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Updated on February 19, 2010
A.B. asks from Dayton, OH
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I have started a journaling group which will encourage moms to journal to their children for 52 weeks. Each week will provide a new topic. I was just wondering topics you think will be good to include. The goal is to leave the legacy of our story with our children.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much moms!! These are some WONDERFUL mom journal entries. I post new journal topics on every week and will definitely use the ideas you all shared. Thanks again. I think the moms who are journaling will LOVE these journal topics.

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answers from Dallas on

How you and their father met ?
What life was like when YOU were a child ?
Short family history (maybe a couple of generations - birth, death, marriage, names, places)

I think this is such a neat idea !

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answers from Chicago on

I know that I always wondered what dreams my mom had for herself. What did she want to be? What were her goals? What adventures she had before she ever thought of having children.

I also have wondered what dreams my mom had for me.

She's gone now so I have no way of asking or knowing.

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answers from Tulsa on

We had an activity at church a while back and made Journal Jars. We all picked out jars at Wal-Mart in the flower department they are made out of glass and have lids and some are really pretty.

When we had the class the teacher had numerous pages of questions/statements on a variety of colored paper. We took one paper of each color and cut the sentences into long strips and then used the scissors to curl the paper and dropped them into the jar.

I looked up "topics for a journal jar" and here are some of those links. The first one has at least one topic for each day. The others give ideas for how to make the jars and other topics.

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answers from Dallas on

What was a problem you faced in high school and how did you respond to it? Would you have had the same response today?



answers from Cincinnati on

I got a message the other day from someone. They said that there are books called A Father's Legacy from Hallmark. They also have a Mother's and a Grandparent's Legacy. They have questions to answer for your children in journals and letters. You can try by looking there. I saw them available at Amazon.



answers from Minneapolis on

My mom passed before I had my first child and I have so many questions for her. I keep that in mind when I scrapbook for my daughter. I constantly hear how our daughter is so much like my husband, but I have no one to compare her to me.

*The story of baby's pregnancy & birth (one that is not full of the all the details and one that is full of all the details ---great for daughters who will hopefully become pregnant in the future).
*The milestones of baby and when and how that made mom and dad feel.
*Everyday stories of when the child does something that reminds you of a relative.
*A love story of how much the child is wanted and loved.
*Family history that everyone seems to know, but no one writes down.
*First day of school.

Great idea for the group!



answers from Cleveland on

Your favorite (fill in the blank)
--movie (now)
--movie(when you were a kid)
--pet you wanted but couldn't have
--memory about_______(grandparents, parents, school, etc.)
--school subject
--thing your child did/said at whatever age
--recipes, memories of making them, how they were acquired

Other topics: were/are you a morning person or a night person, and did you change? what about other family members? What was your first job? favorite job? worst job? most embarrassing moment in school

Sounds fun!

K. Z.



answers from Pittsburgh on

What were YOUR parents (child's grandparents) like growing up?
What special holiday traditions did you celebrate as a child?
Favorite holiday memory?
Qualities you hope to instill in your kids?
Dreams for your child's future?
Largest parenting fears?
Feelings upon finding out you were pregnant?
How did you tell your spouse you were pregnant?

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