JFF What Would You Do If You Were Free Tonight ?

Updated on July 10, 2012
B.K. asks from Albany, CA
15 answers

Money not being a problem , what would you do tonight.?

I would get my Mum to babysit and surprise hubby by booking us into a hotel.#
We would get treatments in the Spa, me in a hot dress, dinner ,dancing ,lots of love after, lol

Instead I am here in my sweats with kids asleep and hubby snoring on the couch lol

B. k

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answers from Columbus on

Right now I would love to just be ALONE on a neat QUIET room with a magazine or a good movie or having a nice massage.

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answers from Phoenix on

LOL! Well, we are free every Saturday night. Our ex's have our kids every other weekend and on the weekends we do have them, my mom keeps them those saturday nights so she can spend time with them. If money was no object? And we only had tonight? I guess we would book a room at the nicest resort, get massages and spa treatments. I would buy us really nice, expensive dressy clothes. Order a limo to pick us up, go out to eat at a really nice, expensive dinner. Go back to the hotel and hit the jaccuzzi in our room and then make some sweet love. We'd wake up, have a nice breakfast and then I would surprise hubs with a rental of a nice sports car that we could use the rest of the day before the kids got home. =)

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answers from Chicago on

Make hubby babysit, go out with girlfriends and have a girl's night out. So totally!!! :)

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answers from Norfolk on

A cool dip in a mountain lake would be lovely.
It's 77 at Saranac Lake NY right now.
I haven't been there in over 25 years but it was a great place to spend the summer when I was just out of college.

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answers from Reno on

I would totally go to Lake Tahoe, hit up a spa and get a massage and pedicure, then sit by the lake drinking a whiskey sour or glass of wine-but alas, we are broke and I am pregnant:)

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answers from Los Angeles on


Getting a hotel room sounds good...going out to see a double feature, Magic Mike & Savage sounds good, followed by dinner & drinks.

Money being no object?
Go stay at The Chateau Marmont in LA, (I have been and hubby has not) do dinner and drinks in the hotel and do some people watching, then go for a walk down by Graumans and look at all the hand and foot prints of the stars...I grew up there but The Man hasn't seen any of it! Then get up early and go watch the sunrise on the beach! Oh, that sounds like a perfect time!

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answers from St. Louis on

Well...we are free tonight. One of the only benefits to divorce, you get every other weekend free.

We are sitting at home about to make dinner and then we will float in the pool.

Swear to you when free time becomes the norm it isn't all that.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I AM free tonight and will be doing exactly what I want to do - watching "Talking Dead."

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answers from Chicago on

I'd fly out to LA to see my friend (haven't seen her in 4 yrs, and haven't met her husband or her 9 day old baby-their first).

Either that or hubby and I would rent jet-skis and go out on Lake Michigan

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answers from Seattle on

Rent jet skis and go camping at Lake Chelan. Um. With my son. So maybe that doesnt count.

My son not at home? Be boring. LOL seriously. Like sitting on front of my computer writing and marathonning movies until 4am. Then call my friends on your side of the pond and gab until 10am, and fall asleep in the sun of tommorow until I'm all blistered.

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answers from Dallas on

The real question is...would I have to get up for work tomorrow...cause tonight is one thing...dealing with the consequences tomorrow...quite another...lol

I'd probably sleep. Momma's tired. But a nice spa night with lots of alcohol would be lovely.

When do we leave?

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answers from Seattle on

If we had money and a babysitter we'd be down in Cannon Beach at our favorite hotel, swimming, playing in the sand, eating delicious food, and relaxing for once.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would get my sister to watch my little guy, hire a limo and being unattached I would meet another single friend for dinner in LA, then go to a movie or concert in the park, then go out for ice cream, (LOVE ice cream!) drive to the beach to just watch the waves and feed off all those negative ions, stay for the sunrise, and pick up some donuts for everyone in the house on my way home...for putting up with my guy ; )

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answers from Sacramento on

Okay--calories can't be a problem either if I'm living in my little dream land. We'd go out to a very long multi-course meal complete with cocktails, great Zinfandel, and live sultry music in the background (a bit bluesy?) And in my dream world my husband can dance. And I don't get tired with that full belly and all that wine and rich food. Then maybe a comedy club / play/ concert...some sort of live entertainment. Then magically be transported to a cozy historic home right on the ocean. We'd have side-by-side massages in the bedroom and then...you know the rest. We'd sleep with the windows open and drift off to the smell of salt air and sound of powerful waves. And it wouldn't be complete unless I magically had a huge mug of coffee upon waking (with a nip of Frangelico in it...this is my dream, right?).



answers from Sacramento on

Lately, it's been pathetic. We had a night off. BIL took the boy fishing then dropped him at MILs for an overnight. I watched movies, my husband paid bills and the most exciting thing we did was sleep under the stars in our back yard. Boy was our son upset when he learned we did that without him.

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