Jff - Ugh, Crappy Halloween Costume Choices

Updated on September 20, 2011
C.B. asks from Oskaloosa, KS
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good morning ladies, well i caved. i so miss the days when i could pick my son's halloween costume! my son is turning 5 next week, and i am sadly waving goodbye to those days. the first 4 years of his life, he was: a pumpkin at 1 month, a combo devil/angel at 1 year (hubby and i were a devil and an angel :), a clown (homemade costume, and we colored his super curly hair green, it was awesome :) at 2 years, at 3 years he was a rock star (so cute!! and also homemade), and at 4, i did cave and bought him a store bought costume, BECAUSE he wanted to be an astronaut so badly, and i thought that was an AWESOME choice, and i didn't have the time or resources to make it. he looked great and i was so happy he didn't want to be some cartoon character or something.


this year he has his heart SET on being "ironhide" from the transformers movies. greaaaat. no one will know who he is. certainly not one of those cool costumes i hoped for. so we spent the $20 last night. grr! (moms, i even turned right back around and went back to target when it was too small. super mom? or spoiled brat!? lol! j/k)

anyone else lamenting over crappy "popular" costumes?

i figure it's one night a year that he can dress up however he wants, and it's NOT about being cool in "my" eyes, by any means...so i will let him, for sure. just wish he had better taste ;)

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answers from Washington DC on

I have had pretty good luck so far. My oldest girl wanted to be a pirate, and I found a girl pirate costume at party city for only $15.00. Now I just have to fine costumes for my 3, and 19 month old. My 3 yr old wants to be a bumble bee, and my 19 month old I can just pick something since she has no input at this age.

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answers from Lincoln on

It's hard when we can't choose anymore! I don't care what my son is for Halloween, but I loved dressing him in nice clothes, I called him my little stud. Now, he has a mind of his own and wants nothing to do with polos and button up shirts. I also LOVE footie Pjs but he hates them! :-( I sigh and don't buy footies and only got a couple of the polos and button ups. I don't care what he says, on picture day he's wearing something nice. :-)

Good for you for letting him choose and being super mom!!!

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answers from Miami on

I'd take heart my daughter only wanted to be characters for a year or so. this year at 10 she is even sewing her own costume.

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answers from Washington DC on

I always told my kids, "We don't buy cheap costumes, Make it at home."
My oldest is 22, my youngest 10, I bought the Madeline costume when the kids were Raggedy Ann, MAdeline, and Harry Potter. When the baby was maybe 2 he was a monkey but it was also his winter jacket that year and the next.
I have sort of created a monster as now they love going to the thrift store and Micheal's to get supplies.

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answers from Atlanta on

Aww, praise you for being able to let go and let him make his own decisions in this case. It is really hard to do! Letting go of the decision making control is really really hard. He's not a spoiled brat, you just want him to be really happy and enjoy his halloween this year!! =)

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answers from Boston on

My 2yo chose his costume this year -- he wants to be a robot. My 6yo wants to be a butterfly, and my 10yo was thinking about being a Chinese dragon with a friend, but has chosen to be Gonzo the Great (from The Muppets) instead... neither of them wanted to be the tail end of the dragon. Making a robot will be rather easy, and we ordered butterfly wings a few days ago, and the rest of that costume won't be hard. Gonzo is not going to be easy though.

I needed to buy a superman costume once, mostly because I decided that the it would take far more in materials and time to make it than to buy it, but mostly my kids have not chosen character costumes. I think it helps that they know I sew very well, and can probably make them anything they want.

Which reminds me, I need to get started on these.

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answers from St. Louis on

we rarely buy costumes....we always challenged our sons to create their own. The masks, makeup, & props could be bought.....& that was pretty much it. Had some pretty wild costumes thru the years.....

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answers from Lansing on

Yup, not a huge fan of the crappy popular costumes either, but I too have caved.

My youngest picked batgirl this year and is so proud of it. I have to admit even though I let her try it on for a picture and a piece of it already broke...she makes one cute batgirl! :)

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answers from Dallas on

The upside to the transformers costume is he will get a lot of wear out of it. He'll want to play dress up in it for as long as it fits and will probably try and wear it to school.

I get the super mom thing. Sometimes we try so hard. One year my then 4 yr old told me she wanted to be a Hersheys Kiss. I was like ...ooooookkkkkk and how do we accomplish this? But rather than steering her toward something simple I went out and found a pattern and sewed the darn thing myself. Spent way more in materials than a new one would've been and I am not a good or experienced seamstress! What we wont do for our lil punkins.

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answers from Kansas City on

my 4 year old wants to be storm from X-Men, so I have to make it, because she's only seen the cartoon and the new costume is kind of slutty. I'm ok with it though, it means I get to dress up as Rogue.

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answers from Shreveport on

LOL I have to laugh at 3 both boys started picking their own costumes and clothes. I didn't really mind because they were they ones that needed to be happy with what they wanted to wear. They aren't trendy kids but I have to admit I love what they pick because it suits them.
Pirates,ninjas, zombies, and a few random made up ones in there have graced our favorite trick or treat area thanks to my kids.

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