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Updated on March 19, 2009
S.C. asks from Hersey, MI
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I would like to start my 6 year old son on journal writing, or just a drawing in one to say feelings, ideas, recalling the day, or whatever he would want to write or draw. My question is, would I be allowed to read it? If I did it as part of school for a writing assignment or something, it should be ok right? Or would it need to be private? I would like to be able to read it, but I don't want to be sneaky or dishonest if I tell him it is private, or if he wouldn't want me to...
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answers from Grand Rapids on

The only time we ever read our child's journal, whether is was kept as a school assignment or personal, was if we had a major concern. If we felt something bad was going on that he just couldn't tell us, someone was going to get hurt, etc. But otherwise we felt journals are private and kept our noses out!



answers from Lansing on

Hi S.! I think if you approach this as maybe a "family journal," and everyone can contribute to it each day, then you won't be SNOOPING. :) It might actually be fun and a great way to connect. Plus, it would give him some good examples to follow on how to express himself in a journal and would open up some great conversations. If you are sharing your feelings and thoughts about the day as well, he will see you in a new light! ;)

C. Nowlin



answers from Detroit on

Hi S.! I think journaling is a great idea. I didn't homeschool my kids, but I always made them do "Summer Folders" which included a one page journal entry a day, along with math and one other subject. Their journal entries were hilarious and I still have them even though my kids are grown and on their own. In answer to your question, I would make his "requred" journal something which is okay for you to read. I would definitely include it as school work. But I would also give him the option of a second, private journal. I think that would give you the best of both worlds.



answers from Grand Rapids on

My daughter is in Kindergarden and is 5. They do a lot of writing in school (a lot more than I even realized a Kindergardener would be doing). I would make it part of his school day or as an assignment. Then you, as his teacher, would need to review it. You also need to realize that at some point he may want have his own private journal and then you need to respect that privacy.



answers from Kalamazoo on

I love this idea and I wish I would have done it when my daughter was that young. She's 12 now.

I think in the early years, until their teens, sharing it would be good. This way you can also turn it into a lesson. NOT pick it apart, but perhaps find a common word that needs to be spelled correctly? or simply capitalizing a name?

Once they get to those teenage years, I'm sure they will likely move away from a journal, but also when they do, it might be more private.

I've wrote in one from time to time since I was 20. I look back on it and laugh now, cry some, and generally feel good for writing down things, because now, my mom is gone and I can read back on those special times again.



answers from Detroit on

I teach Catechism and I just did this for my students, just got each of them a composition book and let them decorate it with stickers. My directions to them were to write in it every day something they are thankful for that happened that day something they did that was nice for someone and something or someone that they would like to say a special prayer for. I did tell them that they can write or draw a picture and they could have Mom and Dad help them out with it if they wanted to. I think it would be okay for you to read it but I would ask him what he wants to do, maybe he would like to keep it private for now and then when he is a little older he may want to share it with you.

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