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Updated on August 17, 2009
J.S. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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I just wanted to get some opinions on what to do. My husband and I have one daughter 2 years old. I am a full time working mom right now and my hubby works full time as well. I want to find a job working from home or a night job so maybe I can stay at home with my daughter to save some money. We only pay $400 per month for child care. Wonderful friend takes care of my daughter, but we are struggling a little and I am looking to see how everyone else does it. Any insight would be greatly appriciated. How you are able to be a SAHM or if you do work when, how, and where?

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I have been working at home now for 1-1/2 years for a company that is unbelieveable.

A little advice: Make sure the company has been in business for at least 10 years, pays RESIDUAL income, has no huge start up cost because those are usually scams. If they don't have a start up cost believe me you will be paying some huge amount down the road! You need to know how you get paid, what the commission structure is and if it is associated with any of the Fortune 500 companies.

If you need more info go to: www.deliveringonthepromise.com/sylviap see what they offer then look around the internet to see if you can find a better one. Feel free to contact me we are haveing a huge promotion right now!



answers from Denver on

Hi J.,

Making the decision to potentially stay home and work is a big one to consider as there are positives and negatives to keep in mind.

On the positive, you'll have more flexibility with your schedule, and there are tons of home based business opportunities to chose from. In addition, you can potentially cut some, if not all, of your childcare costs, which will provide some relief to the family budget.

On the flip side, it's challenging, at first, to have a routine that will allow you to feel great about being a mom as well as feel great in your business/job from home. It can be done...but it's good to really consider you as a person and your habits. Do you have the discipline to work, even when there's laundry to do, a house to clean, errands to run, etc.

When my daughter was really young, like yours is now, I would often work while she was napping during the day and in the evening after she went to bed. They were not traditional hours, but it worked great for me. Now that my kiddo's are all in school, most of my work is done during the day when they're in school. It's always changing, but I've had this lifestyle now for almost 8 years...so it comes second nature to me.

Feel free to ask specific questions, do your research, and good luck on your quest for balance :)



answers from Salt Lake City on


I have never understood how people "work from home" when they have young children at home. I do some work some from home, and frankly, I only do it when my kids are napping or sleeping. There are plenty of times when my kids play by themselves, but I have never felt like I could completely immerse myself in concentrating on work, because there is always a need to meet or I need to have my ears open for them.

This may not be what you want to hear, but I really think it's true. It may also depend some on your work--maybe you do something that doesn't require full concentration.

Whatever the case, I hope you find a solution that works for you! Good luck.

The Parent Partner



answers from Boise on

I just wanted to give you a big "GOOD FOR YOU" for understanding how important it is for you to be home with your kids. I really hope you find what works. Before you venture into trying to work from home, start with your budget. Cut back on what you don't NEED such as cable, expensive cell phone plans, etc. For example, I use a pay as you go "Tracphone" for my cell because I don't want a bill every month, and I only use it when I need it, not to blab all the time. I have a decent phone that up front only cost about $200 for the phone plus all the minutes I need. That's a fraction of what cellphone bills cost a lot of people. You can also cut coupons and shop at second hand stores. There are some great ones where you can find really good kids clothes. I don't think I have bought a "brand new" pair of jeans in several years. I found 3 really good second hand stores that stock good quality, name brand jeans for myself. Get creative and you will be proud of the ways you find to save money. It's good to see another mom out there willing to sacrifice a little to be able to stay home to raise her kids. Good luck.



answers from Pocatello on

Hi J.,

I have had an at-home business for the past 5 years. I totally agree with the comments from the other two ladies. There are definite challenges to balancing everything at home, but I have to remind myself of why I am doing this- I want to be at home with my children.

I work for a hour each afternoon during naptime and them again for an hour or two in the evenings after they go to bed. I have to set aside these times so that I am productive, but also allow some flexibility in case someone decides not to nap, has an accident, or just needs some mommy time.

My business is in teaching moms to have an at home business, while at the same time helping their families be healthier at the same time. What a great combination! I would be happy to share any tips that have helped me over the years. You can even visit my website for more info:

MAHMA:_ Moms At Home Making A difference

Wife to Ryan and Homeschooling mommy to Sierra (9), Savannah (7), Logan (5), Madison (2 1/2) and Aspen (9 mos)



answers from Denver on

I an d my husband have 4 kids, so I understand the cost of child care. If I was to work out of the home, the child care costs alone would be above what my income would be. Because of this, I decided to find a home business I would be passionate about and one that would provide for my family in a way that would allow us to do all the things we want.

I found that network marketing/direct selling was the way to go. I am not saying this type of business works for everyone, but it is one in which people can make 6 figure incomes within 2-5 years.

There are also some online jobs such as chacha and surveys that bring in a minimal amount of money. You can check out wahm.com or cafemom.com to find more info about working from home. Whatever you choose, be sure that you are passionate about it and that it works into your schedule. Good luck!

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