Jff What Type of Pjs Do Husbands Wear to Bed

Updated on November 22, 2011
M.H. asks from Madison, WI
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That was a fun question about what us ladies wear to bed. So what type of PJs do the husbands wear to bed?
We must not have much of a PJ budget in our family b/c we don't wear PJs. :)

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answers from Dallas on

my hubby sleeps naked (and really - why is that gross?) - I used to, but I get cold to easily, so I sleep in sleep pants and a t-shirt.

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answers from St. Louis on

I don't think you could call them PJs. He pretty much wears comfortable clothes, like loose shorts in the summer. He does wear PJ bottoms, the cotton kind in the winter.

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answers from Erie on

Nothing...just the way I like him :)

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answers from Iowa City on

He doesn't wear any.

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answers from St. Louis on

My hubby wears none..........and I like him that way! ;-)

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answers from Roanoke on

Nada!! Thats my favorite kind of pjs! :)

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answers from Richmond on

He usually just wears boxers and a t-shirt or a 'wife beater' and pajama pants, but sometimes (when he hasn't gotten his laundry in the hamper for a while), he goes to bed in tighty whities and church socks, LOLOLOL!!

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answers from Detroit on

My hubby just sleeps in his birthday suit. Keeps our pajama budget relatively low. ;) I used to sleep in the nude too with him, but having our daughter and having to be able to jump out of a bed at a moment's notice has squashed that for now!

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answers from Seattle on

We don't wear PJs either. We with sleep in our birthday suits or in under wear and tank tops. My hubby doesn't like to wear much of anything to bed.

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answers from Dover on

I'm glad to read the other responses because that goes along with how we are as well (naked as little jaybirds). I often wonder about this very thing during the holidays when there are so many "gift giving guides" all over the internet & for men it always shows jammies. I have never known a man who wore them & maybe because of that the whole concept that they're even made seems totally bizarre to me. I think, God forbid, if I ever had to start dating again & found out a guy actually wore p.j.'s to sleep in I would immediately feel the urge to end the relationship.

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answers from Washington DC on

Again, either nothing at all or boxer-briefs and a "wife-beater" (if it is really cold, that is when he wears the underwear).

Totally love him that way:)

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answers from Phoenix on

No PJs, just underwear, sometimes a Tshirt if it's cold.

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answers from Seattle on

I prefer to sleep raw, too! But I currently can't :P

Anyhow... mine wears boxers. He's HOT (I mean this literally, not just metaphorically;). I swear, one doesn't need a heater when he's in the room. I, otoh, freeze. Since night #2 we use seperate blankets. I pile on whole flocks of down (2-3 comfoters), he sleeps with a heavy weight wise but traps no body heat quilt.

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answers from Detroit on

I like the feel of my skin on the sheets, but as winter sets in, out come my Hanna Anderson nightgowns, and when it gets rough, Hanna's pjs. (We sleep with the shades open so we can see the night sky, which makes it cold in winter, but I'd miss the view if I didn't have it. I like working on my moontan.)

Anyway, one time I was wearing some comfy pjs, and I just asked him, hey, you don't wear pjs, would you like some? YES! This comment comes fifteen years into the relationship. He wants things but doesn't buy them for himself. He enjoys a good snuggle, so now he can't go without.


answers from Seattle on

t shirt and a pair of Adidas tear away pants

shocked in a funny way, so many people sleep naked:) I can not do it....Having the sheets touch my legs is just awkwardly uncomfortable.



answers from New York on

oh gross...sleep naked. really?
not us. hubby wears whatever i buy him, and i usually buy him comfy cozy pjs at brooks brothers



answers from Dover on

Before I married my husband and all these little children ended up in our bed somewhere around 2 AM I wore my skin to bed and nothing more. HE on the other hand wears at least two layers of clothing. It always reminds me of the episode of Friends where Joey puts all of Chandler's clothes on at one time while going "commando" because he's angry with him.

There's the undershirt, then the t-shirt, then the boxers, perhaps some shorts over that and sometimes even some shorts and then sweatpants. I don't get it. I really don't. He's hot. He should come to bed in a wife beater and shorts. If he did, he might like how things "settled down" for the night.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My hubby wears men's pull on pj bottoms from Walmart.


answers from Houston on

We refer to them as 'sleepin shorts' or sleepin pants' depending on the temp. That cotton lounging material.


answers from Minneapolis on

Hubby just wears is boxer-briefs to sleep in.

He does wear PJ pants around the house after work...lounge wear type for him. We have bought him silly ones over the years..Xbox, Twinkie the kid, OFF bug spray, Popeye, etc! Teen daughter and I and other family have had fun finding them for him!

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