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Updated on February 15, 2009
L.K. asks from Utica, MI
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What a change in my life. My husband and I have always worked in the twenty some years in the job field we love. I'm an accountant and my husband is in the manufacturing field. Last month my husband went to work and then he was laid off. As lot of you may know that this job market is tough. One day we have medical insurance and the next we don't. The company I'm working for is heading in the direction of having their doors closed. What I'm looking for is free job counseling and free personal counseling. With all the stress involved in this it would nice to have a place to go to that we can vent and get some advice on how to handle this and make right decision on the new path we are going on. I have a wonderful husband and I know we will get though this but I starting to see we can't do this by ourselves. It would be nice if it was in the Macomb area

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answers from Detroit on

I am sorry to hear about your job situation.

I suggest trtying to contact Jewish Vocational Services they JVS (Jewish Vocational Service) builds the skills needed to succeed in today's workplace. We assist individuals to achieve self-sufficiency, and help businesses fulfill their employment goals. JVS is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit corporation founded in 1973.

try this:

For more information about JVS' services or to schedule a personal consultation,
contact the Career Development and Employment Services Department:

[email protected]


Building an exciting career takes preparation and planning. JVS' career consultants can help you focus your time wisely to meet your career and employment objectives through a number of strategic activities:

Career assessments and consultations help individuals determine their preferences and talents to develop appropriate career goals and plans
Occupational Resource Library Centers provide information on career opportunities and employment trends as well as Internet access for on-line researching
Employer forums enable individuals to consult with human resource professionals about specific occupations and required skills, salary ranges and availability of positions.


JVS offers a variety of specialized programs to help individuals with specific employment needs, including:

Middle to upper level managers
Women who have lost their primary source of income and are unemployed or underemployed
College students and recent graduates explore employment and internship opportunities and receive financial aid counseling. Other student services also assist high school students and youth with disabilities



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L. K,
I'm in the same position, except I'm a single Mom. I lost my job of 32 years & was/is desparate. First things first. Go to the Dept of Health & Human Services on VanDyke just north of 696. On the east side of the street. Pick up the booklet they have at the front desk & fill out everything you may need to help you get thru this. Take it home, fill it out & then return it. You will get a caseworker to help you out (not on that day though). They will help with everything. Your children will get medical/dental coverage & there is help for emergency assistance with your home, utilities, etc. You have put money into the system & pay taxes, by all means, take advantage of whatever you can at this hard time. In that same complex is Michigan Works. You'll need to get in there any way with your resume to get loaded on their site before you can collect unemployment.
Also be sure to sign up for the bridge card also. Don't be embarassed or anything like that. Your best f
riend or your neighbor or another colleague will most likely be in there right along side of you.
Good luck. I believe they have counseling services also. Michigan Works provides financial counseling & also how to deal with these new issues of unemployment.
There is a MI Works booklet with all the classes offered inside. They are all free classes. There are 4 locations open in Macomb county area. I'm signed up for most of them, so maybe I'll see you there.
Karen A



answers from Detroit on

have you thought about looking for another job? there are TONS of openings in this area! and most with full benefits. I work in the accounting field and I sent out 10 resumes in january and got the first job I interviewed for - pay is good full benes etc - just go onto or or or various other job postings

and btw you will still have medical if you pay for it, but if you get a job it shouldnt be a problem :) good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I think you should be fine finding a job but it may be more difficult for your husband being in the manufacturing field. There are jobs out there, but the competition is huge. I had an idea, but I don't know how this works. If you no longer have medical insurance, will the state help out with that? I would check into it and see if you can get coverage until you can get your own again.

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