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Updated on July 30, 2011
S.J. asks from Mesquite, TX
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Hi. I have been a SAHM 3 yrs now and I want to go back to work part time. I am used to the corporate world where in an interview I would have on a suit. However, I am applying at a gymnastic gym. Should I still wear a suit? If I got the job, I would be in a T'shirt and shorts so is a suit to much for the interview? I don't want to dress down so much it looks like I don't care but I don't dress up to much either? What should I wear? The job is not for any admin work, just to help out w/ the kids.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all!! I knew a suit would be to much and I found a really nice, stylish short sleeve top and paired it w/ black slacks and low heeled black shoes. It looked really good and not overly stuffy.

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answers from Dallas on

I would think business casual (slacks, dressy blouse, nice flats/low heals) would be fine. It's a thousand degrees outside anyway, so most people aren't wearing suites. Well groomed nails, hair, make up and a winning smile, should do the trick. Good luck!

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answers from Sacramento on

I would say a nice pair of slacks, and a nice blouse....nothing too fancy, but nothing too over the top either.....

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answers from Dallas on

I wouldn't wear a suit, but a nice blouse and skirt or slacks.

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answers from Houston on

A suit would be just too much. Perhaps nice slacks or skirt and a blouse, add a colorful necklace. If you still feel overdressed, a pretty floral dress with a cardigan.

Some expert advice here:

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think I'd stick to "business casual" type attire--not gym type clothes. It's still an interview.

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answers from Honolulu on

No, do not wear a suit.
Also nothing frilly.
Just business casual.
No perfume.
Neat and clean, well groomed.
Nothing to stuffy looking.

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answers from Seattle on

Depends on the position. If office; then business casual. If as an instructor:

I'd ring them. Ask if part of your interview will be on the floor, because you'd like to know whether to dress for business or gym attire.

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answers from Dover on

I would say that a nice shirt and dress pants or skirt or a dress would be perfect but when in doubt, dressing up is better than dressing down.

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answers from Dallas on

I would say that a business suit is overkill for this job, if you only end up in a T-shirt. Business casual is fine.


answers from Chicago on

I always thought a degree or two above what your daily attire would be is what you wear to an interview. Always no perfume or scented products and keep the shoes flats/low heels and hair up for this one I think. I wish you well.


answers from Dallas on

I would wear something similar to what you see the employees doing the Job you want to do. that is usually my rule of thumb, "dress for the job you want" for my job that I have now I went in business casual, with a kid in tow and I still got the job... I'm a part time admin. asst. I think the job climate has changed a lot, unless you are trying for something in the "big corporate" world, business casual is very accepted.

Good luck!

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