Just for Fun: What Is the Best Christmas Gift You've Ever GIVEN?

Updated on November 16, 2010
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
10 answers

The holidays really magnify many emotions: Love, generosity, fellowship...EXCESS! LOL

Seriously, just wondering, have you ever had the opportunity to give a really, really GREAT GIFT? A life-changing gift? Most thoughtful gift? Sentimental gift?

One that made a large difference to the recipient? A gift for which there is no "thanks" large enough. But you knew it was badly needed. I'm not talking about donating toys to Toys for Tots, coats to a shelter. I mean personal, life-changing, touching gifts!

Or do you know of a needed gift that you may or may not be able to provide this year, but would like to?
Please share your stories. (Or dreams of giving!)

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answers from New York on

In the weeks after my grandmother died, my husband (then boyfriend) were going through the house trying to figure out what to do with her personal things. Her will was extensive and never a secret (she literally had us all pick-out what we wanted), but there were too many other things to go through and my grandfather was in no shape to do it.

As we were going through her desk drawers, we came across a box that I had never seen before and in it we found items from their wedding... announements, invitations, receipts, guest list, gift lists and a "modern bride" book on how to plan the perfect wedding!

My grandmother was the epitome of high-fashion and society, so everything was recorded and done with flare up to the day she died. We loved her for this and she stressed the importance of doing things "beautifully" to all of us growing up. So, for Christmas that year, I had different items from the box framed for members of the family. We have their wedding invitation framed in a rectangular frame along with my parents' and our invite (my parents, aunt and sisters have something similar). It's beautiful and something that we treasure because of the history.

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answers from Albany on

Hi Denice,
A couple years ago I was rooting through some old boxes in the overflowing garage and I came across two hand painted pictures of my guys parents. They were painted on their wedding day by a street artist in Puerto Rico. His parents are in their late eighties now.

When I asked him about them he said he'd completely forgotten about them. His mother had given him them (along with a bunch of other family 'junk' 30 years ago when he moved out of their house). He didn't even look at them. Minimal interest.

So I took them to the photo restorer/framing shop in our village and had them fixed up a little and framed.

He had AGAIN completely forgotten about them and had no idea I had them framed. So I think while he was opening it on Christmas morning he was thinking it was a pix of his daughter or a Beatles thing or something to that effect.

The pictures, once framed and cleaned up are very striking. He literally collapsed in tears (he does love that drama!) and wept for hours. We all could NOT stop looking at the pictures. It was a such a beautiful day!

It hangs in our family room in a commanding position of honor. Course, I'll NEVER be able to match that! Jeesh! I have NO IDEA what to get him this year. I'm thinking a Kindle (yeah, how lame compared to the other thing!).

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answers from Los Angeles on

My Papa always says "I look so good, I'd look good burlap!" It became a running family joke. So O. year for Christmas I made him a shirt out of burlap. He LOVED it (and of course, he looks good in it!)

For my fifth birthday, my mom made me a doll that I still have. I've always loved that doll. A few days ago I found the pattern for the exact same doll (it's from the 40's!) and am making O. for my daughter for her first Christmas.

I loved giving my papa that shirt, but I think giving my daughter the doll will trump it. I know how special the doll my mom gave to me was, and I hope (in time) she feels the same way about hers...

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answers from Phoenix on

I took a high school photography class about 30 years ago and used to snap a lot of pics of my BF and me in unusual ways. I found the box about 10 years ago and O. picture was stunning. I had very long platinum blonde hair, she had long dark brown hair, I had us lay down, heads together, on the grass facing opposite ways then spread our hair around us. I had the photo fixed up and framed it. She was expecting twins at the time I gave it to her and we both started to cry. I offered to return and photograph her children in the same pose. But she beat me to it and now has beautifully decorated her guest bathroom to showcase just that picture of us as teenager girls. Makes me smile.

Also, b/c of moving so much we haven't made the deepest connections everywhere....but every Christmas season I have sent a paid for pizza anonymously to someone in need. It's easy to observe at church and see the single parents, talk to them, give them a ride, etc. O. year I showed up with a complete Thanksgiving meal for a young mom and 4 kids. There are organizations that do that, but I like doing it on my own as well. We already give generously to organizations, but it never feels personal enough.

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answers from Chicago on

My brother was very close to O. of our Grandmother's cousin. He helped care for her up until the day she passed away. I had an anique chair that had belonged to her and she had needlepointed a beautiful seat cover for it. I removed the seat cover and washed it very carefully and had it framed in a beautiful gold frame for my brother. He called as soon as he opened it and told me it was already being hung in his living room as we spoke.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

my favorite O. that's displayed to this day...my gma (who's days are now numbered) gave me an old mirror and hair dressing set that my mom and her used when my mom was growing up and on some proms my mom went to...i wrote a poem, and drew a picture of the mirror, and had my mom cut and paste a picture of my gma and me when i was just a toddler into the "mirror" part..went with the poem. we typed it up (so the words faded into the picture) and gave that to my gma for christmas...i'll claim that when she passes

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answers from Houston on

The best thing we do is stuff shoe boxes for the 'Samaritan's Purse' organization. We fill them with things for kids that might not otherwise get anything around the world. My kids have more fun and joy doing this than opening their own gifts. I am usually so proud of them :)

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answers from Tulsa on

I would love to be able to buy a single struggling mom a house or car anonymously that is in desperate need of it. :) and pay the first years insurance. this is dreams. but fun to fantacize sp? the only gift that I have given that made a really liked gift for someone that words could not have told me how much she liked it was I got a 4 yr old girl a tea set. she slept with it for a month. made daddy koolaid every day and gave him cheeriios on his little plate or animal cookies or whatever. :) never knew she would like it that much.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I wish I had the ability to give 2 of the most generous people I have ever known their own home and financial security. When I was growing up, these people were the parents of my best friends. As a child I never realized how tenuous their financial status. As I got older it became more apparent. They gave more of their time, talents and energies to church, school, little league and other functions than anyone else. Always they made me included in their family. They never once asked for anything. They have had a serious medical crisis which has pushed them further into the land of no money. If I hit the lottery, the first thing I would do is make sure they were taken care of.

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