JFF: What Is Your Favorite Room in the House (Where You Escape!)

Updated on January 14, 2012
E.S. asks from Hackettstown, NJ
16 answers

I live in a three-leve townhouse and yet there's no room for me. The living room has become an indoor playground, which is fine by me. The kitchen is my husband's turf (unless it comes to cleaning it) and my bathttub has been taken over by Elmo and Co. So the one room--besides the bedroom--where I can exerperience peace and quiet has become the basement! It's part gym for me, part studio for my husband. So yes, I have my own mom cave. And I love hiding out there, and playing treadmill tetris!

Where's your momcave?

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answers from Houston on

It used to be the bathtub. Until my one year old learned to open the door. Sigh. If only he could be shorter and less tenacious.

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answers from New York on

The bathroom...hmmm, the toilet to be more specific. I put some magazines and if it wasn't totally gross I would have put a mini fridge and take me out if you can (or dare!), lol.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My hideout is the bathtub... my kids are older....no more elmo....lol!

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answers from Seattle on

ahhh....The back deck early early in the morning....during the summer.

Other then that....my house is tiny and crammed with people...no where to hide really. My Drawing Desk faces the front yard..I think that is my favorite place to day dream....is is not always a good thing when I am trying to get work done........

There truly is no safe haven in this house though....My three year old has no bubble and has been known to break down doors if he can not get into some place.....So even while in the shower I normally have an audience of at least one.... It is better then having him out and about...the messes I have found after a quick shower have not been worth even taking the shower:(

Riley J.....I am so glad I am not the only one who bundles up like that to get some piece and quiet outside.....I have gone out and enjoyed the sunrise each morning this week and damn near frozen my tush off.....wrapped in many many coats...two blankets and a hat.....I love it though!!

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answers from Albany on

Well, sometimes I smoke in the garage, does that count?


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answers from Seattle on

My front porch. I bring out my laptop or book and kip my feet up on the railing.

It's not warm here most of the year (50's and drizzly is the norm). I wear 2 bathrobes over my clothes, or a sleepingbag when it's cold and icky out (10mo a year).

1000 sqft house

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answers from New York on

my unfinished basement and my bathroom.

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answers from Washington DC on

Well we just completely redid our office. My kids each have their own desktop (my husband fixes up ones that other people want to get rid of) and the desk is huge so they all have a spot. My husband and I have huge comfy chairs with ottoman's. We tend to hang out in there now that it's remodeled. We painted it blue too so it's just so calming in there...and everyone is so busy doing homework, reading, or playing on laptops, that it's just the family place to hang out in peace.

Other than that - I LOVE bubble baths. I'm going to take one tonight. I'll make a cup of sleepy time tea, download a new book on my Kindle, and RELAX. I need it.

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answers from Chicago on

The kitchen everyone knows that when I am in there you don't bother me.

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answers from Dallas on

my bedroom, soft comfy, quiet-ish and the door locks!

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answers from Savannah on

I don't have a mom cave, but once a month or two, I like to hide in the guest room if I need quiet time for a bit. The children seriously NEVER go in there, so they would never in a million years think to go in there. Everything is all nice and pretty, homey, quiet, and plenty of room since it's a 2nd master bedroom with it's own nice bath. So occasionally, I'll tell my husband I have to hide now, and will go take a bubble bath, then go lay in the lovely guest bed (feels like I'm in a hotel b/c I'm not used to laying in there), maybe watch a little TV in bed (that's a NO NO everywhere else and it's the only bedroom in the house that's allowed a TV), or read. After about a couple hours, I feel like I've been on a little vacation and can face the world again. I love the colors and decor in there; we purposely made the guest room as inviting, calming, and happy as possible. And there has never once been a toy in there (not counting the fact that the guest closet is where I hide and wrap Christmas presents).

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answers from Columbia on

I'm a single mom...so my entire house is really my domain. I usually just kick the kids out of the living room and hang out there. ;o)



answers from San Francisco on

This is repetitive of a post from about a week or so ago.


answers from Chicago on

Our formal living room--I keep it toy-free, it is where our "nice" furniture is, hardwood floors, reading lamps & usually quiet.



answers from Detroit on

The bedroom...if I happen to be napping, or getting showered and ready in the morning, don't anyone dare come in there and bug me for anything!

I also like our loft area upstairs, where the computer is, plus a leather loveseat for reading - but it is also more easily accessed by everyone else, since it's all out in the open.



answers from New York on

I live in a 2400 sq foot colonial with four bedrooms. I do not have my "own" room. In my downtime, I mostly hang out in the living room to read, cross stitch, watch tv or have computer time on my netbook. I don't have any tiny tots, so this is fine. My 12 year old son usually hangs out in the family room and my 16 year old daughter is either in her room or down here in the living room with me, which is not a bother at all.

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