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Updated on March 29, 2009
N.B. asks from Dearborn Heights, MI
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I am looking to purchase a jogging stroller for my sister. She is due in August, and she has expressed some interest in a jogging stroller vs. the stroller/car seat combos. However, I was wondering if there was a jogging stroller that would be compatible with a graco infant car seat so they can use this stroller as soon as baby gets here.
Any help would be appreciated (I don't really know anything about jogging strollers....)

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So What Happened? least I know now that there are jogging strollers that will be compatible with the Graco infant car seat. I'll be talking to my sister to find out exactly what she's looking for, and now I won't be walking in blind! Thanks again!

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answers from Saginaw on

I have a graco jogging stroller that the car seat fits in. Maybe try their web site



answers from Detroit on

Hi N.
Just wanted to add, there is a big difference between a Jogging Stroller and an All Terrain Stroller. Many people call a 3-wheel stroller a jogging stroller, but most are actually not recommended for Jogging.
For true jogging you want a fixed wheel, larger tires (at least 12in, preferably 16in.) and handbrake (handbrake is actually required by law). Look at the Baby Jogger Performance line - that is a true Jogger, or the Baby Jogger Summit 360. Both of those are classified as Jogging Strollers.
If your sister just wants a 3 wheeler with air tires there are so many great options out there. Look at the Mountain Buggy, the Easywalker Sky or the Valco Tri-Mode. Those would all be "OK" for light jogging, fast walking, etc.
I am a local mom and I own a Baby Store, If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]
I would love to help you and your sister pick out a great stroller.
We also offer 10% off your first order and free shipping!
Good luck in your search!



answers from Detroit on

I agree that the Bob jogging strollers are the best. My sister is a serious runner and has both a single and a double. As a previous poster mentioned, there is an infant carrier attachment bar (you usually have to purchase it separately) that is compatible with the graco (that's the car seat my sister has as well). It is quite pricey, but it is so easy to push, has a very smooth ride, and good storage room. My sister says it's the best for running, but I've also used hers for walks around town, at the park, at the mall, etc., and they really are great strollers.



answers from Detroit on

Depending on her level of running, there are a few options. For the hardcore runner, look at the Bob stroller. It has an attachement for a carseat. Also, the Phil and Ted has one and it can convert to a double for future children. Look for a wheel that can lock if she is a casual runner. If she is a true runner, she will want a stationary wheel (no option between locking and swiveling).

I have owned the Bob and loved it and now own the Phil and Ted (after #2) and I love it too.

There are probably others out there, but the wheel issue is the most important!



answers from Kalamazoo on

Unfortunately jogging strollers don't have as many varieties as the traditional ones, so finding a graco compatible one might be hard. Try looking up Graco jogging stroller online and see if you can find one. They make the ones with the car seat in Joggers as well, but it might be a different brand, and you probably don't want to buy one that has a seat in it as well. If you live near a BabiesRUs I'd go in and talk to someone who works in that department, they'll have the best information there, and possibly let you test the seat with the stroller to see if it works or not. Good luck, those strollers are great, I wish I'd gotten one of those instead of the reg one, hind sight is 20/20! :)



answers from Grand Rapids on

I just purchased a jogging stroller its the instep safri by schwinn.It come with an optional bar that you assemly on the stroller to hold the carseat inplace.You can look on or, but walmart was out of stock when I tried.I love this stroller it has alot of nice features for under $150.



answers from Detroit on

GREAT site with reviews on virtually every stroller out there. (and let me tell you ... there are alot!)

Jogging strollers are typically not going to be compatible with car seats. They just aren't designed for the purpose. The jogging strollers just have a different purpose. I would talk to your sister and just ask her specifically which she prefers. It may be that she is not interested in having her baby in a car seat all the time. For instance, I RARELY took the infant car seat out of the car. I prefered to have my daughter in a carrier when I shopped.

Regardless... is going to give you all the specs on the strollers so you can find exactly what she is looking for.


answers from Detroit on

The best jogging stroller on the market is Bob Revolution. You can buy an attachment bar for the infant car seat. They recommend you not actually run with a baby until they are at least 5 months old cause their necks are not strong enought to take the jolting and bouncing.

You can get a BOB at REI or MooseJaw.You can also get them online. They are a small fortune but worth every penny. They are as smooth as butter. THey almost self propel they are so easy to push. We have the two seater and love it.

Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

WE have the BOB stroller and two of my friends who just had a baby got the BOB as well. It is a great stroller...hands down you won't be disappointed!

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