JFF- What Was Your Wedding Quirk? or Did Oyu Have Any Funny Mishaps?

Updated on March 17, 2011
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
16 answers

My wedding was not you traditional white dress and tux event. We had about thirty people ther and it was in mom parents backyard, whici has a beautiful view of the pudget sound. my best friends mom was our pastor to marry us. I hand made each invitation, which i would never do again, never . My wedding dress was black our wedding party wore white. I was in flipflops wore no makeup (mainly because we were getting married on the hottestday of the summer,it would have melted of) we all hungout hours before hand just hanging out. my wedding theme was Cherries. I walked down the isle to NO DOUBTS ''Running song...if thats even the name of the song. we had small meal after with music followed by ten delicious cheese cakes. It was amazing it was about $1080 dollars.

We after everything was over, our wedding party was going to help move things down to our house(gifts,food stuff i forgot moving the week before). We had also planned on going out with the whole wedding party to drink and dance. when our car got to the apt, there had been some people arrive. someone used the toilet and we had four feet of toilet water all in our hall and bathroom. we had never dealt with apt living before. we tried to call emergncy maintance and noone answered. So for a weekend we had this mess. we tried to clean it and dry it as best we could but it sucked. we had a bucket to pee in outside and number two we would run down to the dennys which was a block away. My hubbys dad finally came and saved us..he was able to snake it. by monday the ofice was open and we had massive blowers. it was horrible. but we laugh so hard now about it. We didnt even have sex on our wedding night. So every anniversy, just for fun and a little inside joke...we may be the onlt couple who dont have sex on their anni. I think it is a sweet remember of that amazing day!!


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answers from Los Angeles on

Let's see ... my husband forgot the wedding ring and he was unable to retrieve it as the ceremony was starting and we were 45 minutes away from the ring. Had to "borrow" my matron-of-honor's ring ... my MIL opened the brides room before the ceremony and flashed my thonged booty to the guests sitting in the pews ...

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answers from St. Louis on

I wanted a fountain sooooo bad and my Mom and Husband finally gave in to it. Well needless to say when we showed up at the reception it was there and not on with NO water in it. I was so upset because this is the ONE thing that I wanted. I got mad threw my "Bridezilla" fit and then got over it to have a great reception. BUT... when we asked the people who we PAID to decorate they said "yes we knew that it didn't work" WTH then why not call me to let me know so I could have found another one.

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answers from Columbus on

My husband forgot to bring my Dad to the church. He had to drive back and pick him up. Talk about awkward new beginnings, lol! "Oops... sorry "Dad".. I forgot to pick you up for your daughters wedding" ha ha

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answers from Boston on

That's funny, and it's great that you had a sense of humor about it!

When I got married, my son was 5 and DH and I had bought a house a few months before. We decided that it would be fun for DH to stay at his dad's house for 3 nights before the wedding so that getting together would be more special. We got married on a Sunday and our rehearsal and dinner were on Saturday, we were leaving on Monday to honeymoon in Mexico. At 2 AM on Saturday, I was still up taking care of last minute details and sliced my finger open while trying to be crafty. It bled and bled and I could see the bone. I didn't want to bring my son to the ER with me so I went to bed and figured that if it was still bleeding in the morning, I would go to the ER because I didn't want to have an open wound while on vacation and worry about infection, water, etc.

So when I got up on Saturday, it was still bleeding. Called my fiance a hundred times and he didn't pick up the phone, so I had to impose on my mom (who was busy with wedding stuff) to watch my son while I went to the ER to get stitches. Keep in mind I still need to get a mani/pedi/brow waxing in the afternoon before the rehearsal and dinner. Was in the ER for a good long while, then my mom called to say that my son had a fever. Several more frantic calls to fiance, who is still not answering. My mom met me at the ER and sure enough, my son was suddenly as sick as dog. I called his pedi and they kept one of the offices, which was closing, open long enough for us to get there. He had strep and an ear infection. I had to get his prescription, get home and take care of him. Fiance? Still not available. I canceled my mani/pedi/wax and barely made it to the rehearsal on time. I get there and my son is sick, I have a splint and a bandage on my finger and am barely presentable and there is fiance, relaxed and tanned to an odd shade of orange. He had scheduled a spa day for himself and hadn't taken his phone with him. He got a massage, manicure (man-style), a shave, and a spray tan. I was FURIOUS!! I laugh about it now but will never let him live down the fact that both my son and I were getting medical attention while he was having *my* bridal day of beauty!

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answers from Roanoke on

The DAY before my wedding I had to buy a new dress!! My mom had taken mine to a dry cleaner's a week prior to get the wrinkles out of my train, and they did the whole thing (beadwork and all, omg). They tried to fix it by cutting it down the side of the boddess and sewing in a long piece of fabric that was a different color and texture. When I picked my dress up I couldn't believe it (I don't think I've ever chewed that many people out in one day..it was like a movie scene). My mom and I went to one place that had 4 dresses; 3 looked a mess, 1 was PERFECT (even though it was completely different than my other dress). We then went to Victoria's Secret in the mall, and when we walked in, my mom shouted "I've got a bride that's getting married tomorrow, and she needs to hold her stuff up!!" I had about 4 women helping me in the dressing room. I ended up getting everything I needed within 2 hours. No one even knew I got a new dress, because everything matched. It was meant to be, and my wedding day was the most beautiful day--everything was perfect.

The FOLLOWING day however, we got lost on our way out of town, ended up across state lines, and missed our flight to Greece. That story is for another forum. :)

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answers from Chicago on

My husband has always had kinda bushy eyebrows, not terrible or ugly looking, just very full. We lived together before we were married, but I spent the night before the wedding at the hotel with my mom. The day of our wedding, my hubby went to get a haircut in the morning, and also, unbeknownst to me, decided to wax his eyebrows! Imagine my surprise as I am walking down the aisle to meet him and his eyebrows are all thin and angled! He looked soooo different, and it was so not him. We look at all the photos and laugh now, because he looks so funny with his waxed eyebrows. Never again!!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

In our 1 room efficiancy appt, all 5 bridesmaids were getting ready..the fuse blew when 2 hairdryers were going..so myself and 3 others did not get a hot shower that day NOR were we able to get our hair done.
Bridesmaid and her date got arrested for being drunk. My personal assistant brought my stripper as her date..ha ha Fun to look at the video and see what idiot things we did. HA HA LOl

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answers from St. Louis on

At ours, one of my bridesmaids got really sick before even making it to the ceremony. She called to say she wouldn't make it (had drive five hours for the ceremony! and had her mom and dad with her to keep her son entertained) but ended up making it at the last minute. She was so sick she couldn't even stand for the entire ceremony and then left for the hotel right afterwards.

Second thing was that my (now) niece apparently pissed off one of my sister-in-laws boyfriends and he ended up leaving the wedding at the very beginning as did my sister-in-law (who was a bridesmaid). My husband's mom was very upset about it but my hubby and I did not let it ruin our perfect day!

I drove home to our house (in my wedding dress) because my husband had one to many shots (my dad's idea!) with a bunch of people!!

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answers from Chicago on

I would love to have seen your photos...! Just had some minor quirks...The only thing I'd change is don't do your seating arrangements the day of the wedding...ugh...but all turned out well. Thanks for sharing your story.

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answers from New York on

Well, my husband almost didn't make it to our wedding because he got stuck in the middle of an Armenian Day parade which tied up traffic on the bridge between Queens and Manhattan. Fortunately, 24 years later, we can still laugh about it!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

On the day of my wedding to my ex, it poured rain, and my stepson's truck got stuck in the yard. We had to call a wrecker to come pull it out, just a couple of hours before we were supposed to head for the church.

My wedding to my husband was absolutely perfect - in our living room, ritual we wrote ourselves, serving as our own priest and priestess, serving food we made ourselves that morning.

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answers from Detroit on

No real issues that affected us directly, just things he and I still laugh and shake our heads about:

After the bachelor party, DH's brother ended up peeing all over his suit that he had laid out for the wedding the next day and had to wear something else.

After the reception, DH's sister ended up hooking up with our photographer. They couldn't go back to her hotel room because she was sharing it with their other sister, so they ended having sex in his van. And she was 30 - who does that when they are 30?

Yeah, DH's family is a LOT of fun...

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hahaha where do I begin! The week before my maid of honor, who lived in a different state, never returned my calls and didn't show up. The day before the best man was no where to be found, and didn't show up.
The day of our outside ceremony was moved inside due to pouring rain.
That morning I had a lovely breakfast buffet....which I ended up puking all up right before I walked down the aisle (basically I ate waaayyyy to much food).
My dress had this beaded jacket that went with it that had buttons on the wrists, couldn't get them buttoned. Luckily the photographer put down his camera and together with my cousins wife got as many buttons done as possible, but not all (they were really hard to button).
That morning I had shaved my legs with a new shave gel....got horrible razor burn. Since I had thrown up right before walking down the aisle I didn't eat any of my delicious food. The grooms mom was sick and couldn't come, so his step dad stayed home too (they were separated at the time). Funny thing was we went from a small wedding to a big wedding because he said he owed it to his mom. One of the grooms sister's kept slapping my butt (no idea why). After it was all over and we got to our hotel room I was starving from not eating so my new husband went and got McDonalds for me, it was right down the street so I am still unlcear as to why it took an hour and a half. After I ate I fell asleep. No sex the night of my wedding either.
No wonder the marriage ended in divorce. ;)

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answers from Dallas on

We appointed a friend to pre-light the side candles to either side of the unity candle. My fiancee was supposed to go over exactly what to do with the candles and to instruct him to light them 10 minutes before the ceremony was to start. When we walked over to the candle after the vows were said we noticed the unity candle was lit. I don't think anyone will every let him forget it.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I wanted our dogs at our wedding but THAT'S JUST CRAZY. My friend made me a HUGE Boxer card box and I had a sleeping Boxer puppy in a gazebo (like the one we got married in) as our cake topper. (Insert awwws here.)

In a way I got my wish. Someone had come to pick up an employee from the reception site and they had a dog in their car. The dog got out of the car and made it's way thru my entire dance floor and bar area. He was really cute, friendly and caused no problems. The employee was so upset but I loved it. I still think it was staged by my husband. :)

My niece was 18 months old at the time and is now almost 21. She "claims" she remembers the dog. I think because it's been discussed so many times over the years she "THINKS" she remembers. So funny!


answers from Houston on

My car got towed, my mom tried to ruin the wedding, threw a tantrum and told my husband 5 mins before that it wasn't too late to back out. B/c of my towed car, and my mom's crazy tantrums and she 'lost' my bag of clothes so we had to stay around to search for them (she was on some severe depression/mood swings then but she's fine now) we were late to the reception and only about 10 people stayed around waiting for us. Absolutely humiliating, horrible day.

Worse day of my life in that sense, I wish I would have eloped.

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