Joovy Caboose "Sit 'N' Stand" vs Kolcraft Contours Double Stroller

Updated on March 04, 2008
T.M. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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Has anyone bought either of these? I checked them both out today at Babies R Us and am leaning toward the caboose. I originally wanted the Baby Trend version,which has more storage space, but I like that this one pushes like an actual stroller, rather than a double. Though I feel like I'm putting my eggs in one basket if I do the sit and stand because while I am hoping to not get preggers again until my daughter (7 months) is at least 18 months, the fact is one never knows, and if I have #3 sooner, then a double would be more helpful. Sooo.....

The Contours is really cool, but seems like a hassle to fold up, and while it's not hard to push, persay, it IS a double, and so is super-long.

Anyhow -- let me know what you think about either of these!

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So What Happened?

I'm still struggling to decide! But now I'm deciding between the Joovy and the Baby Trend Sit 'n Stand Deluxe (converts from double to sit n stand). It comes down to price and sheer size! Thank you everyone for your help! Hopefully I'll make a decision soon!

UPDATE: I've bought the Joovy Caboose! It's a little heavy, but the lighter version wasn't worth $100 to me. It steers great, but i hate that when I unbuckle my 9 month old, she slides down under the tray and out of the seat! And it's not really comfortable for her to sleep in. But it works great for maneuvering my two children through the mall!

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hi i don't have either of these, but my kids are 4 and 5 now and are 18mos apart. i decided to buy a double stroller from ebay and i loved it! the part i loved was that the back seat would come out and you could use it as a sit and stand when one gets a little older. it was pretty easy to handle and i just loved the versatility. it's an older model since it came from ebay so im guessing there are much better ones out now...the one i had was cosco i think. good luck



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I've used my best friend's Joovy Caboose a couple times with my twins to test it out - since one always seems to want to walk and the other ride for part of the time. She couldn't use it until her baby was sitting upright fully. Otherwise the front seat had to be reclined and there wasn't enough room on the back bench for her almost 3 year old to sit. I took it to the zoo twice when I was thinking about getting one. I didn't like it so much, though it pushes MUCH easier than the Baby Trend one that she bought and returned. She's had her Joovy a year now and doesn't think it's holding up well, though she doesn't use it much. I've gone through so many strollers with my 22 month twins and 6 yr old daughter. I "test drove" the Kolcraft Contours Double before getting a Graco DuoGlider. I feared the swivel wheels would lock unexpectedly making pushing it a real pain, just in my 15 minute stroll around Babies R Us with my twins in it. The swivel would probably be hard on sidewalks. But when I realized I'd have to take out the seats to fold it, I decided to pass. It's hard enough getting 3 kids in the car. I was picturing rain, snow, cold, etc, with tiny parking spaces. (DO actually test every one of them!!! Any BRU will let you. If you ask, they will even let you take them outside if the weather is ok. And I always have been allowed to pull up my van to make sure the floor model will fold and fit easily.) For my twins I like the Graco DuoGlider the best for a front/back. It's bigger wheels handle sidewalks closer to a jogger's wheels. It's got good storage space. But it is long, and just fits sideways in the back of my Caravan. I still have it, but my favorite and most used is the one I had since my twins were first born - the Combi Twin Savvy. It's a side-by-side but fits through all standard doorways. It's light on storage, but I use a couple smaller bags and make do. Both seats fully recline for infants, and one side can accommodate a carrier. I used it with my twins from birth. It was even easy to push with one newborn and my then 4 year old without feeling lopsided despite the big weight difference. At 22 months, though, I find that they really like being next to each other and they can both see everything going on. There is no tray, though, just a bar & cup holders, which is fine for drinks and/or finger foods, and it's all I ever needed for them. And with a side-by-side, you can take a curb as easily as with an umbrella stroller - just hike it up from the bar. It's very hard to do anything but a ramp with the front/backs as the kids all grow bigger. It also folds up like an umbrella and then in half and has a carry strap if you were going to get on the train or something. You can carry it, or pull it (on the wheels), and it stands by itself when folded. They used to have a video demo of this on the combi website back when I first got it. BUT I realize you're not asking what other brands I like :) If it's strictly one or the other, I would do the Joovy, and I've tried them both, but not owned them myself! Hope that helps more than confuses!



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Hi, I have the joovy ultralight as well and am very happy with it. I would not however use it if I were going to be out all day as my toddler would have no place to nap. But for half day trips and errands its great.



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I love the Joovy Caboose! I have a 20 month old and 5 year old, but I bought the stroller when the kids were newborn and 3 years old. It was great for my older child. Sometimes she wants to walk, sometimes she wants to ride. This is perfect for that. Storage is the only downfall.......but I'd rather carry packages or diaper bag rather than a squirmy child!



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Hi! I have a Joovy Caboose Ultralight. I have a 3 yr old and a newborn. We have been using it for 3 months and we are pretty happy with it so far. I like the fact that it is way lighter than a double stroller and easier to handle (especially in crowded store aisles). It is like 20% lighter than the version of the Joovy Caboose that BRU sells. Check the description here:
I first saw it in Galt Toys (Northbrook Court) where we tried it and loved it, but ended up buying it on Amazon because it was $50 cheaper. It does not have a big basket and the sit for the older child does not have a comfortable back, but it works for trips where my older son wants to sit just for short periods of time. It is definitely not comfortable if your older child will be napping on it. I hope this helps.

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