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Updated on December 18, 2011
J.G. asks from Belvidere, NJ
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Hiya Mamas!
Baby # 2 is due any day now! Just curious what music did you like during labor?

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So What Happened?

Thanks Mamas! Some of you are Hilarious! I made a bunch of different playlists on my computer and we'll just bring it along. Any day now.... :)!

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answers from Seattle on

None!!! :)

I love and adore music, and listen to nearly everything (every genre, just not every artist in every genre). I have it playing almost all the time.

But sounds of any sort (including people talking) just pissed me off when I was in labor. I just wanted everyone to go away and *be quiet*.

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answers from Portland on

No music, just quiet. I'm the kind of person that has a hard time concentrating when there's background noise and I didn't want distractions. Just me...

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answers from Charlotte on

I had picked out my music special for my labors - classical music, in my case. Just so happens that my first son was born to "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", which was the one piece I conducted in conducting class in my college music courses. The Far Side had a great comic on their calendar that year using the name of that piece, and I put it in my son's baby album!

Unfortunately, I have no idea what piece was playing with my second son. That labor and delivery was on the scary side with a lot of pain involved, and I wasn't paying attention to the music at all.


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answers from Austin on

Celtic harp -- Joemy Wilson. :)

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answers from Utica on

I agree with the Mommas that want quiet. I remember being fine through my first labour with most of everything that was going on but my husbands phone kept going off with texts of family wanting to be updated and at one point I just lost it and screamed out "if I hear that damn thing one more time you will be giving birth to it later on this evening"

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answers from Milwaukee on

I think I brought stuff but we were so busy I never even thought about it. Once the epidural kicked in I was just along for the ride.

I do remember having "American Idol" on the tv.

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answers from Tampa on

Celtic, Pure Moods type of music



answers from New York on

Congrats! The moaning of my own voice. JK. For some reason my husband played Pink Floyd, but my own voice droned over it!



answers from Rochester on

What music? If there was music playing while I was in labor, I didn't hear it!


answers from Dallas on

The Soundtrack to Evita. That seems so funny to me now. 23 hours of Evita . . .



answers from Savannah on

Chrystal Lewis' CD titled "Hymns: My Life"...pretty, and just relaxing and encouraging to me. We turned it off once the doctor came in so he could do his thing and talk, but I had it on quietly to relax up until "that moment". Afterwards for rest and my stay in the hospital, I had the wedding CD we made because it's awesome. Every nurse on every shift, and every guest, commented on the music being so NICE and wanting to know what CD it was. The wedding music list was a mix of what we were most into at the moment (we made the CD together, and it was relaxing for both of us to just chill and go to our "happy place" when the delivery was all over):
1. At Last-Etta James
2. I've Got to See You Again-Norah Jones
3. Keeper of the Stars-Tracy Byrd
4.Turn Me On-Norah Jones
5. You Look Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton
6. Stand By Me-Ben E King
7. Come Away With Me-Norah Jones
8. To Make You Feel My Love-Garth Brooks
9. Unforgettable-Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole "duet"
10. The Nearness of You-Norah Jones
11. It's Your Love-Tim McGraw
12. Shoot the Moon-Norah Jones
13. I'll Stand By You-The Pretenders
14. She's More-Andy Griggs
15. She's Got a Way-Billy Joel
16. From This Moment-Shania Twain
17. Oh Girl- Chi-Lites
18. What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
19. Dreaming My Dreams-The Cranberries
20. Somewhere Over the Rainbow-Israel Kamakawiwo
ETA: HILARIOUS to hear so many people say they didn't want to be touched or talked to. :) I was the opposite. Granted, it was just my husband and he was my "teammate"--I wanted him with me very much. He did awesome too! I wanted him to talk to me, read Psalm 91 to me at one point when we were alone but had gotten some worrisome news (his voice soothes me), hold my hand and keep a cool cloth on my head. He'd BETTER hold my hand while I squeeze it hard during contractions, and he gave me ice (I wanted lots) and kept my head cool. With our 2nd baby, I had an epidural (glorious epidural!) and was very pleased with how much easier the whole thing was (my first, no medication, and I remembered full well how that felt). We had music very quiet, relaxing me, and my mom and husband chatted with me until it was time to have the baby, and she left so my husband could hold my hand and just "be there" for me. We did turn off the music then though, so the doctor could "coach" me. I guess every labor is different, and everyone's temperment is different too.



answers from Phoenix on

Had classical music playing while I labored in the hospital jacuzzi tub with baby #3. Got out and there was no need for music he was out in minutes.
With baby #2, no time for music. He delivered in less than 45 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Baby #1 had some kind of ocean sounds/harp music that the hospital had on file. After hearing that for nearly 30 hours while I endured a very painful induction, I still hate that type of music today. Best wishes on a safe and healthy delivery! Nurse Midwife Mom of 3


answers from Houston on

"stuck in the middle with you?"

hahahahahah, no seriously, ive never had music, should i?



answers from McAllen on

we didn't play any music during any of my deliveries, but my husband played Ciara's Work it after my second, and barely remember hearing it.. He's got a sense of humor that man.



answers from Kansas City on

I'm with Riley. I didn't want anyone, and I do mean anyone (no nurses, no drs, no husband!) to touch me OR talk to me! I remember leaning on the side of the bed with my hands, sort of bent over, and I felt a pair of hands touching my hips. I thought it was my husband and (according to him) the poltergist came out. I yelled, " DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" and it was this poor little 4 foot nothing nurse (coincidently, the same one who thought she was gonna be able to hold my fat leg up off the bed to push!) who had just come on shift. Poor thing, though in my defense, she should have said something before just grabbing a laboring woman!

Yup, no noise! None! Zip. zero, zilch!



answers from New York on

I listened to Seals and Crofts, and to a Sounds of the Celtic Harp CD/



answers from Topeka on

Silence with my first,my secoond & third there was no time to flip the music on they were born as soon as I hit the bed,now my 4th don't know.Good Luck

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