Just for Fun Poll.. Longest You Left Christmas Tree Up, Why? Usually Take Down?

Updated on February 07, 2010
J.K. asks from Mansfield, OH
6 answers

I wish this were one of the list questions... just for fun.
What is the longest you have left your christmas tree up? Why was it up that long? When do you usually take the tree down?
Thought this would be a super fun pole.
Just to get started... my tree is still up, usually down by Jan. 10th (my husband has this thing about not really knowing Christs birthday) I turned the lights off yesterday but as soon as my youngest woke up she turned them back on. She is not ready to give up the tree yet. Longest... oh gee I know I have joked about hanging valentine hearts on it and maybe even easter eggs. But that was when I worked 60+ hours a week. Last year my best girlfriend actually did hang hearts on hers because it was still up!
Have fun, hope to get some honest, fun answers!

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answers from Norfolk on

Before we had our son, we use to put the tree up and decorate it on Christmas Eve, then leave it up for two weeks. Now we put it up two weeks before Christmas and take it down first weekend after Three Kings Day (Jan 6th). We enjoy the look and smell of the Frasier fir we get and we think that is about as long as we want to go before it dries out too much and starts dropping needles like crazy. In some countries (Spain I think), Three Kings Day is the day people exchange gifts instead of Christmas day.



answers from Huntsville on

This year I took our tree down the first weekend of the new year (2nd & 3rd). I don't remember the longest I've left it up, but I don't think I've ever left it up for too long. I usually do take it down at the first of the year. This year it had to come down because it takes up a lot of our living room in our apartment! We couldn't play Wii Fit the whole time the tree was up because there wasn't enough room! ha!

Now outside lights, that's a different story... I just took down most of those this past weekend. There are still some left I'll have to get down this weekend! My husband usually puts them up and takes them down, but he didn't get to taking them down before he had to go on National Guard orders. I wasn't about to let them stay up 3 more weeks, so I started taking them down myself!



answers from Cincinnati on

Right now, we're going on our longest. Before the birth of my son, I was very on top of these sorts of things, but this was the first Christmas as parents, and frankly, I am impressed that I got the Christmas decorations up! Getting them down - yeah, I have no idea when that is going to happen.



answers from Cincinnati on

This is funny that you asked this question. My husband and I were just discussing when we were going to take down our tree. We have lived in this house for 3 years and this is the first year we had a tree. We just had our son in November, so we felt obligated to get a tree for his first Christmas. But, now we both really like it. We like the light that the tree gives off, almost like mood lighting, and we like how it fills a part of our great room. So, I was discussing this with my mother and she suggested ideas for decorating the tree all the way through May, so I need a few more ideas to make it last until next November when it can be Christmas again and then we can leave it up all year! Of course, I am just kidding. But, my husband and I are waiting to see how long it takes for my sister, who comes over often and lives around the corner from us, to ask us when we are going to take the tree down. When she does, it will come down. Until then, this is a fun game that provides nice mood lighting!



answers from Wilmington on

It is February 7th, and my Christmas tree is still up! My decorations, wreaths, and garlands are aslo still looping the living room. I have no idea when they'll come down; when I'm in the mood and I have the energy, I guess. Right now my energy has been reserved for other things.


answers from Austin on

We always take ours down on New Year's Day, symbolizing out with the old and in with the new.
But one year I did put the WHOLE Christmas tree in a hall closet, with all the ornaments and lights still on the tree!!!
That Christmas tree stayed in that closet until the following Christmas and then I took it out again. Voila!! Pre-decorated tree all ready to go. LOL

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