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Updated on March 27, 2008
K.N. asks from Woodland Park, CO
4 answers

I am looking for a GREAT jogging stroller to tote my 3 year old and 3 month old around in. I probably will be doing mostly walking but would like the ability to run if I please. Could anyone suggest a great stroller that isn't too expensive? I read some suggestions on another post but the strollers were around $500! Thanks!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

If you live in the Salt Lake area their is a great consignment sale her a few weeks at HillTop United Methodists-it is a womens and childrens one-they have 2 per year-this one is spring and summer and will have alot of strollers-I got my jogger stroller for about 30 dollars-most were over 50 and you could find one there cheapest and in the best shape too! It is the second friday in April-it has 2 levels of stuff so only take a checkbook and if you can find a way-no kids-it is just too much stuff to take them too-it is a blast there though-I always find what I am looking for-just be sure to take the kids sizes with you-I found an outline of their feet work for shoes and then I put their sizes in it-each side has a different kid! Good Luck!!! e-mail me if you need anymore info or a playdate for your three yr old-I have one too! [email protected]



answers from Denver on

We got ours at Target. I'm sorry I don't remember the brand. It was around $100. We got rid of it when we had the second. They are available for two. It didn't have a swivel wheel, which was a pain sometimes, but other than that I loved it. Even took it off paved areas with no trouble. I'll see if I can find out the brand and I'll post if I do. I'd recognize the name, I just can't recall.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I have a really nice tandem jogging stroller that I would probably be willing to get rid of pretty soon. My almost 4-yr-old is just too heavy in front and too big for the back. I am pretty sure we bought it last Spring when I had my 2nd boy for around $350.00 and they just started distributing them in the U.S. from Europe. If you are interested email me back at [email protected], I can send you some pictures or something. I'd sell it for $250, and I only just it one summer.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hey! I just barely bought the Baby Trend Expedition Stroller with the Swivel wheel. WE LOVE IT! It's $180 at Babies R Us. Totally worth it, I think. It's really smooth, we've taken it jogging several times.

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