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Updated on July 28, 2011
E.J. asks from Lincoln, NE
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I have a job interview tonight for a Para educator job that I really want!! I am trying to draft a resume and I feel like it's looking terrible!! Any advice?

Any advice for my interview?

Thanks in advance mommies!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks SO much for all the input. I especially appreciate the advice on the resume. I had the interview and I feel like it went really well. I will find out Wednesday. Fingers crossed!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hey E.! Good luck on the interview!

The simple advice I can give for a resume is to make sure you are stating what you CAN do, not what you HAVE done. Does that make sense? Outline your attributes to the job and what you are able to do, like Microsoft Word, Excel, Public Speaking, etc.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

The top of your resume should be like a professional letter;

1234 COOK ST
[email protected]

I would center it..

The objective should be next - if you want to state It is my goal to become a Para Educator - go for it..

Next should be education
2009- Bachelor of Arts - Education UCLA

next should be skills set - if you have any computer experience, Word, Excel or any program that is specific to the job you want...

Next should be your experience...
Select FIVE (5) things from each job that is your stand-out best - things you feel you did best or that you were acknowledged for accomplishing..
I would make it like a bullet paragraph - for me- it's easier to read than a paragraph

so it would look like this
* maintained spreadsheet for division expenditures
* cut budget by 10 % and balanced the budget for the division
* ensured all clients paid on time - Accounts Receivables at 0%

or whatever you have done...

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answers from Bloomington on

Message me your email and I can forward you the format for my resume. I am an elementary teacher by profession.

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answers from Honolulu on

For Interview:

Dress neat and proper and clean.
Simple hair do.
NO perfume or smelly anything.
Try not to perspire. :)
Have your Resume AND Letters of Recommendation or References (with contact information), at the ready. OR already in your Resume packet.
AND, have EXTRA copies of your Resume packet, ready.
Just in case.

Employers, expect this (letters of recommendation and job References), and to do background checks per your previous employment.

Speak clearly and honestly.
Interviewers can tell the difference between genuine answers and canned-generic answers.

Be yourself.

Don't be TOO overly 'aggressive' or 'desperate' sounding, but convey your high interest, in this job.

Don't, speak or answer a question, before the interviewer finishes her/his sentences or question.
No one likes, being interrupted while they are talking.

Make good eye contact. But not, like a hungry animal.

Speak positively about yourself, but not in an arrogant, manner.

Use proper manners, handshake and introduce yourself, write a Thank You to them, after the interview, and mail it in a timely manner etc.

Ask for the Interviewers business card.

*Remember: It is not only your Resume that 'sells' yourself. It is you, too.
If they like you.

Bring: a nice professional looking folder with you, with a note pad, to jot down notes, during the interview.
This shows, organization and interest.

I used to work, in HR.

GOOD luck,

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answers from Milwaukee on

Follow Mama3's advice!

The only difference I would suggest is replace the objective with a summary of your experiences and skills.

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answers from New York on

As someone who would be interviewing you (former AP and a special ed admin)... things I would look for....
- NO TYPOS (spell check & have one other person read it)
- Consistent format
- Focus on skills you posses, not "jobs you have had" unless they are directly related to what you are hoping to do
- List any and all volunteer jobs
- List your personal characteristics
- Current references

** Most importantly when you interview tomorrow (b/c the resume should just be a paper reminder of "who you are") remember to be cordial, use correct English and spin responses so that they are accurate & reflect your ability to learn new things.
"Well, I have not worked previously as a paraprofessional, but I feel that I learn quickly and have the ability to ask relevant questions when I am not certain. "

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answers from St. Louis on

Don't forget to mail your "thank you" card within 24 hours to the person/people you had your interview with.

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