JFF: What Do You Wear Around the House?

Updated on September 06, 2011
E.S. asks from Hackettstown, NJ
30 answers

OK ladies I have a burning question, one I write while still in my shorts and tank top from my workout and cleaning the kitchen. (DD is out with Daddy!).

Even before I had my daughter, I'd just lounge around my house in comfy attire, unless I had guests, which is not that often since most of my close friends live all over the country, and I'm still trying to meet other working moms who want to socialize on the weekends. (My local SAHM mom's club said that weekends are reserved for family time.)

Anyway, that leaves me and my comfy attire, except when I go out with DH and DD, and of course to work.

Can anyone relate to my fashion faux pas or perhaps recommend me for "What Not To Wear" around the house? LOL.

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answers from Binghamton on

I'm with you. I even work at home, so here I sit in workout capris and a t-shirt from yesterday, my hair pulled back in a ponytail. I've not been out with the dog yet, so why put on something clean until I've showered? Here's hoping I never have to involve video phones in my work...

Frankly nice clothes, and for me that includes jeans without holes, are expensive for this family on a budget, so I like to save them and not subject them to everyday wear.

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answers from Des Moines on

Gym shorts and t-shirts! In the winter - sweatpants and t-shirts! When I worked, the first thing I do after walking in the door is go put on comfortable clothes. Lol. I don't know, I find it hard to relax in my home dressed up or really even in jeans. I dress in jeans and nicer shirts etc. to even go run errands tho but when at home...why!?

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Unless I have company or am doing things that warrant skin protection such as cooking or cleaning, I often wear nothing at all around the house. Cuts down on laundry.

Just to hang out at home with people, I dress in whatever is comfortable for the weather - right now, shorts and an Elvis t-shirt, and that's because I had to leave home to go buy cat food..

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answers from Richmond on

They would LYNCH me on 'What Not to Wear', LOL!!

I'm usually in shorts or jeans and a tank top or tshirt... that's IF I have to get out of my jammies to run errands ;)

Even running errands, I don't make a big fuss over myself. All body parts covered? Check. Wearing clean underwear? Check. Flip flops? Check. Dirty hair in a ponytail? Check... okay, all systems are GO!

Now, when I DO actually get fancied up, I clean up VERY nicely ;)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I wear exercise pants and a tank or t-shirt. If someone comes over or I go out I change.
I was raised where you had "play" clothes for around the house, "regular" clothes for going out and "church" clothes for church. We lived out in the country and my mom would probably die if she saw us playing in clothes she just bought us. I guess I just carried that through my life.

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answers from Chicago on

Usually yoga pants and a tank top around the house. Even though I would LOVE to not wear a bra, I do wear one, otherwise my 4 yr old keeps asking if he can see my nipples. EESH!!

If I have to run errands I usually do get dressed--jeans or capris, printed blouse or tunic, strappy sandals.

Of course, there are those days when I can't manage to get out of my yoga pants before I have to run errands, and I just feel so gross the whole time.

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answers from El Paso on

I am currently sporting a pair of my husband's basketball shorts and a too-big t-shirt. Yep. If Stacy & Clinton had a camera in my house, I'd be in BIG trouble... :)

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answers from Roanoke on

I'm like you. During the week, I wear work clothes, and when I get home I change into jeans/shirt or something I won't feel embarrassed in if I go out in public. Days off or on the weekends, unless we have something planned, I'm in comfy sweats and a tshirt (I call them "scrubbies"). I once stayed home for a whole week and wore scrubbies every day..it got really old and I felt like a ragamuffiin, LOL. So I guess I like switching it up..but maybe that's why I can never seem to finish the laundry...

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answers from Tulsa on

A friend told me if I begin wearing exercise clothes, the more fit moms would have respect and treat me better. I did it and it worked.
When I began wearing makeup again, I got comments like "Wow. You look GOOD today. Are you going to a job interview?" That is when I knew I had let myself go and had to do better.
My nieces showed me that show and told me to quit shopping at walmart.

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answers from Phoenix on

I am definitely a "comfy" person. I like my stretchy shorts and t-shirts. I'm a jeans and -t-shirt person and I like to wear those most often. Even going out and about shopping etc. When I know I'm staying home all day, comfy clothes all the way. :-) I don't even wear makeup hardly anymore. Most of that is due to cost issues, but when I'm at home, no makeup on my face. I like the feeling of my face being able to breathe. lol

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answers from Honolulu on

tank top, shorts, or boyfriend jeans.
At home or out of the home.
If out of the home, on my feet are flip-flops. The 'shoe' of choice for 99% of the people here in Hawaii.



answers from Cincinnati on

I used to wear whatever old, ratty, comfy clothes I could find. My husband had a serious issue with the sloppy, unnattractive things I was wearing, even though it was just around the house (NEVER in public). So I finally got tired of hearing about it, took his credit card and spent a fortune at PINK. I absolutely love their lounging clothes and I wear them as pjs and my "comfy" clothes. I do kind of feel like the old woman in the store (I'm 30), since it is geared towards college kids, but everything I've ever gotten is SO comfortable and bonus for me, their pants are LONG!! (I'm 5'9" and before PINK, I never had a pair of sweatpants long enough for me!) Its kind of expensive, but if you wait until their semi-annual sales, you can catch some great deals.



answers from Seattle on

I practically have a uniform;

jeans & a black camisole

I have a couple other pants I switch out on (purple cords, green cargos, a couple other camisole colors, a few pair of cut offs (not quite daisy duke these days)

I get up, I go outside on my porch for a little while. I come in and mop my floor (we have a very Sheddy McShedderson double coated lab). I take a shower and climb into my 'uniform'. I put on my makeup. I live my life



answers from Eugene on

For me, shorts and a tank top is dressing up! For comfy I was thinking pj's, old robe, ratty housedress. But don't take my advice, my daughter has already threatened to send photos of me to "What Not to Wear".


answers from Rochester on

I used to lounge a bit more but after having my first baby I felt so gross in my own skin that I decided to get dressed every single day, no matter what. I do not dress up, especially at home, but I try to only buy clothes I like (that includes t-shirts from Target). I am wearing old jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt that is comfy but not horrendously ugly. I also try avoid wearing my husband's band t-shirts, especially since they're about three sizes too big for me and make me look much sloppier. :)

I do work full-time and wear officey clothes on work days, but usually change into jeans and a t-shirt once I'm home.



answers from Los Angeles on

Way to go Christina N! If I was in better shape I'd wear nothing too. I usually dress nicely until it's time to get into pjs. My husband is usually naked.



answers from Youngstown on

Cotton shorts and tank top. I wear them around the house and if I run anywhere. I chase a 1 year old all day..unless he is sleeping. We also take two walks a day so I want comfort over style. If I go out other than the grocery store I do put on jean or kahki capri's and a cute tank. In the winter I wear sweats and sweatshirts to replace the shorts and tanks and jeans to replace capri's. I am just not overly stylish. I have a friend who even when she is dressed like a bum looks fabulous..not me. My husband laughs when I put jeans on and says OOH fancey! He wears sweats or basketball shorts so we are quite the pair..lol



answers from New York on

This was a tricky one for me when we moved to the suburbs. In the city I walked around in my undies since we lived on the street level and usually had to have the blinds or curtains mostly closed during the day anyway. When we moved out to the burbs, our neighbors would want to chat all the time- which I loved, but I missed being able to wear almost nothing!! Now I wear decent, but comfy clothing in case people pop by or are outside. At night though I still like to wear just enough! It really does depend on your schedule/routine. Good question! I do think it's important to wear something decent with sig others... don't live your life by them, but it does help and comes around in a nice way! :)



answers from Minneapolis on

Flannel pjs or sweatsuits on cool days and cotton sundresses in the summer. Never a bra and seldom underwear. I only get dressed when I need to go out!

When I work, I dress professionally in pantsuits and heels, and makeup.



answers from Cincinnati on

I am a major girly girl, and wore dresses and skirts most of the summer (I don't even own a pair of jean shorts or khaki shorts , and my workout shorts are for workouts) I am pregnant right now (20 weeks) and am stuck in a stage wear I have nothing to wear as the weather gets cooler but not cool enough for my fall/winter maternity clothes, so I am wearing whatever fits!


answers from Dallas on

I work from home and during the week, I get up showered, and dress for my work at home. It is a part of my routine.

My typical daily attire is some cute White House Black Market shorts and tops. now that we have finally dropped below the 100+ temps we've had all summer, I'll wear black pants and sometimes jeans.

Weekends, I still get up shower and dress. Maybe a golf skort, shorts, etc. I put myself together daily.

We typically go out to lunch daily, I am at the grocery almost daily and I just feel better about myself if I am all showered and clean. I don't do a lot of heavy makeup, or hair work. It takes me 45 minutes or less to shower and be out the door.

BUT... you wear what you are comfy in. Who says you have to have fashion police watch you 24/7!



answers from New York on

Yes I always look for comfort in clothes I wear jeans when I go out but in the house change into shorts or a nice new jogging suit (workout wear not sweats) as soon as i get home unless i am having company


answers from Tampa on

If it's just me and husband/daughter and we've nothing to do - I'm in panties, sometimes a bra. My 6 y/o routinely walks around naked or in panties... husband is usually in boxers and sometimes a shirt.


answers from Seattle on

I usually wear a long nightshirt as long as I can! Always comfy comfy here. It's a bummer when I have to get dressed.


answers from Asheville on

Just my pjs or casual clothes. The casual clothes may or may not be fashionable and my favorite pjs are the ones I can wear in public.



answers from New York on

When its hot I walk around the house i usually wear one of my husbands shirts and shorts. When its cold, I wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I out on more proper attire when there is company over or when I go outside.


answers from Houston on

Workout clothes. I work out once or twice a day so i dont really see the point in changing. i change if i leave the house ...always and i put a nightgown on for bed.

Luckily my husband doesnt mind everlast capris, camisole shirts, sports bras and a ponytail


answers from Los Angeles on

I'm all about comfort, but try not to look dumpy. First thing I do when I get home from work is put on my "lounge" attire which is generally soft knit cotton clothing that looks (generally) cute. I save the dressed up stuff for work or a night on the town or vacation, etc. So I guess I'm right there with ya!


answers from Phoenix on

I call them "mu mu's" but they are not the old grandma type! :o) They are more like casual tank top/spaghetti strap dresses. I never have on a bra or panties. (hubby likes that!) On occasion I'll wear shorts and tee shirt but usually just throw on one of my dresses. =)



answers from New York on

I have a high schooler and a middle schooler so I never really have weekend days just at home without friends coming over or needing to take them somewhere so I don't wear jammies and I don't own sweats. I always wear presentable clothes, just jeans or casual black pants and a casual top but I don't wear tshirts, don't own them, not flattering on me. I dress in such a way that I don't need to change if I have to run out or the teen tells me a friend is on their way.

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