Joovy Stroller. Love It, Hate It?

Updated on January 07, 2011
S.R. asks from Clinton, MO
7 answers

We currently have a Combi Twin Sport, I hate it, have since we got it, but at the time last year it was what we could afford and what would fit in our tiny car. Since that purchase we have traded in our car for a bigger SUV, and our oldest will be 3 on Monday (YIKES!)

He is just too big for this double stroller. We have an 18 month old and she is a petite thing so no worries with her. I have been interested in the Joovy Sit And Stand for awhile now, the Caboose, Caboose Ultralight, and the Ergo Caboose. The Ergo Caboose is the one I am really interested in, we have been trying for number 3 and you can put the infant seat on the back with this one. By the time we have number 3 our son will be close to 4 so I'm sure he wont be needing a stroller anymore, and our middle child will still need to be sitting in the front seat so the Ergo would work best I think.

Anyway!- Let me know what you ladies think about your Joovy Strollers!

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So What Happened?

If there is another stroller that you think will be good and long lasting for two toddlers feel free to share!

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answers from Kansas City on

i also have a joovy caboose. at least thats what i think it is! lol. its their version of a sit and stand and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. it is the best baby/child investment that i have made, that is for sure! its a little on the heavy side and a PITA to get in and out of my trunk, but i have a little ford focus. my kids love it. i have a 5 and 2 year old and both of them love it.



answers from Kansas City on

I love our Joovy Caboose. I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and an 18 month old, and they all get one (one sitting forward, one sitting backward, one standing), and we can really move. It's small enough that I use it anytime I need a stroller, even for just the youngest.



answers from Kansas City on

Ultralight is awesome.



answers from Minneapolis on

I also have the caboose ultra-light. I use the carseat with it too. I bought this model because it weighed less. I think the ergo is the heaviest and the longest. I drive a ford focus and the stroller fits in the trunk about the same as my single stroller. I bought the 2010 vertion of the ultra-light because the basket is slightly bigger and has outside pockets. I would definetly recommend this stroller. It's very sturdy. My single stroller is by Baby Gear and it's okay but seem a bit more wobbly which is why I didn't buy another baby gear.

I know someone else who has 3 kids and she was able to fit the 4yr and 2yr old on the sit/stand part and the baby in the front. Her kids are big for there age (very tall but slim).



answers from Chicago on

I have the Caboose (secondhand) which I was so excited to start using- it seemed so much better than the two-seater double I had, but I am disappointed in it. If I were shopping for a new sit and stand, it's very unlikely I would get this again. (My friends who have the Baby Trend sit and stand love it!) My double was so easy, and I expected this to be better than it. I could steer that with one hand with both kids inside, but this is very hard to steer and manuver even with one kid. It is heavier than any other stroller I've had, which is surprising since there aren't two full seats. The basket is hard to access through the jumpseat, and there's no great way to hold it when folded down. The biggest complaint I think I have is that, once folded, it is impossible to set down well. It doesn't stand on its wheels; it doesn't lie down nicely. Once it's folded, you have to put it in your car or prop it (with the brakes on) against a wall. You can't fold it and leave it while you do something else. That's a major pain. I didn't realize how much I need to set it on the ground folded until I wasn't able to!



answers from Dallas on

I have the Caboose Ultralight and love it. You can put the infant seat in it. I am still using the infant seat on mine. My 3 year old stands and sits in the back and he's fine either way. It turns really well. Its easy to use and fold up. I have no complaints other than the basket is sort of small and you have to move the back seat all the way forward to get somethign in and out. but to me its a non-issue.



answers from Dallas on

Had the Joovy Caboose and HATED it. It was heavy and awkward to lift into the car then took up the entire back well of the car leaving little room for groceries; I have a minivan. It steered ok but the more weight you put into the more difficult it got. Also there's not a whole lot of room with the jump seat if the front seat is reclined to fit a carrier. And my final compliant is that the basket is rendered pretty much useless once you put two kids on it. I sooo wanted to like it more than I did because the concept is great. Maybe the ultralight would be more feasible for lifting and steering since it's about 4 pounds lighter. I do like that it has the parent organizer. You don't gain any more room for the jump seat though. They all fit baby carriers, the Ergo just holds it in the back.

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