JFF: Would You Want a Bidet in Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom?

Updated on March 10, 2012
J.B. asks from Katy, TX
44 answers

We will soon be remodeling our master bath and the wife wants/would like a bidet. We're looking at this as a 'wish list' item.
Or what else would you really like to have in your NEW bathroom?
Towel warmer?
Heated floors?
Steam shower?

Let me clarify, not a free standing bidet as in a seperate 'toilet', but a toilet that has a bidet or a bidet lid. thanks

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Featured Answers


answers from Washington DC on

oh HELLS yeah!
i'll be getting a 'new' (remodeled) bedroom and bathroom sometime in the next year or so. a bidet way outweighs the other cool things you listed.
not that i'd say no to any of 'em.
:) khairete

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answers from Fargo on

We just remodeled and have a FABULOUS bathroom, but I so wish we had installed heated floors! Tile + Minnesota winter = cold tootsies!

Due to an incident in South Korea in the late '90s, I am terrified of bidets. :) Although, I say, good job on not having a free standing bidet. I think they really waste good space in a bathroom.

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answers from Washington DC on

My ILs have a Toto toilet that basically has a bidet, dryer and other gadgets built in. I've never been keen on bidets.

Personally? I'd just want more room and nicer decorations. A bigger shower with a real bench to sit on (not just a tiny corner seat) and a double sink or even just more counter space. I don't need a tub.

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answers from Albany on

The feature that would please me the most in my bathroom is that nobody else could use it, including the man. tehehe

Really though, I would like a WINDOW in the bathroom, a real one, that you can open even.


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answers from Oklahoma City on

I would not mind a bidet. I often think I would rather have one of those instead of wiping and wiping when tummy upsets are going on. Think of all the toilet paper that would save....

Also I would like the warmed tiles and a steam shower head is a good thing when sinus and chest congestion is dry and needs some moisture.

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answers from Chicago on

No thank's! Lol. I rember once as a child, I was visiting my grandparents and they had one, I think I was 7-8 years old and I was curious once I seen it in their bathroom, I turned it on and HOLY SNAP water was everywhere! And the pressure was waay too strong. I'd rather have a steam shower than a bidet! Ohhh the memories! My sister and I still laugh about it!

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answers from Eugene on

Has your wife actually used one of these contraptions? My sister has one of these toto toilets and loves it. For me, not so much.

Where I live, it's cold in winter so I'd love a towel warmer and heated floors. Is there such a thing as a self-cleaning bathroom? Sign me up for that, too.

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answers from Charlotte on

Take a look at Toto's Washlet. They are wonderful. You can get the kind with the control on the side of the toilet or in the wall. The seat is warmed, and it even plays "flushing noise" to mask our, um, "noises" in case someone is nearby. The washlets are very common in Asia and are becoming more well known here in the US. Heated floors are great on the first floor, but I never needed a heated floor upstairs. If the bathroom is upstairs, I'd spend the money on the washlet rather than heated floors in a heartbeat.


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answers from Lakeland on

Heated floors? Yes if you live in a colder climate, here in the south they are a waste of money.
Separate tub and shower? Yes if you have the room.
Double sinks are a must have for function and added value.
Towel warmers and steam showers are also personal choice items, they do not always add value to the home. The heated towel racks are also an item I would not put in here in the south.
A bidet is more of a personal choice item so that would be up to you and your wife. We don't have one and I really don't see anyone using it here, except to have it look like a fountain, lol.

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answers from Orlando on

I would love one of those showers with many shower heads and a big one on the top center!
I know is not good to waist water, but honestly since having kids my showers are very short anyway, so it would be great if at least I could come in, power spray shower me (like a car!) in 3 min and get out.
Congratulations on your remodelation, I love them!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I, personally would not want a bidet, but my parents have a regular toilet w/a built in bidet spray.

It's been great to have w/my ailing mom.

It has a heated seat & sprays warm water.

Still don't think I would want one for me but hey.....it's still a regular toilet so I guess it would be great to install. You never know.

My personal wish list:

Heated towel rack, heated floors....are all so nice but I wouldn't NEED

I just NEED the window. :)

Oh & just to be sure to have ample space & a couple of cabinets.

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answers from Los Angeles on

steam shower yes!
The people I know with bidets don't use them. heck, just keep some wet wipes by the toilet.


steam shower yes!
The people I know with bidets don't use them. heck, just keep some wet wipes by the toilet.

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answers from Chicago on

I would want a really deep tub that is long enough to stretch out in, an infinity tub (where the water spills over the top) would be a dream come true! And double sinks for sure. I also would love a countertop to set things on (we have a pedestal sink) and cabinets to store away bathroom stuff. A linen closet inside the bathroom would also be nice.

I'm not sure if I would want a bidet, I've never tried to use one before. But I can't think that it would be bad, as long as the water was warm! I would only worry about my son wanting to play with it and getting water everywhere.

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answers from New York on

He have heated floors and I rarely turn it on since by the time I am done with my shower the floors are only barely warm. It's called wearing slippers! Towel warmer seems a waste too. I personally am not a fan of steam...doesn't the shower make enough steam?

As for the bidet, my husband said he wanted one. I said no, people will think it's for me! He joked that he would put a sign on it that said "This is not for my wife's v-, it's for John's butt". So no!

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answers from San Francisco on

Heck yes i'd want a bidet! Also I wish the light and fan were on separate switches.

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answers from La Crosse on

heated floors and a jacuzzi tub would be perfect for me... well and a toilet with a heated toilet seat!

I wouldn't want a bidet... but if she does and its do able, then go for it!

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answers from Austin on

Three things I wish for more than a bidet: 1) Because I am a bath person, I would love a spray hose that pulled out of the tub faucet like I have in my kitchen sink. I could rinse off so much easier and clean the tub quickly, too, 2) My friend has a lower bathroom cabinet that has a multi-outlet inside so her appliance cords are never out on the counter. There are heat-resistant holders for her hot hair appliances on the cabinet door. She never has to leave her stuff on the counter when she is done! She also keeps a hand vac plugged in that cabinet to quick vac all the hair, and 3) I would love a walk-in shower (where you walk around a wall into the shower) so I would not have to keep a glass door clean or mess with shower curtains.

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answers from St. Louis on

if you were looking at a separate unit, I would say "no". Combo would be acceptable if your wife truly wants it.

Towel warmer....yes!
Heated floors....yes!
Steam shower.....I think I would prefer multi-heads. With seat...yes!!
2 sinks....yes!
Ample storage which looks built-in....yes!
Exhaust fan which is decorative as opposed to utilitarian....yes!
Scald-proof faucets.....yes! We have this in one bathroom & not the other. Love it!

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answers from Washington DC on

I would love a bidet. I went to Italy and all the bathrooms in our villa had one, loved it! I would like heated floors. I could do without the towel warmer. A whirlpool or jacuzi tub would be lovely.

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answers from Seattle on

I would LOVE a bidet. We have a jacuzzi bath in our master bath and I love love love that too. Great for decompressing after a stressful day. I would also love a shower with two shower heads.


answers from Santa Fe on

That would be so great. I'd love to have that kind of toilet. I'd love to have a real sauna too. We tried to put heated floors in our bathroom when we remodeled it ourselves, but it never worked. Nice toasty warm tiles would be so nice. If I could remodel now in this house, I would really love to have a big soaking tub or jacuzzi tub for nice long baths. Right now we just have a shower and I hate to take a bubble bath in the kid's bathroom...it's just not as relaxing with a million kid bath toys all around. sigh.


answers from Austin on

I agree with AV, I would have to have a lot room in there to want a bidet.. There are so many new toilets that have it all in one.



answers from Houston on

Absolutely, I dreamed about a bedet before I knew what they were. I am the one who wants to take a bath after every encounter with the toilet. I would not mind if it were free-standing. I also would like to have an outside shower. I've got a fenced in deck right off my bathroom, and it would be just great with a shower...not one with lots of water pressure, just a huge shower head that sprinkles evenly and steadily.

Oh, I would like some vanity space between the two basins. We had to buy shelves for that space, and it's not my favorite.



answers from Chicago on

Seems frivolous to me. It would be last on my list of things to add to a bathroom.



answers from Baton Rouge on

A bidet and a jacuzzi would make me a very happy camper.


answers from Jacksonville on

mehh... wouldn't be a selling point for me.


answers from Austin on

A window and heated floors!


answers from Houston on

It would not be on my wish but simply because I have never gotten the hang of one. A towel warmer and heated floors would make my list. My personal perference would be for a dedicated vanity where I could store my make up, lotions, creams, perfumes, hair products, hair brushes, etc. without having to share the real estate so to speak. This ideal vanity would have a stool/chair and a large, multi-wing mirror. My grandmother's mirror comes to mind. The sides swing in and out so you can store behind them while the center section is stationary.


answers from Erie on

YES to the bidet!
And the whole room tiled. We're also replacing the window with glass block. Also the temperature-regulated plumbing for the shower (the pressure reduces if someone else runs water, but the temp adjusts accordingly). And a soaking tub, the deep ones with a door that you walk into, or a Japanese-styled one. I've always wanted a Japanese bath house like the one in Totoro :)



answers from Kansas City on

Heated floors. A nice jacuzzi tub. Double sink. Nice shower with the multiple heads. Heck, I'd just love a second bathroom!! lol



answers from Seattle on

Heated floor...lots of storage...walk in shower with steam... A deep soaking tub.. Sky lights.. A sitting area with vanity for me to get ready..toilet I would want a basic kholer brand.
This would be my dream bathroom :)



answers from Dallas on

No bidet. Yes to heated floors and a jacuzzi tub. Large shower with a frameless shower door.




answers from Green Bay on

Yes to heated floors! Our home is heated with in floor heat so every room in our home has heated floors which bis great but it is especially nice in the bathrooms on tiled floors.

Yes to a towel warmer. We have a towel warmer also and I love a warm towel when getting out of the shower. Don't make the mistake we did though.......ours is located a little too far from the shower so we have to take the towel from the warmer and set it on the chest next to the shower while we are showering and by the time we are finished and need the towel it isn't so hot anymore. Make sure you locate the warmer right next to the shower so the towel remains warm till you need it.

We also have a steam shower and we enjoy it but have had many problems with it. Ours is in the bathroom that is near our pool so it is great for warming up after a swim and it is large so a few people can sit in there at once if they want. We've had our steam shower for a few years now and we purchased a Kohler steam generator. Kohler typically has top of the line products but it has given us many problems and Kohler has replaced the generator twice now free of charge but we have paid out a ton of money to the plumbers for labor over the past few years. So do some research before you buy one.

I don't have a bidet but would love one, I guess I wasn't thinking about it when we built.

Good luck with your project!


answers from Phoenix on

I've never used a bidet so I have no idea if I'd want one or not. BUT I would LOVE to have one of those showers where you just walk in and there is no curtain or door or wall (nothing to clean)!! And I already have a super deep tub (I'm a big girl) but I think I'd like jets and bubbles. And I would LOVE a heated floor. =)



answers from San Antonio on

When we were working on building a house, we chose a huge shower with glass doors, and then after moving in, we were going to put a second shower head on the other side of it. (That wasn't an option for the builder). It would be the dream shower. We were very excited about it. We ended up not building the house (long story...builder left Texas before starting our build), and now we are in a historic home. Some of the things I like about our current master bath is the heater in the wall that we can turn on when we get out of the shower, and the grab bars in the shower. People don't think they need extra safety features like those bars until they are older or disabled, but having those grab bars has helped prevent many falls for both of us already. I highly recommend them. The former owner was elderly, and in our previous house we had them too, as the former owner had MS. I assume both put them in when necessary, but I'd recommend putting them in whether you think you need them or not.



answers from College Station on

I would LOVE a bidet! Seriously! Along with heated floors and a heater.
Oh, and a really deep claw-foot tub!



answers from Spartanburg on

YES!!!!! I want a bidet!!!!!!!!! yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!
If I ever build a house my bathroom will have one.....



answers from Victoria on

not for me! i hate using wet wipes . i like to be dry . tmi sorry but you asked ;D



answers from San Francisco on

I would love to have a bidet.

I would also love to have heated floors and two shower heads!



answers from Dallas on

oh yeah baby, and heated floors. Lest be honest, sometimes you don't have time for that bath before bed. It sure would make being spontanious a little easier for me.



answers from Redding on

Heated floors....YES!!

We knew some people that built a fancy new house. Top of the line everything. It took almost a year to complete. All the talk and build up...
When it was finished, they held a very up-scale, catered house warming party.
The house was pretty impressive, but I dang near fainted when I went in to the master bath and there was a white porcelain urinal on the wall.
No kidding.

I didn't even ask who put that on the "wish" list. Maybe the guy had poor aim and his wife wanted it, I don't know.

I think bidets are overrated, but to each his or her own.

Just my opinion.



answers from Austin on

I'm a woman and I have no need for a bidet. I really don't see myself using one. They seem like such a mess but I've never used one so what do I know. You might look into the cost of plumbing first, it could get pricey.

I'm pretty practical and don't like a lot of bells and whistles. I personally would rather spend my money in nice textiles. I see the "extras" as something fancy that will break in 8 years and then I'll have to pay to repair it. I didn't go for the jetted tub, for example, just a really nice and deep, well insulated tub. When we remodeled our bath, we spent a little extra on flooring, Roman tub faucet for kid's hair, raised cabinets so I would no longer have to bend over to wash my face and a frame-less shower enclosure (it looks awesome!). One thing I really wanted were vessel sinks but the guys doing the work knew I was pretty practical and said they don't hold up well, especially with little kids in the house that might grab onto them and try to pull themselves up on the counter. We went with under mount.



answers from Savannah on

It couldn't hurt to have an "all in one" I suppose, if y'all would like one. Growing up without one, it's not on my list of must haves or really even on my list, but that doesn't mean anything----it's y'alls room not ours. :)

I love my master bath as it is. My walk in closet is off the bathroom, and Jeremy's is off the bedroom. Toilet "closet", double vanity, 3 drawers, good lighting (and 3 switches), a jetted tub with a very big frosted glass window and a large space behind the tub for (I don't know what): we put a medicine cabinet on one side of it and the other side (what you'd see if in the tub) has candles and plants. Our shower is fine (a little larger than standard, but pretty cut and dry)---it could be cooler. When house shopping last year there was one house with an AWESOME bathroom: it almost made us buy the house, but it only had 3 bedrooms and we just couldn't around that---I wanted a playroom and guest room as well.....it had an open, triple headed, walk through shower (the walls were almost cave-like, but open on top and no doors---I thought that was awesome), everything else was similar to mine, except they ALSO had a built in vanity with the big mirror and "make up" lighting and I thought that was very very cool. Only house I've ever seen with that, off to the side, already built in, with the 3 sided mirrors, counter, and several drawers, and space to put your legs once you purchase the chair you want for it. LOVED it. That's the only think I could think of that would rock my world, that we don't have already, if we had a flooring shape conducive to that. Bathrooms can be pretty simple; we don't stay in there too long.
But a towel warmer? Heated floors? No way I'd bother using them even though it's nice to have warm towels at the Ritz, it's just a hotel thing in my mind. We just close the doors to the bath and the shower warms the room, lol. We have our towel right by the shower stall, dry off, slip on a robe, and the world is just fine without the gadgets. But that's just me. You could upgrade the vanities though....2 separate vanities that look more like furniture instead of one long one, if you'd like. I think they're pretty....but I wouldn't bother changing out the one I have as it works just fine and I love the big mirrors and cabinet space.



answers from Houston on

lol Sunshine!

Probably not. We've never had one and we've always had pretty good hygiene. In my blue collar neighborhood, it would seem pretty pretentious for us to have one. BUT I would love one of those wall mounted high powered hand dryers - the kinds with galewind hurricane-like air flow that could dry your hands/hair in 2 seconds flat.

And here in Houston, how cold does it REALLY get to justify heated floors or towel warmers? Its cold here 2 days out of the week in deep winter and winter lasts 2 months tops? If anything, I'd install huge dehumidifiers to avoid mold growing in the corners because nothing ever dries out during our 13th months of summer.

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