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Updated on December 10, 2010
A.M. asks from Mesquite, TX
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i am looking for a job that lets me be home on the weekends and still get in my 40 hours. i habve worked nights before and i never get to see my baby cause i need to get some sleep so what sholud i do. want to work like 9-5 and sbe home on the weekends

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answers from Oklahoma City on

go to a temp agency in your area, i got on with the utility company i currently work for through a temp agency in my area...BEST thing i ever did for myself, i worked through the temp agency m-f for my company, 6 months later was hired full time, and been here 4.5 years! and unless ot or shift change i've worked m-f and SOME saturday i worked a lot of night shifts especially at first but night at my job is working til 6...not 10 or graveyard shifts

in most places you wont find that to start with, unless you get on at a bank, and even still you'll probably have to work on saturday's

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answers from Boston on

What about office work? 9-5 and you leave work at work when you walk out the door!!!!!!!!



answers from Dallas on

The good thing is odds are in your favor. Most jobs out there (exception retail, customer service, nursing, etc) are M-F but most are 8-5 with an hour lunch, not 9-5.
I would stick to traditional job sites like Simply Hired, Monster and Career Builder. Get your resume together and post it on some of these bigger sites for recruiters to find as they are searching for employees as well as actively submitting your resume. My husband was looking for a job and posted his to The Ladders and ended up with two job offers in the same day.
If you don't have a resume, there are more than a few resume writing centers or if you are a single mom or on a fixed income, there are typically non-profit career counseling centers to help with resume and job training.
Best of luck!


answers from Dallas on

I work in an insurance office and we are open m-f 9-5. closed all major holidays. You have to be licensed, but many agents will pay for the 3 day training class and test for you. Or you can start as a receptionist and learn the business for a little while and then get licensed. I got my job by typing up my resume and dressing like I was going to an interview. I went to the closest State Farm agent and walked in and introduced myself. Then I drove down the street to the next one and so on. By the 3rd office, I had a job. They weren't hiring, but they passed my resume on to someone else that was. There is a huge network of agents that all know each other and work together.


answers from Provo on

What kind of job are you looking for? What are you in now? What kind of pay?
Start looking on craigslist, facebook, local newspapers classifieds. Plenty of ways to find a job. Mamapedia isn't a job site so the chance of you finding a job on here is slim.
p.s. I'm not trying to be mean.



answers from Honolulu on

On MamaPedia... I heard of this work at home online resource site. It is supposed to be legitimate for ideas and sources.



answers from New York on

What skills do you have to offer a potential employer? Your skill set may determine what kind of job you qualify to have and what hours will be required of you. Traditional office work in the following industries may equal great hours for you with little work requirements for the weekend and/or late nights would include but are not limited to receptionist at a law firm, secretary at a accounting firm (one that doesn't deal with individual income taxes), the financial industry (investment & insurance firms), some specialized medical offices which aren't opened on the weekends, the back offices of a bank, etc. I'm certain there are others but here are some to name a few but you will need some very specific skills to be able to get a job in these industries. Start looking at what you have in your hands to work with and really consider why an employer would need your skills as well as what employer would need what you have to offer.

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