JFF- I'm So Jealous!!!

Updated on July 29, 2011
R.J. asks from Seattle, WA
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People and their SNOW all winter!!! (it was raining here)

People and their HEAT all summer!!! (it's been in the 50's -and raining- here. Until today Seattle had a grand total of only 28 minutes -all summer!- of weather above 75, and only 15 hours of weather in the 70's. I'll post the link in my what happened if anyone is interested.

People with their bodies that bounce back after pregnancy!!!

People with their husbands that are nice to them!!!


ROFL...Okay, I have a pretty amazing/fantastic life. But sakes alive, the Green Eyed Monster came out today with a vengeance! I feel like I'm 4 years old and wanna pout! I'd be jealous of people with maids, but I plan on someday having one again. So I'm firmly in denial. I HAVE a maid, she's just not going to be here for a few years.

Anyone else get a case of the green eyed monster from time to time?

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So What Happened?

About the heat; I should probably say that I grew up in jungles and deserts, where 90 degrees was a nice cool day. I prefer heat in 105-120 range, or below freezing (I'm in constant pain from 35 degrees to 85 degrees, above or below my joints don't cripple me. In 50 degree weather, I can barely move.). So I am *massively* jealous of people in the 100s and below freezing. You can be jealous of my rainy, overcast, icky days here all ya like, though! But bragging is the LAST thing I'm doing. As I know everyone complaining about their perfect 10foot banks of snow and 100 degree heat aren't bragging! I just want what they've got!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm jealous of women who have the motivation and energy to work out on a regular basis and are therefore skinny!!! And I'm really jealous of women who are skinny without ever having to work out!!! After two kids in two years, I just can't see to find the energy to work out and lose this 50 extra pounds I'm carrying around! Other than that, I'm pretty happy with my life!

Oh yeah, and since I have the 100+ weather all summer and then the 70-80+ in the winter, I'm jealous of people who get to experience a white Christmas!!

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answers from Dallas on

100+ degree weather for over 25+ days straight here in TX is nothing to be jealous of...believe me. You know it's hot when you feel the heat radiating off of the concrete almost "Baking" you from the ground up.

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answers from San Francisco on

At the moment it's of those that get to go on sun holidays.Everytime I hear of someone jettting off I am so jealous.
We can't afford it this year.
We live in Ireland so no summer for us ,only an odd day.
B. k

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answers from Dallas on

I'll swap you my 30 straight days of above 100 degrees, for your 50's!!

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answers from Missoula on

I get jealous of people who always know just the right thing to say, who consistently craft helpful, intelligent, well-thought-out responses to the questions on this site without ever coming off like a grouch. You rock, R.!

Oh, and you can have all our damn snow!

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answers from St. Louis on

Um, considering most of the country is baking in 100+ temperatures I wouldn't shout about your cool temps. :p

My husband is nice to me but that didn't get me out of ironing his stuff tonight. :)

I used to have a cleaning lady, you have to clean up before they come over. Okay now I am just trying to make you feel better.

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answers from Detroit on

This summer, jealous of people with a/c.

Jealous of:
those who get to shower/shave regularly. (it's like they KNOW when I turn the shower on!)
People living in clean houses. Someday, god willing, that will be me!
Perky boobs.

I'm sure there's more - I'm hot & cranky tonight.

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answers from Honolulu on


But not to the point, I'd switch places with them.

What about... people who don't do anything and things just fall into their lap... and they don't even deserve it!
Some celebrities, come to mind.

R., you are full of Aloha.
THAT is something, I like in you... that others do not have.

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answers from Washington DC on

Sometimes....but then I take a closer look and it's not all that it's cracked up to be!!!

The people that bounce back after pregnancy - urgh....

My hubby? Yeah - he drives me insane - but he puts up with me and that's hard to do!!!

My kids? Not perfect - but good hearts and lots of love to give!!!

R. - you are a GREAT W.!!! I love your posts and responses!!!

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answers from New York on

LOL! You bet!!
1. I am jealous of people who grew up with money and went on lots of vacations and had nice houses. I lived in a tiny apartment with 3 bedrooms (one was a dining room, converted to a bedroom, so our dining room was in our tiny living room) - I have 2 brothers and we all had to share a bathroom.
2. I am jealous of people who have tons of disposable income! We are living so tight right now!!!
3. I am jealous of people who live in San Diego - what a great place to live!
4. I am jealous of women who have amazing figures without seeming to really try.
5. I am jealous of women who always look put together even when they're walking their dog on a 100 degree day or shopping with their kids at Stop and Shop.
6. I am jealous of people with amazing hair, beautiful nails and also of people with cute feet. I hate my feet.
7. I am jealous of people with beautiful renovated houses. Ours is old and needs work and we just can't afford to do all the things we want to do...or any of them frankly right now...

I do have a wonderful husband. That is good. I have GREAT kids which is really good. I have a really nice neighborhood with a good network of mom/couple friends and friends for my kids which is so nice for us. I have alot of family close by, that's a good thing too. I also live in NY which is a really nice place to live.

I guess I have alot of good things but it's hard not to be jealous!! Oh I am also jealous of those who are so cool that they never get jealous!!!
Good post but now you got me annoyed! LOL!

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answers from Williamsport on

I'm jealous of people with health insurance. I'm also jealous of people with maids and people who get to live near French Immersion schools. Or people who live in France. I love America but I'm bummed my kids are missing the easy language learning window in our school system. And I'm jealous of people who live in Seattle where it's nice and rainy all the time AND they have French Immersion schools (the one I wanted my daughter to go to is in Bellevue). I'm coming for you, R.! I'm jealous of yooooooou :)

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answers from St. Louis on

I am one of those thin women people hate. I have long, fabulous hair, too. But I don't have a maid or constant sun or good weather. I also don't have good parents/family and my husband is not one women are jealous of me for having!! (Ok, that last one was just me being silly.....kind of). No, really, my husband is not *bad* - he just is not the sweet one you are referring to.

So, some women are heavy, have sweet husbands and maids...then there's me. We always want what we can't have. =)

I am jealous of people who have great parents.

I am jealous of people who don't have to work and still have money.

I am jealous of people (esp moms) who are super patient seemingly all the time. Like the 19 kids and counting mom. Is she ever mad?! Is she drugged?? I would like some....

I am jealous of people who always look good in pictures.

I am jealous of people with pretty/feminine hands and feet.

I am jealous of my friends without kids who travel all the time. They seem to have these fabulous, dreamy lives! And clean houses!

I am jealous of people who work and love their jobs. How does that even happen?!

But honestly, when it comes down to it, I wouldn't want to be anyone else.

Well, maybe Julia Roberts or Nicole Scherzinger. But that's it.

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answers from Rochester on

I really try not to give into it, because it just makes life miserable. I totally get why God tells us not to covet.


Women who get their bodies back after babies. What? I used to wear size 5 in juniors, too, when I was 24...and now a 12 in women's? Makes me feel old...

People with true financial security

People with lots of children and room to house them

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answers from Dallas on

What Joanna K said. This TX heat/humidity is crazy! I would so prefer the weather in WA. I lived in OR for four years and it's perfect weather (I love cloudy, drizzly days, though!). Though it would be nice for you guys to get a little bit of a warmer summer!

I'm sure I have days where the green monster comes out, but I'm too sleep deprived (or something!) to remember if I do! :-) I do the thing with women who bounce back after having a baby. I did with my first. But then when I had my 2nd, he was huge (10 lbs 11 oz, and I'm 5 ft 4in and 115-120 lbs), and I was bigger than most pregnant with twin mommas that I met. That really did a number on my belly muscles. So, I feel that sometimes. Wishing my babies could be more normal sized...hehe. I now have an umbilical hernia with this pregnancy because of it and have to get surgery to fix it!

So, with all my rambling, yes, there are certain things I feel that way about sometimes:-)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Oh man, I was just doing the jealous thing driving home. We live in this amazing neighborhood with these fabulous houses...in a rented one-bedroom condo. And really, it's great just to be here in this beautiful location by this lake, but I was thinking what did I do wrong in my life that I can't afford a house, any house. What, I couldn't even marry somebody sorta rich?? Money is getting really tight and I have 1 1/2 years left to finish this dissertation and I'm looking for contract work now so it might be even longer....and yes, I was feeling sorry for myself.

But, I love our seasons in MN and even my ex is nice to me, most of the time, and I didn't "bounce" back - maybe rolled, but my body did come back after baby at 41 and my boobs are even perky...sorry, you can hate me now ;-)

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answers from Portland on

Yeah.. I get jealous of people who just naturally attract friends (like my ex who is a jerk to people and has a lot of friends)

I get jealous of those big salaries, but in denial b/c I believe I will have one when I get my degree :)

I am like you with the maid, I think I have a maid, she's just on vacation for a few years haha.

I get jealous of people who are naturally good at sports. I stink at soccer and tennis :(

Good one Leah, I am jealous of people with naturally beautiful hair. I love and envy my daughter's hair it is perfect without doing anything to it lol it's so cute and pretty.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ladies, enjoy what you have. I'm in AZ and it is hotter than hell, but I can't complain. Come October, our weather is great until May. I spent the afternoon in the pool with my husband and kids enjoying cocktails and playing. But, I do see pics of friends that live in the midewest/eastcost and I miss the green lush surroundings. We were in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and it was so pretty, but they have plenty of miserable weather too. So, enjoy what you have and make the most of it.

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answers from Houston on

Heck im jealous of all year long great weather!, like in Cali.

and people who come from old money that never dissipates. (also probably living in cali)

..................and im jealous of your maid

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answers from Houston on

I get jealous of people who seem to have a natural aptitude for cleanliness, wouldn't think of moving into a house without painting etc. I just don't flow in those areas. You know, I'm creative, I sing, I play, I learn languages easily, I am friendly but I NEED advance notice before you come over!!! So I am a huge people person but I can't have anyone over without major prep work!! I just wish that I was one of those people who talks about what a chore it is to clean but never actually lets things get out of order!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH, but well I guess we all have our crosses to bear...... But look if I could send you this freakin' hot as hades texas summer I would in a heartbeat!!

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answers from Rockford on

Ha! Just the other day I was thinking how I am jealous of these people who happen to find ancient chinese bowls in their cupboard that are worth a couple million bucks. I always get jealous when I read these stories of people finding junk in their houses that's worth a small mint. I always whine to my husband, why can't we find something good in our stuff? So far, all the junk I find in my house is just junk! Grrrrrr.....

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answers from Columbus on

I'm jealous of other people's bathrooms. We are currently in year two of our upstairs bathroom remodel. The claw foot tub is on it's side in my son's bedroom closet. The floor still needs pulled up. The toilet needs to be reinstalled. The tile and paint need to go up. It's a drywall dusty mess.

To get by, we are using the downstairs bathroom. It has a very very VERY small tub. It almost looks like a tub used in veteranary hospitals for dogs. About 2X3. It's plastic. It's a 1976 six million dollar man super cool yellow color. It's now got a tear in the floor of the tub (which my husband has covered with caulk) and we're hiding how hideous the gash looks with a non-slip mat.

I know I sound like a whiney child, but I want a bathroom that's like a sanctuary. I want a dream. But having no money and a husband who works out of town from Monday to Friday is getting us no where.

Beware the green-eyed monster. It doth mock the meat on which it feeds.

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answers from New York on

Coming out in two weeks. Will bring sun and warmth with me!

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm jealous of people with thick hair. And women with little feet (mine are size 11!). One of my neighbors drove by today in a brand new Escalade and I almost passed out from jealousy! And, not one but TWO of my facebook friends are on tropical vacations this week. WAY jealous!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I am hugely jealous of women who can eat anything and lose weight like the drop of a hat! I work my butt of to get a pound off and some women just don't exercise or eat right and they look fabulous!

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answers from Dallas on

Yep everybody does and if they say otherwise they are fibbing! Even the bare minimalist wants something every now and then. Im jealous of skinny people that eat like a horse and are still skinny. Even when I don't eat im fat! Can't help but be envious of people with money and no debt. That will never be me and I beg to differ with the more money more problem quote. What a bunch of bull! And ill trade you my 110 degree nastiness for your 50 degrees right about now! A sweatshirt in july? I've never heard of such a thing!

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answers from Dallas on

Move to TX!! We have had 28 days in a row of over 100 degrees humid heat and we are frying down here!! lol
Im jealous of SAHM's with money lol!! Im a SAHM on an extremely tight budget... like no extra spending money, barely pay the bills, great at juggling kind of budget!! lol To not spend money in gas we don't leave the house and with this heat we can hardly be outside with out the kids faces turning bright red so I try to get creative with inside fun things to do! When I see other moms talking about having play dates and taking their kids to chuck e cheese etc I get jealous! I don't mean to be bc Im very grateful that I get to spend quality time with my kids no matter what we are doing but boy would some grown up conversations help fulfill my days! We also can't afford a baby sitter so my hubby and I spend date night on the patio with a baby montior. On bad days I feel like Im going insane bc I need sometime away from my family but I still have hope that budgeting now will pay off in the end and one day we can relax on a beach somewhere!! lol

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answers from Albuquerque on

Yes I am so envious of anyplace that gets rain and snow! We have had less than an inch of both all year. And I am soooo tired of the heat, 100 only feels good for so many days

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answers from Sioux City on

I get the green eyed monster come every once in awhile. I wouldn't ever want a maid though. I would clean before she came to clean. That would make me crazy! I think I would just like to have a day totally to myself, of course I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I did.

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answers from Redding on

R., I am so jealous of people actually enjoying summertime heat right now. I know that it's rough on a lot of people who aren't good with the heat, but I personally love it and I live in a place that sucks in the summer time.
My son and his dad are camping this week and my son told me it's been in the 90's and it was all I could do not to cry. I have had to use windshield wipers every morning except today on my way to work. Not because of a happy, humid summer shower, but because it's 50, foggy and drizzly and just not very spirit elevating. It gets depressing to be honest with you.
I absolutely can't stand the weather here. I never have liked it. I grew up in a much warmer climate and I've never adjusted. As soon as my son graduates from high school, I am so out of here.
My husband wasn't nice PLUS he dragged me back to this God-forsaken place so I ditched him.
I know myself too well....I would never be happy in snow all the time. I don't like being cold. Travelling to see snow and maybe staying a couple of days in it is fine...but having to live and navigate. Forget it.
I honestly try not to be jealous of people. What looks great on the outside might not be so great when you get down to it.
I AM jealous of people with amazing and easy to maintain hair.
I could spend 2 hours on my hair (which I don't because that would be insane) and walk out into the flipping drizzle and in 5 minutes look like I hadn't combed my hair in a week.
Sunshine and warm weather during the actual summer months is really all I ask for.


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answers from Phoenix on

I am jealous of the moms that actually get to have a summer & go out do fun things with their kids in the nice, perfect, summer weather. Summer is like a snowy winter here. Unless you are swimming, it's too hot to be outside.

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