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Updated on November 04, 2008
L. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Hi Moms!
My daughter is at a point where we need to purchase a bra. She is only 11, however, modesty does dictate. I bought a few from Target and she does not like them. She says she is very uncomfortable. Do any of you have any ideas where a young girl can get fitted for a bra? We have tried sports bras but they don't work either. Thanks for all your help!

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We got some from Khol's that my daughter really likes.

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I can't help with where to get fitted, just on the uncomfortable part. I rememember hating it when I had to start wearing one and thought I would never get used to it, but I did. It just takes time.
And, as for wearing one all time, for one that thought I would never get used to it, I am most always in one and I do sleep in mine as well. I find it more comfortable and I believe it has helped with support.

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My daughter is 13 (almost 14). I got her measured at Dillards and Victoria's Secret.

Her favorite bras are the ones from Victoria's Secret. The "Pink" selection might have something comfortable for your daughter.

I will say that in the beginning, she hated wearing a bra and getting used to it. Now she does not leave home without it.

Best wishes!

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