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Updated on December 18, 2008
M.V. asks from Grayslake, IL
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Hi Everyone,

I am currently working in Palatine and I just found a job closer to home that I want to apply for. But here is the catch, I just found out that I am pregnant and if I get an interview do I tell them right away i am pregnant or do I wait until after I get the job. I just want to be closer to home and the job is 10 minutes away.


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answers from Chicago on

I've been on the employer side: I hired someone to be a co-worker who did NOT tell us she was pregnant. I thought she was sneaky and I never fully trusted her 100%.

Even so, I would STILL advise you to not disclose your pregnancy, unless you have a personal, ethical need to do so. As an employer, it is extremely easy to find a reason any particular applicant is "not suitable for the position" for business reasons. Unless you are applying for a position for which you have extremely unique qualifications (i.e. there is almost NO ONE out there with your experience), it will be easy for them to legally document why you were not suitable, regardless of your pregnancy. It will be almost impossible to prove discrimination.

However, be aware that many companies have maternity leave policies that require 12 months of service. Hence, you may not be eligible for maternity leave. And I don't remember the FMLA policies (i.e., if you are eligible for FMLA leave prior to 12 months service). You'll need to look into this, so that you don't end-up without any time off.

As for my co-worker who deceived us...she was given 100% maternity leave benefits. However, this was many years ago when the economy was phenomenal (before the internet stock crash of 2000) and companies were making money hand-over-foot. I don't know what would happen in today's economy.

Best of luck to you!



answers from Chicago on

I agree with Mom LK - I was on the employer side, hired one person and a few weeks later found out she was pregnant. I thought it was sneaky on her part and I didn't feel it was right for us as the employer.
On the other hand, knowing that she was pregnant during the interview I would reconsider hiring her.
The department I was hiring for was already short on people and another long time employee was due to go on maternity leave in a month, so I was looking for someone who would stick around long term, not leave in a few months...
You should do what's best in your interest and not tell them. The employer will do what's best in their interest - and that might be not hiring you...



answers from Chicago on

I've been pregnant and looking for a job twice. The first time, I just took a temp job until I had the baby and they knew that I would not be coming back. I was upfront with them and it worked out for everyone. The second time, I told them before I accepted the position, and made sure that it wouldn't affect the decision. I did not get any maternity leave, so I was without pay for 9 weeks the first time and 5 weeks the second time.

It's hard to tell them, but I felt like I couldn't lie either. Still, I lost out on one opportunity because I told them during my second interview. Go with your gut, if you feel like they'll pass you over if you tell them, then don't. I was around 5 months pregnant and starting to show, so I felt it was an obvious choice for me.



answers from Augusta on

The recomendation is to not tell- it is illegal for them to discriminate on the basis of pregnancy. So if you do not tell they won't have the opportunity to discriminate and you will not have ot wonder if that's why you didn't get the job. It seems like being less than honest but it actually protects both you and the employer.

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