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Updated on March 16, 2010
A.C. asks from Yelm, WA
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I have been thinking about buying a jogging stroller for awhile now and need some help. I want to buy one with the swivel front wheel and one that is not too expensive. My question is what do you reccommend (brand/features)? Cheeper or more expensive? Are they sturdy enough to push and walk my crazy hyper dog at the same time? I have been looking for a used one to cut down on cost but they seem to be popular. Any advice would be great.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your advice. I would have loved to buy a BOB but it was over my budget. I went with a baby trend and so far it is great. I Went for a 4 mile walk today!!

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answers from Corvallis on

The Bob stroller...I don't have the front swivel wheel, but it was the best investment I have made yet! I used it almost everyday...and still use it a ton. My daughter is now 2.5 years. Their resale value also stays strong, and you can try to get them on sale at REI.

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answers from Spokane on

We have a baby jogger from babytrend. We really like it. We purchased ours at Babies r us but, they also had the same style different [email protected] friend has one as well & she really likes her's. It does have the swivel front wheel. Hyper dog shouldnt be a problem ;)

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answers from San Francisco on

The BOB is hands down the best out there. It may be more $ than your average jogging stroller, but its because the quality is so outstanding. I've run more than I thought I would because it's so great (this is important b/c you dont want ANY reason to derail you from your workouts as a mama!) Its the smoothest one out there. The dog is NO prob. This thing turns on a dime. I'm such a fan that I wish they made them in adult sizes (haha!)

REI does have sales, and not only that.. but they have lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantees on it. If for some odd reason you dont love it, you could always return it. But I doubt you will....


answers from Medford on

I have been keeping my eye out for a used one also...sadly havent found one either.
I would recommend check the reviews for lots of great information on them. I would go with a less expensive brand but make sure it has the features you want. My sister also just bought this clip thing that looks like a gigantic carabeaner and she hooks the dogs leash to that on the stroller...if you could attach it to the front, maybe he could help you pull! :)


If you want to go with the BOB stroller (I havent ever seen one, but a few people recommended it)...I found one here
for 279.00 with free shipping and no tax. I personally would go with a 100.00apx brand, but it depends on what you want to go with...



answers from Washington DC on

I think it depends on where you will use it and how often. In our case we had to spend more money due to the rough terrain (eg no sidewalks or gravel). We got a Bob double stroller and it cost $$$ but is worth it and I hope to recoup some of that by reselling it. If I was going strictly sidewalk jogging and doing it daily I would look at BabyJogger. Probably avoid Mountain Buggy, didn't they go bankrupt? If you are going for less expensive, Schwinn would be my next choice. Good Luck! Sorry, I can't attest to the dog issue, but I will say you can push the BOB with one finger! It's very well balanced.



answers from Portland on

BoB all the way, if you can possibly afford it. We went through 2 cheaper brands before we finally sucked it up and bought a BoB. Wished we would have just bought it first...would have saved us a lot of money.

Good luck finding one on CL. My son is 4 now, and a bit too big for the BoB, but I can't stand the thought of letting it go quite yet.



answers from Seattle on

We have a Baby Trend jogging stroller and have used it all over on all kinds of terrain with no issues and has a lockable squivel front wheel too. It got a very high rating in the Consumer Reports baby book (at least a 2.5 years ago when we got ours), about as high as the BOB, but is only around $160.00 vs. $400.00. I am all about buying quality items, especially things that move at high speeds with your baby in them, but, I just couldn't justify the BOB for us, when we also wanted/needed a "regular" smaller stroller of decent quality for travelling/malls etc.
Oh, and my dog is not always that hyper any more, at 10 years old, but she always comes with us on walks/runs with the stroller. ;) Good luck!



answers from Portland on

Ditto on the Bob. We just got one off of Craig's List and I am making up excuses to use it! It's fantastic and worth the money. I would try Craig's List first. You have to e-mail right away if you see one because they go fast! Also, REI has sales once or twice a year on them which turns out to be a pretty good deal. We got ours barely used for less than new with two accessories.



answers from San Francisco on

I had a jeep stroller, it worked great and was in the $100 range. It didn't fold up to a small size but I kept it at home and used the umbrella stroller in the car.



answers from Portland on

I love, love, love my "Bob" stroller. It is a bit expensive, but totally worth it. I found it at REI for a little under $400. But, if you become an REI member they take a percentage off and the number is closer to $300. I took my Bob to California. Walked on sand at the beach, I jog w it all the time and it's so easy to push, it's actually fun. Now that I own one I see them all over the place! It is an amazing stroller. Once you try one out, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, It's worth the extra cash. Good luck with your search!



answers from Seattle on

Hi A., we had a Safety First jogging stroller which was really heavy and the front wheel didn't move. I insisted on getting the BOB stroller when my twin boys were born last summer and I would never go back! It's been the best investment we ever made. I recommend getting one with a front-swivel wheel for sure. I don't think you have to spend a fortune (the BOB does cost a lot), but you will probably have to spend a fair bit to get one worth having. As for sturdiness, I have a double BOB and have my twins in it, with my three year old on the front and my diaper bag hanging off the back and the basket filled with whatever I've bought that day... Very sturdy. It also turns very easily which makes getting through doors by myself a whole lot easier! I would look on Craig's List, but I think BOBs are a rarity. A friend has a City Elite stroller, which is nice. Good luck!

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