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Updated on August 29, 2009
A.T. asks from San Clemente, CA
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I am researching double strollers, more like the sit-n-stand ones. I really like the Joovy Caboose & Joovy Ergo Caboose. They are both pricey in my opinion, but worth the money according to the reviews. I am due in January and will also have a 2 year old by then. Does anyone have the Joovy or heard pros/cons about it? It is hard to find a store that carries them, so I can't really check it out in person before buying!

Thanks for any input!

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answers from Honolulu on

Hi A.,
I just bought the Joovy Caboose last week. I got it off of Craigslist for $80 and it's in really good shape. I absolutely love it. Pros: It's not much bigger than a regular stroller, really easy to manuever, folds up compactly, push handle is slightly taller than most strollers (so my tall DH is more comfortable pushing it), and is a perfect accessory to a growing family whose needs are always changing.
Cons: A little heavier than single strollers (but probably much lighter than double strollers and the newer ultralight is even lighter but more $$$), if the front seat is reclined then it doesn't leave much room for your toddler to sit comfortably but they can still stand and ride with no problem, no parent tray on push bar but you can buy one separately and I just discovered mesh pockets on the back of the front seat so I just toss my phone/keys in there for now, also it has a small and kind of hard to reach basket underneath but it's really not that big of a deal.
I always feel bad for those moms trying to get that side by side or double stroller through the aisles at stores, the Joovy just glides on through :o) I won't be able to test out the infant seat accesory until April so no advice on that yet but I am completely impressed with what I've seen so far.
I know the Joovy website offers free shipping but I really recommend finding a gently used one for half the price.
Congrats on baby #3!



answers from San Diego on

I have the Joovy Big Caboose that seats three. It has two standard seats like a tandam and a sit-in-stand in the back. I love my stroller. You can find the Joovy Caboose at stores like Babies R Us and Baby Depot so you can look at them and see if it is for you. Mine I could only find on-line and up in Anaheim near Disney Land. It is fortunet that we go up there a lot. I love the fact that all of my kids,( ages 16 months, 3 3/4 years, and 6 years) can all ride on it. When you go to places like amunsement parks it comes in so very handy. I have several friends that have the Caboose and love it. It turns like a double but that is what you are buying. I like the weight limits as they are set high and that it came with everything that I needed. If you want cup holders for you it is additional purchase but the undercarage is easy enough to put a sports bottle in. I hope that you find what works best for you. Take care and God bless.



answers from San Diego on

I'm not familiar with these strollers, but thought I'd offer an alternate opinion in case it is useful. You might consider just waiting til the baby is born to see if you really need a double stroller and what kind will work best given the needs of your two-year old.

My daughters were 26 months apart and I found that I only ever really used the double stroller when I needed to get out for a walk or for major outings (e.g. the zoo). For shopping or other quick trips, I tended to either carry the baby in a baby carrier or pop her carseat into the snap and go stroller for errands. My older one preferred to walk most of the time. Or, I might put the baby in the carrier and use the single stroller that I had for the older daughter.

Anyway, in terms of a double, I really liked (and still use with my now 2 and 4 year olds) my BOB duallie. It is light and very maneuverable so works well for walks to the park, all-day outings, and isn't too bad if you want to take it shopping (it's just a little heavy getting it in and out of the car).



answers from San Diego on

We have a Joovy Caboose that we are looking to sell. We liked it a lot but our daughters have outgrown it. We live in Carlsbad. If you are interested email me directly [email protected]


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