Just Diagnosed with Placenta Previa

Updated on November 06, 2009
L.L. asks from Nashville, TN
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Hi moms, I just went for my 20 week u/s even though I am only 18 weeks along, I am going out of town and had to push it up 2 weeks. I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa, seems the placenta is low lying due to a c-section I had 15 months ago. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this or had any advice? I am pretty nervous and scared, there is a lot of if's for the next couple months. If I bleed, if the placenta travels up by itself, if the baby will be born prematurely, if I will need to stay in the hospital? I'm scared! Wondering if anyone has gone through this and would like to share with me. My baby girl looks perfect, so that was great news! Thank you L.

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So What Happened?

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for all the responses. I have not had access to the internet until now, I moved back to Florida and just got online. It really made me feel better knowing it wasn't as uncommon as I thought. I go back for an u/s on 12/21, I will update you all on what is going on. You really helped me calm down knowing a lot of you went through it and your babies are fine. I did do a lot of lifting since I just moved into a new house, but am taking it easy from now on. I don't even care if there are boxes left or what the house looks like. I have a 29 pound 16 month old little boy with me, but besides him, I am not lifting anything! I am even going to modify how I pick him up and how much. Thank you again, I really appreciate the responses. Blessings to all.

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I had it during my second preg. It eventually went away and I delivered vaginaly. Just take it easy, don't do a lot of house cleaning or bending for a while. take care of yourself and it will work its way thru...



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I am 16 weeks along with my 4th and was diagnosed with placenta previa around 10 weeks. My dr. said the placenta will usually rotate away from the bottom as the utereus expands and will resolve itself before the third trimester. I'd try not to worry until you know if this has happened or not. If it doesn't, then I have heard it is a c-section for sure. I am hoping mine rotates! I know it is difficult, but I'd try not to worry about it. There is nothing you can do, and you won't know anything until it gets to be further on in your pregnancy. My diagnosis of placenta previa doesn't bother me at this point, but I also have a subchorionic hemorrhage which has caused non stop bleeding for the last 3 weeks and that is bothering me! I worry about it and whether it will bleed itself out or not or how it could effect the placenta in the end. So, I know it is hard, but try to not worry and just pray it all works itself out in the end! Good luck!



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My sister in law had this and it traveled so it was no longer "placenta previa" by the time she got close to delivery. Evidently that does happen a fair amount of the time. Hopefully that will happen in your case! If not, your OB-GYN should really be on top of it with lots of ultrasounds and scheduling of a c-section. If you had a c-section before, and you weren't going to try for a VBAC, then you were probably going to be scheduled again anyway.



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As scary as everything sounds stay off the Internet and take a deep breath! It's pretty common that early in a pregnancy because the uterus is still so small. I'm 30 weeks and still have some previa so c-section will be most likely. I've not had any bleeding and baby boy is fine. Everything will be okay just take it easy. Upside is you'll get to see lots of this baby because they will do several ultrasounds. I was absolutly where you are ten weeks ago but gave found that everyone i've found that has had previa has healthy babies. Just listen to your body. Best wishes for you and your baby.



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I was just reading the other responses, and apparently, my placenta previa must have been a worse case, plus I was carrying twins, because my dr. put me on modified bedrest from 20 weeks on. It is a very scary thing, and I bled 2-3 times during the course of my pregnancy (a lot!), and each time I went into the hospital for a few hours to as long as an overnight visit. The biggest advice I can give is to listen to your dr.! If they put you on bedrest, just give in. I carried my girls to 37 weeks, and I don't know what I would do without them!



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Hi Don't worry, alot of people get it and in most cases it moves on it's own. If it doesn't you will have to have a c- section. If you bleed expect to be on bed rest. I had it and I did spot once at 21 weeks and was put on home rest (modified bed rest) just in case. (I am an older 1st time mom so I had the age thing to worry about also). I never spotted again, and carried my son full term. The placenta finally moved out of the way about three weeks before he was born. I was cleared to have natural childbrith, but then got pre clamsia and had to have c section. This was unrealted to the Placenta Previa. The good thing is you will get to have alot of ultra sounds and get two see your baby a-lot more than reg. risk moms to be.

Just follow what your Dr. says and you should be just fine.
if you have any questions e-mail me

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