'm sure you will be fine. Most of us get pregnant just living life and have no idea that an embryo has started, had a few drinks, maybe smoked some weed, been on meds, etc. I wouldnt stress on it. Just let your ob/gyn know what you told us so if there is something to look for they can look for it. Our bodies have a remarkable way of protecting our baby while it's inside of us.

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I would take some comfort in knowing that the first two weeks following conception (before the fertilized ovum has implanted itself in your uterus) - whatever is flowing through your bloodstream is not getting to the embryo. That is always welcome news because women rarely know they are pregnant that soon after conception.

Update: I just read something that contradicts what I was taught 20 or so years ago. It read:

Please remember that every woman is different and the time it takes for the fertilized egg to implant in your uterus wall can vary. A common misconception is that implantation occurs 7 days after conception, but the research findings showed that first appearance of pregnancy hormone, HCG, due to implantation occurred 6-12 days after ovulation, with 84% of the pregnancies implanting on days 8-10 after ovulation. If you don’t get a positive pregnancy test, it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. It could be that you ovulated later than you thought (meaning that conception and subsequent HCG production didn’t happen as you calculated) or that, for you, implantation took longer than the average.

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I had knee surgery with all the drugs, scans, and what not when I was two months preganant with my oldest daugher. I didn't want to but I was assured I was going to damage myself pretty bad not having the surgery and it wouldn't hurt her at all. She is probably the most normal of my four kids. Don't tell the other three but she is the good one. :p After all she makes sure to tell them that herself.

Your baby will be fine. :)

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I had to have a CT scan with contrast when I was pregnant with my daughter to rule out a blood clot in my lungs. They said that the dye does cross the placenta, but that I should drink plenty of fluids for the remainder of the day and following day to help flush my system. I'm sure that with or without doing that you should be fine. Congrats!

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I had x-rays before I could have tested positive (positve test was Sept 7th -- 2 days before my missed period and had xrays on August 30th). I probably conceived on the 26th or thereabouts. I talked to my OB and they said if you couldn't have tested positive yet, don't worry about it because the cells haven't started to divide yet after implanting....and the urine tests at the ER are more sensitive than the home pregnancy tests. Try not to worry but definitely talk to your OB and hopefully they will do an early US for you to date you and help set your mind at ease a bit. I am currently 36 weeks with my "x-ray" baby boy :) Best wishes!

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your baby would still be an embryo and Im sure is safe at that point from anything you would of taken.

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By the dates you gave, you probably conceived in the week prior to the hospital visit, but it was so early on in the pregnancy the fertilized egg may not have even implanted at that point (which is why the test came back negative), and the placenta wouldn't have even been formed either. I would definitely mention it to the OB but I don't think you really have anything to worry about. It was so early in the pregnancy I'm sure the egg would have been quite protected by the fact that it wasn't actually "attached" to your body yet.
Try not to worry (I know, easier said than done) and enjoy your pregnancy. Oh and I almost forgot to say congratulations!

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I had an experience simmilar to yours ... I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PREG when I got Xrays on for my back 3mo post back surgery. Just as they actually took the Xray I fainted, never have done that before and I have had TONS of Xrays in my life. They stopped right then, gave me juice and snack checked me out and sent me home, luckily they got what they needed in the first shot. A month or so later when I found out I was preg that was a HUGE concern. My doc says that it was right around conception a few days in and not to worry. So, just talk to your OBGYN and make sure the see no issues at this time.

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If you have a 28-31 day cycle regularly, then your most fertile days are days 12-18 from what I read. So write a big line of your cycle. Count your days and see what days you and your honey were intimate. If those days fall in that day 12-18 period, then that's probably your conception date.

Or go to the DR and get an ultrasound. They can give you an estimated date of conception too.

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