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Updated on February 22, 2011
L.L. asks from Frisco, TX
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Does anyone know of a real work from home job that will allow you to work your own schedule? Because of the economy I am being forced to quit my job and be a stay at home mom and not pay for daycare but on the flip side I need to be able to bring home some money otherwise my hubby and I can't afford our bills. And before you reply we have already got rid of any extra bills that we can. I can start working from home asap. Otherwise does anyone no of a decent place I can work the overnight shift at? I am willing to work any type of enviroment. I have plenty of references and a very stable and good resume ready if that will help. Please help asap!

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answers from Minneapolis on

If you haven't found the right work from home yet, let me know. I found the perfect work from home job a couple of months ago. I am still working full-time, but hope to be working exclusively from home some day. For now, I’m able to get some extra money by putting in a couple hours a week. You can work at your own pace and make your family’s schedule BEFORE your work schedule. Let me know if you want more information. Send me a private message if you would like more information.

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answers from Miami on

Hello L.,

I am working outside my home but my husband and I have found a wonderful business that we can work from home while working outside our home with a fulltime job. Please visit our web site,
If you want to know more please leave a message on our site and we're get back to you. Also you can leave a message on our answering machine ###-###-####. I hope this helps. It is making a difference in our lives.


answers from Dallas on

Hi L.,
I live near Frisco and will be hosting an informational meeting on working from home tonight in Lewisville at 7pm. It is free if you would like to attend to learn about how I have been earning growing residual income for over 5 years now around the schedules of my 2 children ages 6 and 4.
There will be about 20 other moms attending to get the details on our work at home team. You can call me at ###-###-#### if you would like directions or visit to request a phone appt if you cannot attend tonight.



answers from Dallas on

Have you thought about doing childcare in your home?

For extra money check out It lists a couple of great ways to earn extra money.

Also, check out the forum at there is a ton of great leads and information of at home jobs.



answers from Chicago on

I work in advertising and have many clients who do various 'work from home' businesses. I would tell you to be wary- some are legit, but many are scams. To be successful at any of them, you really have to be prepared to treat it as a job.

I would absolutely say do NOT start a home daycare as a way to make money unless you have experience as a childcare provider or teacher and are really devoted to other people's kids. It CAN be a good way to make money while staying home with your own kids, but it requires a lot of effort and can be very frustrating and is no way an assured income. Don't do it unless that is something that REALLY interests you!

If you have office experience, look into doing medical billing. You will need some training and good typing skills, but once you establish yourself with a service or some doctor's offices or practices, this can be a good way to make money from home.

A lot of other companies selling things, etc. CAN do well- but it depends on your organizational skills, your people skills and ability to 'sell' and also on the economy. People are not buying luxury goods, even in small doses like they used to. Based on my experience with clients in the past year, steer clear of things like scented candle parties, jewelry, etc. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

Hi L., I don't have a whole lot of advice but a friend of mine suggested selling life insurance. It seems to be a good paying job if you can build up a good clientele. Also if you can go to craigslist and find a good telecommute job. I got hired to be a project manager for a company in new york so most of the work I could do from home.



answers from Detroit on

I saw someone suggest on another post to check a grocery store. They said they work the bakery 4-8am or something and also get discount on groceries. Some of the 24 hours places (Meijer, Walmart), you could probably work nights too.



answers from Memphis on

Be a Stylist with Stella & Dot! That's what I do and I have plenty of time at home, my schedule is set by me and only me, the pay is great and I enjoy every minute of the "work"! Oh! And the jewelry is fabulous. It's been featured in In Style Magazine 83 times! Check out this link and get back to me with your questions. My cell phone number is listed on website at the link I just provided. Really. Call me with anything. Stella & Dot just may be the perfect fit for you!

K. H.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I just started working at home thought Work At Home United, it's a group of moms working together supporting and encouraging other moms as they build their business. We partner with a 25-year-old company, registered with the BBB, refering other customers to their products (which are wonderful, let me tell you!). I've been working with them just a little over a month now, and have earned my first paycheck. It's not huge at first, but there is huge potential if you're willing and able to work at it. I started while working outside my house and 9 months pregnant, and I have had time to start up my business. What I like about work at home united is the team support and encouragement that comes along with it. I'd love to give you more information, if you'd like. Either ask for more info from my website or send me an email and I'll try to go into more detail for you. Good luck!

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