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Updated on January 23, 2012
C.C. asks from Conroe, TX
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Who have you met that is famous? My best one is when I was stationed at Ft. Greely Alaska in 1978...Mohammad Ali was there filming a Ford Diehard Battrey commercial. He came into our tiny NCO club on post....anyone could ask him a question...but he did not do autographs. Also at our Marine Corps Ball...our guest speaker was the guy that used to ride the other motorcycle with Eric Estrada on "Chips"...his name has slipped my mind...John something. Other than rock stars on stage in my early life that is it. Oh yeah...Marilyn Mansion before he was famous....but he was gross. How 'bout you? ...Oh yea how could I forget Allen Iverson in a Walmart in Hampton Virginia...before it was found out he tortured dogs. Miss me with him.

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answers from Washington DC on


Let's see....

I have met Johnny Depp at a bar in LA - when he was on 21 Jump Street. He was really sweet.

Jim Youngs - who played the bad boy in Footloose. He was my boyfriends room mate...he was REALLY nice.

General John Shalikashvili (former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), now deceased and probably not famous...

Colin Powell (when I worked at the Embassy in Brussels)
John Buck - baseball player - he caught for my nephew
Pete Rose
Tom Clancy
Bill Clinton (yes, the President)
Michael Damian (young and the restless, Amazing Technicolor)

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answers from Detroit on

Gayle King (Oprah's BFF) was a client at the first vet hospital I ever worked at after graduating vet school. I neutered her dog.

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answers from Chicago on

Joe Mauer (MN Twins catcher--grew up with him and had a crush on him since I was 5 yrs old)
Pete Rose
Kristi Yamaguchi

Hubby met Russell Crow a few months ago when the star was in town to make a new "Superman" movie

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answers from Sacramento on

I met Kevin James at an airport a few years ago. He is hilarious!!! Aaaaand, that's it lol!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Met Vanilla Ice at my ex SIL's club. Before my SIL's house burned down he had a ton of pictures with my grandson being held by him. It was kind of odd, I didn't realize who he was until after so I didn't even talk to him.

All the cast of "Twister" hung out at my ex SIL's club too, Helen Hunt appeared to be sort of a diva and didn't mix company so she wasn't there. But a lot of the other cast and staff came out nearly every night. They also shot a lot of the movie on my ex SIL's land.

My granddaughters dance teacher was in High School Musical Broadway tour and also Shrek, the Musical Broadway tour.

Her brother, he also coordinates the stunts at Knotts Berry Farms, was in an episode of CSI NY, the one where Gary Sinese was in a bank robbery. That makes him sort of a celebrity....

One of my good friends is a 1st cousin of Ron Howard but I have never met him either.

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answers from Seattle on

Through my old work, and my husband's I've met quite a few people in the entertainment industry.

The people I would die to meet, however, I'll probably have to. Sexy, sexy minds... like Carl Sagan.


ROFL.... I've pulled an AmyJ thing many many times. I recognize someone (but don't know from where), so I'm just treating them like a normal human being. Made a few friends that way, and have been mistaken for more important that I am (I'm not important at all, and never have been... in a public scale at least, I'm nobody and soooo happy for it!) on far more occasions. Whoops. Nope. My brain just isn't in gear. Totally love your work.

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answers from San Francisco on

Chief Justice Sandra Day O'Connor--very charming, down to earth. That was a thrill.

Seth Green (Scott Evil in Austin Powers series)--total sweetheart, SO polite, and so was his then-fiancee, now wife.

Cybill Shepherd, Ron Howard, Cindy Williams--all wonderful also...

Sinbad--just as funny in person. Very cool guy...

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answers from Chicago on

I had an entire conversation (including an "argument" about something political) with Mike Tyson without realizing who he was. He was a nice guy, but all I could think about after I found out who he was, was ears. I think if I had talked to him again, that's probably the first word that would have involuntarily come out of my mouth. EARS.

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answers from Austin on

Lady Bird Johnson
Ann Richards
Rick Perry
Tommy Lee Jones
Lyle Lovett
Matthew McConnaghy
Willie Nelson
Lance Armstrong
Vince Young
Earl Campbell

My husband has met a ton.. He worked for a Television station and people went through the station all of the time.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I met Danny De Vito at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival a couple of years ago. I was with my best friend walking around and he came up to us and said; ''Hello Ladies'' all while just staring at my breasts. He's very short and I guess they were in his face since they were at his ''eye level''. He's definately got some creep factor to him.

I was with my best friend again at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood for a friends birthday party and we ''snuck'' into the ALMA awards afterparty and we headed straight for the dancefloor and we literally ''danced'' ourselves into Prince. He's a very small man as well, but very sweet and softspoken.

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answers from Honolulu on

Cheryl O.- you sure meet a lot of famous people! Good timing right place right time!
Lucky you!

Me: Alex O'Loughlin, Tom Selleck, Patsy Mink.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Met Barry Manilow briefly.

Saw Sandra Bullock in the airport (she is more beautiful in person & so
very nice).

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answers from Dallas on

My husband is a golfer and played all through college on scholarship so he is quite good.

We have been involved in numerous golf tournaments over the years and have met most all the pro golfers from as far back as 20 yrs ago until now. We currently work the British Open Qualifier at our home country club. I usually work the starters tent so I meet each one as I give them supplies... We also get to go to the entertainment events during the tournaments and talk with them.

At a celebrity golf tourney, I had my picture made with Alex Trebek, Jimmy Dean, George Lindsey (Goober from Mayberry) and a few others from way back.

Our country club has several local celebs that we see often... Troy Aikman (not so much anymore since his divorce) and several Dallas Cowboys and their families along with loce TV personalities, etc.

That's about it for me!

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answers from Savannah on

When I was really little (elementary school), I played Star Wars with James Earl Jones with my little brother. My dad was at a business thing so we were in some "fancy" hotel (ha) and had to be real quiet. They had us sitting at a nearby table by ourselves and we had little Star Wars figurines to play with to keep us quiet while the adults had a dinner. A "BIG black man" (how I remembered/described) him came over, super nice, and asked if we liked Star Wars. We said we LOVED it, it was our MOST favorite, and we discussed it with him. He listened to us a bit, and then he said "You know, I was the voice for Darth Vadar. We just looked at him thinking "really?" but didn't answer....then my brother handed him a toy and I said "You can play with us if you want". We all 3 looked over and my mom nodded and waved her hand, so he sat at the table and played with us. That was neat. A few years later in Return of the Jedi when Darth Vadar's mask was removed, we were devestated for Vadar to be a white guy----were we tricked? And then a couple years later, I found out James Earl Jones was indeed the VOICE for Vadar, and our happy memory was restored. :P
As a high school kid, I had SO MUCH FUN with Sinbad behind us at Mardi Gras. He WAS funny, and had us all in stitches while we watched Endymion. He wasn't putting on a show, just had comments for every dang thing (including me thinking someone was stealing my beads from Little Richard and me elbowing him in the gut hard, only to find out it was my dad making sure I had them....oops!) Over the years hanging out in New Orleans I met Anne Rice at a blood drive (she came in a horse drawn carriage in a casket and was lowered out, brought to us, she got out of the casket all dramatically, it was awesome. When you gave blood, you got an autographed rat from her.) Also in New Orleans: John Goodman (he was kind of a staple, back then disgusting sloppy drunk though, always in the gutters, and the police told him he had to stop or get an apartment there so he could get home easier), Lenny Kravitz (I tried to buy him a drink but he laughed and bought us all drinks instead), Trent Reznor, Wally Lamb (LOVE him), Weird Al, John Travolta, and other random people that you see but don't talk to. I was real excited to see Bernie Mac at Deanies one night but my friend was a waitress there and said they'd been instructed that noone (not even the staff) was "allowed" to talk to him. Kind of offended, but I guess I can understand that. Sort of. We played soccer with 2 guys from Def Leppard in 1993-1994, met Joe Perry from Aerosmith, members of The Offspring, and a few bands where we got autographs and stuff but didn't really talk (L7, the Breeders, Ugly Kid Joe, Green Day, Eve's Plum, etc). Later, Delirious. In 2006 I saw Chuck Lidell who was the current light heavyweight champ for UFC and totally on fire, with his wife-----at Babies R Us. (*giggle....he wasn't very amped about being there, so I think he was happy to take a break and say hello). I think that's about it.

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answers from Phoenix on

I've met Richard Simmons, he's hysterical. I love him! My ex and I were on the Newlywed Game (we won!) so we met Bob Ubanks the host. Also met Bob Barker from The Price is Right. I met Dudley Moore at an airport and just recently Paul, Adriannes husband on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He was at the Mirage in Vegas.

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answers from Dallas on

If anyone knows country music - I know Pat Greene personally. To the point where he can say "Hi R." - but not so well that I get invited to his house. I used to work at the school where his kids go. He is a super nice guy - his hands are HUGE!

I also know a very well known chef in these parts, Tim Love. He has been on (and won) Iron Chef. He prepares the thanksgiving feasts for the Dallas Cowboys.

About 10 years ago, my hubby and I were at a Dallas Mavericks game, and this man walks in the door and my hubby goes "Wow! There is Mark Cuban!" and went up and talked to him and got his autograph. When we walked away, I said "who the heck is Mark Cuban?" LOL! "Only the OWNER!"

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answers from San Antonio on

Larry Wilcox who played Jon Baker is the name that slipped your mind ;)

I've met Shaq, Lebron James when he was in high school, Ty Detmer, 99% of the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns from the 80s. A bunch of the Cleveland Cavs. (It's easy to meet your favorite sports teams' players when they have a bad record and no one wants to buy tickets!)

The Grateful Dead (minus Jerry Garcia), Reba McEntire, one of the guys from Blue Man group, Guy Fieri....I know there are many more, but I can't think of them now.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My grandfather was a professional baseball players, I currently live in Los Angeles and worked with Malibu for ten years, so the answer is yes. I've met many people from Mohammed Ali (ironically mentioned by another poster) to Kid Rock and Gabriel Reese.

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answers from Dover on

Met a few rock band members...Quiet Riot and Slaughter. Got autographs from all but Mark Slaughter (but later met him when autographs were not allowed). We've also met a few local celebs but nobody else that is realy famous.

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answers from Cleveland on

Wow, i am impressed.I only see these people in my living room,on my tv :(

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answers from Lynchburg on


I met president clinton and al gore (right after the monica lewinski news...and could not resist wearing a beret...and red lipstick...lol)

I met teddy kennedy (and myriad other senators and congress people) during the clinton years. I did quite a bit of personal lobbying on capitol hill when trying to get TRICARE to 'do right' to bring shannon home from the hospital...including testifying in front of the armed services committee...and then part of the 'president's commission for excellence in special education' (during Bush years)...as well as meeting TONS of people as the closing speaker for the 25th anniversary celebration of IDEA (individuals with disabilities education act).

General Dave Armstrong was general Shalikashvili's historian during his time as chairman of joint chiefs...and as my ex worked with dave armstrong in germany...met 'shali'...

Met several of the redskins players as their training park was in loudoun county va (where we used to live)

Met bob hope...YEARS ago when we were at West Point...(my dad was a PMS there for several years). It was at a party after a USO show before they took it overseas in the late sixties...I was 10.

My former HS classmate is matt ashford...soap opera star (back on Days of our Lives last I heard). I am still close with one of his sisters susie...and one of his brothers, randy.

One of my classmates in college was in the broadway production of 'phantom of the opera'...

There may be more...lol

Interesting question...

Makes me think of '6 degrees of separation'...


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answers from Portland on

Bette Midler, Eric Estrada, the guys in the band The Script(won back stage passes!)

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answers from Washington DC on

George Bush the first one. My dad was the CDR of the airport in Bermuda when the base shut down there. He flew in and we all got to meet him. I was in 5th grade I think. Also Ross Perot went to Bermuda all the time so we met him several times.

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answers from Phoenix on

Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, The Jackson 5......well basically the whole family. I was part of a choir for the Jackson Family Honors back in 1994 at the MGM Grand Gardens in Las Vegas. I went to school with Matthew Gubbler from Criminal minds.....I actually dated his stepbrother. Frank Mir was one of my bros friends.

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answers from Des Moines on

I met Roger Craig(49ers awesome running back in the 80s) when I was about 6. He is from just one town over from where I was from and my parents and I were driving by a high school football practice field and my dad, somehow, recognized him and pulled into the parking lot. He was just playing catch with a football with one other guy and my dad took me up to him and I asked for his autograph. All I remember was that he was so nice to us and I kept hiding behind my dad's legs. He wrote on the autograph...To K., Stay Sweet. I still have that autographed framed and hanging up! I love that story!

I also went out to lunch one Friday with my mom, sister and a lady my mom works with on the day of a Tim McGraw concert I was going to. He actually walked into that restaurant! He was also very nice, but he was so tiny! I couldn't believe how small he was!

I just remembered another one...Jeff Bagwell(baseball player) and a ton of the Houston Astros in the mid-90s. In my hometown was their Single A team and the Astros came to play them and meet fans.

I can't believe some of the people that your mamas have met! I guess living in Iowa isn't all that exciting!

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answers from Houston on

What a funny question. I have met and dated and maintained relationships with several people who were famous then or are famous now. My husband has those relationships, too. And he's a golfer and meets famous golfers. We live our life pretty quietly, though.

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answers from Seattle on

Derek jeter, joe torre, Jorge posada, roger Clemens, many mariners players and Seattle sonics players, Lisa loeb and dweezil Zappa, Donnie wahlberg (!), all the ai finalists one year except clay Aiken, Craig Campbell, Rob base and dj ez rock, blake lewis, Ann rule, Fred durst, the rock, and if you were into the x factor I know Tiger Budbill :)

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answers from Providence on

Eric Estrada
June Carter Cash
Brooks and Dunn
Marty Saybrook and Patrick( One Life to Live)-they were at Disney World
I don't consider these two really famous but I have met them:
Jay and Grant from Ghost Hunters

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answers from San Francisco on

I've seen Bing Crosby and his younger daughter and son (Mary and Nathaniel) his sister in law Kathryn Crosby's sister, was my third grade teacher and he owned a ranch near the Northern CA town I grew up in. I saw David Gates from the band Bread a few times and almost ran into Henry Kissenger in a crowded airport in Dulles. I remember Mary being really nice and having long pretty hair. I would say Hi to David Gates not realizing who he was, just that he looked familiar.

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answers from Victoria on

This past weekend we saw Ron Weasly from Harry Potter. It was not really him but he looked and dressed exactly like him. I wished someone would take his picture but could not get anyone to actually do it. I left my phone in the car :/



answers from Houston on

I know this is a few days late but I don't check email every day.
Who have I met? (Most of you young'uns probably need to look them up)
Ben Gazzara
Celeste Holmes
Shirley Jones
Debbie Harry et al
Mikhail Barishnikov
Robert Maplethorpe
Ann Richards
Lloyd Bentson
Chris Semos
Natalie Krassovska


answers from Portland on

John Denver (at a restaurant, he was a jerk)
Alice Cooper (at New Jersey airport, totally sweet)
John Elway
Patrick Roy & Joe Sakic (Colorado Avalanche)
Seth Greene (at a local bar we all hung out at, he tried to say he wasn't who he was, LOL)
Singer from Dishwalla
Peter Steele from Type O Negative
Charles Edward from Seraphim Shock and Rock of Love (friend of mine)
Daisy DeLa Hoya
Lola Black
Switchblade Symphony
Dallas Cowboys and their cheerleaders
Bill and Hillary Clinton :) (we lived in Arkansas when I was a kid, he was governor)



answers from Louisville on

If you can count the meet-n-greets at fan fair, then yes - quite a few of those in country music!


answers from Medford on

Years ago our daughter was asked to be on the "Home Show". We met the hosts, Gary Collins, Sarah Purcell, and Carol Duval. I actually got to hug Carol Duval and talk to her for a few minutes about her craft projects.
Also several times at our sons baseball games in HS I talked to the local sports news broadcaster who went on to be more famous on ESPN. Rich Eisen is now on NFL Spots shows.
I havent met him, but my neice lives a couple houses away from Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive ins and Dives. And both my kids have met and have pictures of themselves with band members from "Coheed and Cambria". Guess thats a big deal to them,,lol

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