JFF: Where Did You Go on Your Honeymoon?

Updated on January 03, 2012
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
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Hubby and I were married in the courhouse in 2004 with plans to do a church vow renewal and honeymoon ten years later. We just hit our 7th anniversary in October, and with both of my sister getting married in the next 18 months (hopefully), it has me thinking about our own renewal.

My husband was in the Navy, so he has travelled all over the world already. I lived in Bermuda, but that's as exotic as it gets for me.

I LOVE the beach and water, he goes to make me happy.

I know we want to go somewhere new for me - so no where on the east coast. Budget is probably going to be decent and we would be willing to fly or cruise.

So where did you go and did you love it or would you have done something else?

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So What Happened?


You all have such different experiences and great advice on different places! That gives me a lot of new things to think about! I had not considered really staying inside the states. We are planning to do a family cruise next year to the Carribean somewhere, so we'll check that off with the kids. Greece has always been on my list, as have Italy, England, France, and Spain (the obvious ones :).)

I'll show these responses to my husband just to get his wheels ticking some too. I want tobe able to go all out, so it may take 3 years of planning!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We traveled to New Mexico, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, all over the mid-west. It was fun and interesting.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We got married in and honeymooned in Las Vegas. Wish I could tell you the details, but what happens in Vegas....lol

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answers from Roanoke on

We went to Greece for 2 weeks (2007). I had always wanted to go, and it was everything I dreamed it would be. Really, the most amazing trip we've ever taken. We will go back again someday...

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answers from Jacksonville on

New Zealand.
I would go again in a heartbeat. LOVED it. There is something for everyone. Hiking, mountains, snow, scuba, sailboats, beaches, camping, rugby, zoo, shopping, good eats, lovely people and beautiful scenic views almost every step of the way.
We only had 2 weeks total for our trip, so we spent it all on the north island. Would love to go back a few more times and finish the north island and then hit the south island (where much of The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed).

almost forgot the rafting. White water rafting. Black water rafting (underground river in caves) AWESOME~

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answers from Portland on

We went to Victoria, Canada. We wanted to go to England, but couldn't afford it, and we knew that Victoria was like going there, but closer and much faster. My husband also has an aversion to planes, so we drove and took the ferry from Port Angeles. We had a great time, and I would totally recommend it!! We stayed at the Gatsby Inn, it's an old victorian mansion that is amazing and so fun! If you have enough money to do it right, but don't want to spend a lot of time on travel, then I would totally recommend going there. Europe the Canadian way. Have fun, and good for you for keeping to your plan of a 10 year renewal.

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answers from Washington DC on

We took a 7 day Carnival Cruise. It was great I wouldn't have changed a thing. We left out of Tampa, Fl, and were living in Fl at the time so it was just a 3 hour drive to the port. First it went to Grand Caymen, in Caymen Islands, then Cozumel, Mexico, then New Orleans. So fun and so much to do, there were plenty of tours to take, and lots to do on the ship. It was a lot of fun, and so much cheaper to do it this way.

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answers from Atlanta on

We went to Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia. It was great! The food was incredible, which was a biggie because my husband is a former chef and very picky. It was the one thing I was worried about. We wanted a no worries honeymoon with tons of relaxation, so it was perfect. The only time we left the resort was to go out at snother Sandals there and to do a day snorkeling booze cruise and rainforest hike. I have been to many Caribbean islands that I liked more ( BVI and USVI the most), but we had a wonderful experience. My cousin and his wife just did their 10th anniversary at the newest Sandals there and loved it! At the time we didn't have a lot of extra cash, and the all-inclusive thing was wonderful. They wouldn't even take tips.


We went to Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia. It was great! The food was incredible, which was a biggie because my husband is a former chef and very picky. It was the one thing I was worried about. We wanted a no worries honeymoon with tons of relaxation, so it was perfect. The only time we left the resort was to go out at snother Sandals there and to do a day snorkeling booze cruise and rainforest hike. I have been to many Caribbean islands that I liked more ( BVI and USVI the most), but we had a wonderful experience. My cousin and his wife just did their 10th anniversary at the newest Sandals there and loved it! At the time we didn't have a lot of extra cash, and the all-inclusive thing was wonderful. They wouldn't even take tips.



answers from San Francisco on

We just celebrated our 16th anniversary. We eloped and chose to spend what little money we had on our honeymoon rather than on a low budget wedding. We went to kauai and fell in love with that island! We went back for our 10th anniversary. We are kicking around the idea of a vow renewal. I suggested we get married again in Vegas by Elvis! Not an Elvis fan but thought it would be a kick to do the full on Vegas cheesy wedding thing. Hubby thinks I'm crazy but I think deep down he likes the idea.


answers from Seattle on

I went to bed. No sex.
So I guess the answer would be that I would have loved anything BUT how my wedding night was!



answers from Norfolk on

We went to Hawaii. My husband had been there several times for work and thought I'd love it. I really did. It was beautiful. Lots of things to do but not so many that you felt you had to keep a tight schedule. The weather was beautiful in September and the water was so pretty. I had never been anywhere with crystal blue water before. It was incredible!

If we had to do it again we'd definitely choose the same place but we'd break up the travel there. We live on the east coast and that flight was LONG! Longer than going to Europe. When we do it again we'll stop in CA for a few days and then go on to Hawaii. We flew first class which was definitely worth it!



answers from Detroit on

We went to Italy for our honeymoon. Tuscany area towns, Sienna, and the Cinque de Terra. We loved the weather, the food, the beauty and the history. The Cinque de Terra's beach is a bit rocky, so you may have other ideas for beaches.

I have been to Koh Samui in Thailand (in 1989). That was a great place to sun one's self.

I've looked into Hawaii. There is something for everyone there. Beaches. Volcano hikes. Snorkeling with tropical fish. Some history.

I couldn't convince my hubby to go to Hawaii, so we went to Montana, Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies instead--and it was stunningly beautiful.

New Zealand sounds heavenly, but with our little one, I don't think we'll be making big trips like that anymore.

Have a fabulous time deciding, and then going!



answers from Bellingham on

We went to Vanuatu in the Pacific. It was beautiful. If I were to do it now, or take a second honeymoon I would go to Aitutaki Lagoon in the Cook Islands, South Pacific. Paradise on Earth.


answers from Houston on

I brought my bouquet in my modest dress up to the hospital where i spent most of the night looking after my dad and reviewing his condition with the nurses and on call docs. Directly after getting married i heard that my dad has in the i.c.u..

Depressing huh?

That was almost 10 years ago, my husband and i are hoping to do something special for our 10th anniversary.



answers from Sacramento on

We went to Mendocino, CA, which is a couple hours north of San Francisco. Pretty little coastal town.

For our 10 year anniversary, we went on an Alaskan cruise. This might be something to consider because Alaska is so different from any place you both have likely been. Beautiful there, in a non-tropical way. Saw eagles, bears (from a nice, safe distance on our ship) and whales.



answers from Albuquerque on

That was weird--I was reading through all of the very cool and exciting places and then I read Gamma G's response--and thought "did I already reply to this question?"
Anyways, I was still in college and hubby was working full-time to support us... so we did a 3 week trip around the U.S. We were in Mississippi, so we drove to NM to visit my family for a week, then drove (slowly) through CO & WY (stopping at various tourist sites), spent 3 days in MT (absolutely beautiful), drove across to WI and spend a few more days with more family (Amish country), then returned to MS.
We really enjoyed our trip and still talk about it. Of course, that's about all we could afford as broke college kids (who paid for the wedding ourselves). We just did our first "big" trip together to Las Vegas for our 7th anniversary. Hoping to go even bigger for #10! (This was a great question--giving me lots of ideas for that future trip!)



answers from Washington DC on

9 years ago, we took a 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise and had a ball! That was my 1st cruise and definitely wasn't my last. We left from Miami and stopped in Puerto Rico, St. Martin, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. Not sure a Navy man would like a cruise even though it's totally different, but we took a family Western Caribbean cruise and my stepfather was a retired Navy man that thought he wouldn't like it so much and really had a good time.



answers from Bloomington on

What honeymoon? We skipped ours since we got married on a weekend that we both had to work after (I taught year round). Promised we'd go on our 10 year anniversary.....well we had a one year old this past year, so that wasn't going to happen.

Maybe next year. Hope you figure out where you want to go and have a great time. I do want a short vacation with just hubs and I. We've never done it since we've been married.



answers from Boston on

We went to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico - I forget the name of the town (Playa del Carmen maybe?), but it was a resort town halfway between Cancun and Cozumel. We were able to do day trips to both of those places as well as go on some really cool snorkeling trips. We did stay on the east coast because we had kids already when we got married (his daughter and my son were both 5) and we didn't want to waste two whole days of our week in transit to someplace farther away and we also wanted to be able to fly home within a day if there were an emergency with the kids. So no hut on the water in Tahiti or Mediterranean cruise for us (not that our budget would allow it LOL)! Mexico was far enough away to be "exotic" but not so much that either of us had to learn a new language or anything. It was a wonderful trip and we raved about it so much that my FIL and his wife, who got married a few months before us but delayed their honeymoon, ended up going to the same area and they had a great trip as well.



answers from Phoenix on

We went to England and Scotland for 2 weeks. We toured London, the English countryside by train and of course, the Edinburgh Castle. We had many memories in the pubs too. We had the time of our lives and 10 years later are still reminiscing. It was PERFECT! Nurse Midwife Mom of 3



answers from Detroit on

Nassau in the Bahamas. It was okay, nothing spectacular. I would have prefered Disney World or Hawaii--more things to do and better scenery.



answers from Richmond on

We went to the Homestead and it was WONDERFUL! The only thing I would change would be to stay longer. I decided that after the stress of the wedding, I didn't want to fly anywhere. I didn't want to risk getting stuck or having a miserable flight, etc. So we drove through the beautiful countryside - listening to music and talking about our future. It was spring and everything was blooming. At the Homestead we did nothing and it was great - we went to the spa, ate amazing food and had sex...perfect honeymoon!



answers from Detroit on

We went to Vegas to get married so we stayed for a short honeymoon there too. We aren't gamblers so we took a roll of nickles and just used that and we came home about 100$ richer LOL. It was very romantic and fun. My husband had never flown before and it was fun watching his face as we approached Vegas. We were married in a little wedding chapel. If I had it to do over again I would we don't regret a minute of it and the weather was awesome so we got to walk around and just have fun. That was over 18 years ago so I guess we made the right choice.



answers from Cincinnati on

We went to Aruba in March 2005 for our honeymoon, 2 months before Natalie Halloway disappeared. It was OK. It was very pretty, but there wasn't a whole lot to do. Glad we went, but have no plans on going back again.
I've been to Cancun 3 times and I loved it- plenty to do and gorgeous beaches. However, its been over 10 years since I've been and I've heard that A LOT has changed.
My SIL & BIL have been to Hawaii a couple of times and they love it. My husband and I are planning/saving to go there for our 10th wedding anniversary.
Have fun wherever you go!


answers from Washington DC on

we went to St. Lucia. It was beautiful. Although Montserrat was erupting at that time - but it was still beautiful!!

I would love to go to Australia....or Alaska



answers from Washington DC on

My husband and I got married in 2003 and it blows my mind that we are approaching 10 years very soon! We went to Italy for our honeymoon and it was very beautiful, but we had our issues with it. People were not very friendly and we were taken advantage of on two occasions but it was very romantic (not the getting taken advantage of part) ;) I would recommend going there for a vacation but not a honeymoon.



answers from Omaha on

We went to Cabo and stayed at the Dreams Resort. It was a nice resort and we felt safe enough. I was bummed to learn that there weren't many places that you could actually go in the ocean because of the rough undertow, so that was a bummer. Dreams is not on a section of beach for this, but there are others. We took a nice city tour close to the end of our trip. I would advise doing this early in the trip because it gives a nice overall feel for the city and things to do while there. The flight was not terribly long for us either so that was nice, but if you are looking for more exotic this may not be the place for you. In many ways I felt like I could have been in Miami for as Americanized everything seemed to be, so keep that in mind.
Cruises to the Caribbean Islands are always a personal favorite of mine as it doesn't take too long to get there from the mainland and you can usually get some good deals there.
Friends have said Belize, Dominican Republic and Tortola are fabulous too, but you probably don't want to leave the resort in Dominican because outside of the resort it is very impoverished and the locals tend to glob onto the tourists, especially American women for some reason.

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