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Updated on December 19, 2009
L.M. asks from Newport Beach, CA
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Hi there, my 22 mo. old daughter asks for juice all of the time, which is always watered down. Sometimes I think she asks for it even when she's hungry. I switch off with milk throughout the day so she's not only drinking juice. Two part question..is it bad for her to be drinking about 4 cups of juice a day? And is it bad that I always have something ready for her to drink whether it be milk or juice-even when we are out of the house?
Thanks for your response.

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Yes, 4 cups a day is way too much juice. She should have no more than 6 oz. per day. Phase out the juice and phase in the milk and water. When you're out, have water in a Kleen Kanteen (BPA free container) ready to go for when she's thirsty.



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I'm definitely no where near doctor status... and read the response saying that you should limit your baby's juice. I have to respectfully disagree. First and foremost, I think you should check with your daughter's pediatrician. having said that, I believe some kids drink more liquids than others. My nephew was a water baby (loved water) but still had his share of milk and is now 16 and healthy as ever. My daughter, now 17 yrs was a juice baby and I too, diluted her joice (ALOT), but she still had her share of milk also. You said you're still giving her milk so I think she's fine. She's almost 2 years old and may need more hydration than other kids.

Your second question - definitely not bad to be ready with something to drink for her when away from home - I think you're just prepared. I ALWAYS leave the house with a bottled water for myself, so why not for our children. all the best.



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I don't think it's bad that she always has something to drink. I make a sippy each morning for my boys with water in it and they drink from that all day. I just refill when it gets low.

From what I've been told, juice really shouldn't be an everyday thing though. It's a lot of sugar and empty calories. My pediatrician has advised juice just be a special occasion type thing...so we do water all day and milk at lunch and dinner.

Good luck.



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I've read not more than 4 oz. per day. I'd think diluting increases that amount proportionately. Tough love here though: you need to just say no. Offer her milk or water instead; be honest and tell her she can only have x amount per day; even empower her to decide when she gets that juice, e.g., all now or all later or some now, etc. She should respond well to making her own decisions (within reason, i.e., your boundaries).

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