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Updated on October 22, 2011
S.K. asks from Rochelle, IL
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I'm getting ready to purchase a jogging stroller and I'm seeking advice on which kind to buy. I am overwhelmed by all the choices available. This will be my first jogging stroller, and I don't want to spend a couple 100 dollars on one and then hate it. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Memphis on

I just sold my double jogging stroller-it was one of my favorite baby items. I would definately get a good quality stroller-the cheap ones just don't hold up. I would also look for one with a front wheel that turns. You'll also want to look at how easy/hard it is to fold up. My was really tough to fold, so we just used it for walks in the neighborhood. Occasionally packing it up for a big parade or somethings, but it was so big and bulky, it took up the whole trunk. Good luck-I loved my stroller. You might check Once Upon a Child or Craigslist--sometimes you can find a really good used one, for a lot less money

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi S.-
Our friends gave us theirs, which I don't know what brand it is, but my only complaint and something I would look out for is that the front wheel does not turn, so taking corners is kind of a pain. Otherwise they are wonderful!

M. J.

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answers from St. Louis on

I wish I'd have gotten advice when I bought my first jogger, then I'd have looked for a swivel front wheel like everyone is saying. Here is a link to the second one I bought, which I love (although my 2nd was the double jogger, this is the single version):
The only minor problem that I had was the lock bar (brake bar?) would drop slightly and make a clicky click sound, but I strapped a bungee cord from the lock bar to the hand grip, and that solved that. Having said that, I'd still recommend it, because I love that the front wheel swivels, and that there is a little foot rest for the kids on it, so their feet don't dangle. And, it's very easy to open/close. It's also not a bad price, although I bought my double jogger on sale at amazon, so I got a major bargain. ($99 w/ free ship, I think it was last Xmas...)

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answers from Springfield on

I recently purchased a jogging stroller. I had some of the same concerns as you, therefore, I purchased one from a yard sale. The woman told me that she only used it a handful of times because her son refused to sit in it. However, I got very lucky because I love it! My daughter does too. The brand I have is a Safari Instep TT. It is absolutely wonderful. The handle is adjustable, the front wheel turns or is able to not (extremely important), the tires are oversized, it has an extra storage compartment underneath and a bag, it has cupholders for myself as well as a front bar with cupholders for the child (this bar also comes off). Overall, this stroller is wonderful. It glides so nicely over the roughest surfaces! I am truly 100% satisfied with this stroller!

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answers from Decatur on

I have several jogger strollers. Two single ones and two double ones. One is adabtable for bikes and etc. I haven't had the swivel front but imagine that would be a great add as the biggest problem I have with mine is if I take them on a trip which I normally do...I have a hard time in stores with them. They say the front wheel swivel makes them tip to so what for that. Hopefully they have corrected that. Mine are easy to operate but I have noticed with my double stroller that clicks into place rather than a latch it seems to flex when I run lately any way.. my 2 cents.

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answers from Cleveland on

I got the In Step Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger - Single Gray/Green
at Target for $135. It's pretty cool. 4 1/2 star rating.

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