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Updated on December 22, 2011
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
18 answers

Why don't people who are being attacked by zombies in zombie movies recognize that they are being attacked by zombies and react accordingly? Are they in an alternate universe where zombie movies do not exist? I mean, really - dead looking, eating people, shuffling slowly (in most cases), groaning, unable to climb stairs, etc. - Seems like it would be reasonably easy to deal with in most non-highly populated places - especially if you know what a zombie is.

Your thoughts?


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answers from Houston on

My husband has studied this and has a well thought out plan for it. I don't know what it is and don't care to know. But, if zombies attack, my husband better take care of me or he'll have wifezilla after his butt too.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

And let';s not forget the fact that EVERYONE trips JUST when the chasing person is getting close to them!

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answers from Chicago on

Because the movie would only be 30 minutes long if they acted appropriately :)

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answers from St. Louis on

All I can say is there are stupid people everywhere. I believe the process is called Darwinism. :p

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answers from Dallas on

Bahaha!! I always thought I would do great in a zombie attack. I can run FAST! Those slowpokes could never catch me. Also, I have a car. I'm pretty sure I'd be OK ;)

OH, and for the record...do NOT turn around and look back when a knife wielding murderer is chasing you. Those tree branches will trip you up every time! Run toward the light, not the forest...

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answers from Phoenix on

and I noticed that the ones who actually run fast to get away have a fast running zombie running after them. what's up with that?

ETA: Jane~ You mean you didn't watch "The Walking Dead"??????

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answers from San Francisco on

Another question. Why do they always run upstairs trapping themselves at the top or roof of a building? THAT drives me insane!

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answers from Houston on

Nothing says " 'tis the season" like a good zombie question :) lol

I don't have an answer. I can't watch zombie movies. I had nightmares when I saw Twilight...

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answers from Colorado Springs on

The poor characters. They have to do what the script tells them to do. Otherwise, they would handle zombies much more intelligently - and the movies would probably be boring. :^

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answers from New York on

For the same reason the ditzy blonde chick runs UP the stairs when the knife-wheelding psycho is chasing her towards the front door... or why the campers always feel the need to make-out by the water in any movie where Jason is featured. Come on people, you know how that ends!

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answers from Philadelphia on

LOL....Because they're busy getting it on! In every horror flicks it seems midway through being attacked peopel start getting it on!! I'm sorry I have a very high lebido but I don't think if I was being chased by a zombie or other monster I'd take a break for that
and i thought they could climb stares J. very slowly and kind of walk over eachother.

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answers from Richmond on

LMAO!! You and my husband would have a field day picking apart movies together ;)

Good thing I'm ready for the zombie-pocolapse. If you're not ready, c'mon over!! ;)

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answers from Charlotte on

The men in my family like this stuff. Eww!!! They bought the game "Munchkin Zombies" at Barnes & Noble for them to play, they like these crzy zombie stories so mu,ch!

Again I say Eww!!



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answers from Dallas on

my kids are obsessed with Zombies. I know more than I ever wanted to know. For instance, zombies are real. It's a version of Mad Cow Disease. Canibalistic tribes get it from eating people. There is a bacteria that we have, that should not be ingested. Some tribes believe eating the heart or brain of someone gives you thier courage or wisdom. Some see it as a honoring an enemy to eat his heart. So these Prion things eat your brain - spongey holes in it cause zombie like symptoms. Dimensia, shaking, aggression, and hunger for people meat!


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answers from Minneapolis on

well if they ALWAYS ran away we wouldn't get to see the dumbass's get there face chewed off now would we??? lol If everyone had my capabilities at fight or flight reaction, we all would be running to Scotland when a balloon popped! My husband said the reason I dont sleep is that I can hear a mouse fart. YES I CAN and I am proud of it, cause man if any terrorist mice come in my house, I will go Jackie Chan on em.

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answers from Bellingham on

Did you ever watch Dr Who and wonder why they didn't just run up stairs to get away from the Darleks? Turns out Darleks can levitate!

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answers from Los Angeles on

who past age 15 watches zombie movies?

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answers from Biloxi on

I live with a teen boy - zombies are almost a daily part of our lexicon. We watch the Walking Dead, love the movies Zombieland and Saun of the Dead and own a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide.

Ha, we were in Lowe's earlier today and had a conversation about whether we would we go to Lowe's to stock up on wood and axes and tools and stuff first or go to the gun store first in case of a zombie invasion.

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